Moving Molecules Through Time (Q cycles)


Moving Molecules Through Time (Q cycles)

I’ve chased the hands of time too many times it seems,

Was it a chase or was I trying to outrun vicious war dreams?

One for the loser it’s said and two loves forever holding hands,

I was to be the loser but I wisely did as true love commands,


I heard the hands click and clock with each jerking move,

Too loud to heed when flee isn’t understood as to remove,

What sound was it I heard as sleep deprivation came again,

Perhaps aliens walk my room to borrow my war skills to win,


I’ve floated in absence of flesh to penetrate dense mass,

The vibrating molecules allow penetration of seen glass,

Q cycles of moving molecules weave within to move through,

A weapon I’ve drawn from within is to kill with methods new,


Used as the old west cowboy draws a six shooter to kill,

So too my gun is drawn but today it exits my mind by will,

The time bandit is our machine of travel to planets beyond,

Time is reversed to encapsulate time used in a time bond,


Speeding beyond light speed creates a penetrating stream,

History reverses to become future events as if in a dream,

Youth of old penetrates who I became to be reversed in full,

Again I’m a fleet young man but with aged wisdom as a tool,


The tasks I’m given create questions of existence if shot,

Do the time masters reverse the event to return my spot?

Weapons blast is felt as it penetrates every cell and nerves,

This event eliminated who I was yet my energy still serves,


Am I now spirit of man on a foreign planet to exist alone?

As quickly as the warring alien removed flesh off the known,

Morning has brought sunshine to real eyes within my head,

Does this mean I survived space combat and I’m not dead,


Was it a time realm dream or dimensional travel within time,

Did I return to my youthful readiness as trained in my prime,

Or was it but a dream and I’ve returned to her to know love,

From her I’ve learned to give of me to receive love I dream of,


Because of her my heart received more love than I ever earned,

I cried in anguish as departing her love, my heart so yearned,

So broken and so very alone in that cell of concrete and steel,

A photograph of her kept hidden inside me kept her love real,


The machines used to push me through past and future time,

I just now realized within my mind as I’m writing this rhyme,

Did German scientists create those things so very long ago,

Was it information I gathered that was propelling me to go,


Loving her has propelled me through time so fast barriers fell,

Good times quickly fly by hard times that stretch time so well,

To endure longer or so it seems when alone or guilt of wrong,

A kiss of an angel gave me the will to return to where I belong.

The end. By Pat for Patti