Index of Poetry


Alphabetical Index of Poetry



10 Minutes Walking Texas Highway 60, October 10, 1969

1965 Slip Away, Sweet Patti

1968 “I Will Be Here”

1969 For You I Linger

1969 Fueled By Her Touch

1969 I Can’t Bring You Spices

1969 Misplaced Angel, Please Come

1969 “Patti, Please Read First”

1969 Patti’s Rescue

1969 So Incredibly Lonely

1969 Walking These Old Streets (In Search)

1970 Frost Covered Glass

1970 Hear the Chorus of Nature Sing

1970 The Greatest Thing

44th Anniversary Poem



A Burden Upon My Angel

A Caress of Eternal Love

A Creature Roars (written in 1969)

A Frog Has to Hop

A Gathering Though Unplanned

A Journey Unknown

A Kiss Given Me (Angel’s Lips)

A Leprechaun’s Lie

A Loneliness Unknown to Me

A Lonely Tear

A Microsecond of Love

A Minute Past

A Movie of the World War II Boys

A Photograph From Heaven

A Place in Paradise Garden

A Rabbit in Me

A Rose Unseen is Forever Unknown

A Second More

A Significant Moment of Thought

A Silhouette of Two

A Tale of Barking Woe Caused by Fatty Dog

A Teen’s Promise Came True — To Love You Forever

A Whisper (1969)

A Whisper Into Space and Time (1967 to 1970)

A Whisper Soft

Across the New Horizon

Always Mesmerized of You

An Angel Came to Ground

An Angel’s Touch of Particle Delight

An Echo of Time

Angel’s Tears

Are Angels Seen as Falling Stars

As I Lay

As I Sit

As The Sun Shines Down

As the Sunset Comes (A Sailboat of Paper Mâché)

As The Universe Expands

As Your Guardian I Serve

Atop a Mountain Crest

Auctioneer Sing Loud (Is My Imagination at Play)



Be Kind if She Sees Me Young

Be There You Must

Beautiful Angel

Beautiful, Beautiful Angel

Beautiful Days Talking to You

Beautiful Red Lips of Heaven

Beautiful Since Birth

Beautiful Sounds of Morning Delight (Oscine Sing)

Beautiful Teardrop of My Love’s Saddest Day

Beautiful Tunes of Loving You (Oscine Bird)

Begging for Treats

Beneath a Starlit Window

Bless Me Lord, I’m Desperate to Live

Borne of New Love (Engines Driven of Bliss)

Brian Wilson, Vincent van Gogh, and Patti King

Butterflies on Alligators Backs



Captain *AI (I am Void the Emptiness of Space)

Carry On, Sweet Angel


Celestial Words

Chains Bind My Heart (Valentine’s Day 2015)

Chapters of You

Chasing Fireflies

Children’s Version – The Home Building Rhyme

Chosen Love

Christmas Comes

Clarity of Mind

Crown of a King and Queen

Crystal Balls of Layered Hazel

Cupid Speeds Time



Dance of Magic Shoe

Dark Night

Darkness Surrounds Me

Declaration of Dependence

Deep Thoughts Of Loving You

Destination at My Side

Destiny’s Sand

Devoted Attachment (Love)

Does a Witch’s Nose Grow?

Dolphin Fleas “O” (Cheerio Fleas)

Dreaming Dreams

Dual Timelines of My Existence (The Final Straw)

Dying is a Crazy Way to Kill the Blues



Each Moment in Your Heart is a Win

Each Moment of Magic

Electricitic Love

Entranced Within Ecstacy’s Flow

Essence of Paradise

Even More

Every Time I Look at You

Exhaustion Overwhelms

Eyes Strain to See



Flesh Felt Near

Floating Above

Footprints of Love (Canopy of Innocence)

For Kevin and Debbie

For My Husband, by Patti

Forever Nears It’s Exit

Four Minutes at Heaven’s Gate

From Across the Ocean

From But a Touch

From The Deep End of Darkness

From The Vessel of Light I Crawled (I Leapt)

From This Hospital Bed

From Tranquil Waters We Will Begin

Frost Covered Glass

Fueled By Her Touch



Gold Dust of You

Goodbye to Family

Grasp of The Beautiful Angel



Happy 14th, 51 Years Late

Happy 23,376th Day Birthday

Happy 60th Birthday, Patti

Happy Birthday Patti, 09/21/2014

Happy Birthday Patti “Birthday Angel’s Unseen Wings” (64th)

Has Kindness Forsaken Me

Hazel Eyes From Heaven (Birthday Poem), 09/21/2012

Heaven’s Night

Hear the Chorus of Nature Sing

Heart of Stone (Sculpted Heart)

Heart of the Angel

Hearts Conjoined

Heaven Sent (Do Willows Weep)

Heaviness Separates the Weak

Help Me in My Misery

Her Image I May Not See, (Yet Her Image as a Vision I Will)


Honored Husband

How Can It Be Said (Beyond Reach)



I Am Daddy

I Am Grateful

I Am Overwhelmed

I am Your Walkway (Prostrate for You)

I Climbed a Wall

I Close My Eyes at Night

I Fear The Opaque Blindness Invading My Eyes

I Fell in Love

I Have Soared Like an Eagle

I Heard a Horn (1969)

I Know How to Build a House

I Look Along This Avenue

I Love Her

I Love Morning Bliss

I Love to Slowly Run My Hand

I Love Your All (Wiggle n Jiggle)

I May One Day Be Silver

I Missed That Part Somehow (Angel of Guiding Light)

I Ran Where An Angel Flew

I Savor Her Kiss

I Seem to Have More Pain

I Struggle With Words of Love

I Wake in the Morning Tired and Worn

I Walk the Gilded Path

I Walked Into the Night

I Will Dance With You on the Moon

I Woke Being Reassembled

I Woke From a Dream of a Dream

I’m Bound to You Forever

I’ve Cried

I’ve Walked This Path of Pain

If I Was a Songbird

If Only I Were a Sculptor

Imagine the Joy

In a Teacup Afloat Dream (Clown Afloat)

In a Teacup Afloat Dream (Clown Afloat) – Children’s Edition

In City or In Forest

In Desperation

In Front of Me

In Search of You (Amohalko Isle)

In the Beauty of Your Eyes

In The Silence

In the Silence of the Moment

Invisible Essence

Instructions of He

It Seems Each Day

“It’s How I Love You, not ‘How Do?’”



King of the Land



Laced With Teardrops

Late in Your Life

Let Me Stand

Lightning Rock

Listening To Volcano

The Longest Time Periods in My Life

Love’s Elation

Love Flows

Love Flows Freely of the Irish Heart (Ireland Conceived)

Love Going Home

Love on the Dance Floor

Love Steers The Heart (Greatest Explorer)

Love’s Truth Within’



Malteeser Tragedy

Memorial Day Poem (Fear’s Slave) 2016

Misplaced Angel (One Thing)

Misplaced Angel, Please Come

Mmmmmm Poem

Moonbeam’s Rays

Moonlight Dreams 2015 (Sunshine Kisses Moonlight Goodbye 1970)

Morning Angel

Mothers Day 2016 (To Cultivate My Taste)

Moving Molecules Through Time (Q cycles)

My 68th Birthday Review

My Beautiful Morning Angel

My Blood Yet Sleeps

“My Brain’s Mysterious Word Bend”

My Brother Bob’s Little Gift

My Chain

My Chain Brought Me Home

My Dance with You

My Dog’s Poop or Poo

My Eyes Watch

My Gift for You Two

My Gift to You (Everlove) 09-21-2016

My Heart Beats for You

My Heart Fills With Love For You

My Heart in Twilight’s Flight

My Jaguar New

My Joys and Blessings

My Lifetime Dream

My Lifetime of Gold

My Love is Written in Sands of Time

My Morning Star

My Sweet Girl

My Throne: a Song of Heroes & Joy (When I Go to Heaven)

My Word Rhyme for Patti



Naughty Wet Fat Cheetos Eaten With a Fork

Never Forget

Nocturnal Parade

Now That You’re Sixty Four



Of Me, Of Stone, And Loving Only You

Of the Kisses I Blew

Old “Because” (The Sculpted Angel)



Pain’s Course is Conquered by Love

Paper Roses (The Walk I Took)

Patti’s Birthday Poem, 09/21/2013

Patti’s Lip Kisses

Patti’s Love (45th Anniversary Poem)

Patti’s Rescue 1969

Pedestal of Love

Poem About “A Book Written of Love”

Poem for Patti 1968

Poem From Neverland (MDH MDDS)

Poem of Gender Extinction

Precious Words of Perfection

Predestined to Love Only You

Prevent That I Boil

Pulsations of Love



Red Roses to Burglary

Remember Me

Remember Our Lord

Remind Me, Jesus (Unbearable Pain)

Repeat That Word

Roses Grow on Rocky Ground

Rust of Heart’s Transition

Rust Specs in Your Eyes Are Parts of Me



Sensations of Elation (02/14/2017)

Sensation of Sexual Satisfaction

Server of Food

Should I Wait

Silently I Will Stand in Wait

Silhouetted Against a Backdrop of Clouds

Sing Me Home I Beg

Skipping Stones (Sweet Texas Rain)

Slowing Time

So Incredibly Lonely

So Rare is This Gift

So Simple Is My Love

Softly You Come

Some Days Are Led Not Lead

Some People are Chosen

Sometimes Tomorrows

Somewhere in the Darkness

Stardust, Moonbeams, & Gold Dust

Static Bloom and Love


Strangest Poem Ever Written

Subject of Reality

Sublime Love

Summer Days of Loving You

Surgical Microsecond



Take My Body Please

Teddy Bears and Broken Hearts (My Paltry Seven Ribbons)

Ten Thousand Words of Love

The Angel in My Heart

The Angst of Separation

The Changes in Me (Loving You) June 2018

The Completion of Us

The Dance of Lumbering Pines with Texas Wind

The Essence

The Greatest Cargo I Will Carry (written September 1965)

The Greatest Thing

The Green of My Land

The Grey of Autumn

The Home Building Rhyme

The Intrinsical Sway

The Jewels of His Hand

The Kiss Goodbye

The Legend of Cruelty’s Hand

The Medic New (Aug 1969)

The Miracles of My Life

The Morning Rose

The Most Beautiful Words

The Path of Bewilderment’s Way

The Red Rose of Texas (Ireland’s Red Rose)

The Red Rose of Your Garden

The Red Rosebud of Your Pigment

The Roses I Grew for You (Last Dance)

The Seizure of Me (Outside Your Window)

The Soft Melting Snow

The Statesman of Angel’s Kiss

The Story of Leprechaun Riley O’Brien

The Tale of Black Buzzard Tex and Black Blob

The Things I Do (Spellbound Wonder)

The Threshold of Love (Ewe Napier Frequency)

The Weakness of My Heart

The Whisper

The Willow That Will Survive

The Wind Carries Echoes (1968)

The Winding Vein of Golden Thread

The Young Man of a Future Past

This Angel Came Near

This Place of Loneliness

Three American Kings

Through Heaven’s Gate

Through Teardrops Haze I Plead

Through You

Time is the Greatest of Teachers

To Become ii of You

To Carry Her Love Within Brings Courage

To Her I Gave My Hand

Today I am Born Unto You (06/15/1970)

Tonight I Fear

Tragedy of the Bee

Transcendent Journey

Treasured Words Spoken

Two Days of Gold



Unto You

Upon First Sight

Upon Ireland’s Turf I Pray to Stand

Use Them Nuts



Valentine’s Day 2016 (My Selfish Ways)



Wading Water

Wash the Pain from Me (Sweet Texas Rain)

Weep Not

What Poets Forgot

When Angels Pray and Love

When First Love

When I Look Into Your Eyes

When Love Isn’t Enough

When Teardrops Fall From Angel’s Eyes (8/1968)

When The Lines (Ant Monument)

Where Faith and Love Parallel

Where Light Ends (Tarnished Gold)

Where Teardrops Have Gone (Nuance of You)

Will I Be Allowed

Will These Words Bring Comfort

Wings of Flight Gifted Me

Wings of Speed (Song)

Wisest of Men

Within My Frame

Within My Mind the Wonders of You

Words Fly

Worn in Moonlight by Her

Wrapped in Escaping Starlight

Written on a Whim

Written Through a Dense Fog of Illness



Yellow Joe The Bird

You Are So Pretty

You Beam Beautifully (written October 1, 1969)

You Can Touch My Heart

Young Prince, The Princess, and The King (a semi-true tale)

Your Beauty in Moonlight

Your Love Has More Value Known to Man