Love. Volumes 17-18.


Volume Seventeen


The Greatest Cargo I Will Carry (written September 1965)

Nocturnal Parade

Chasing Fireflies

Happy 14th, 51 Years Late

My Gift to You (Everlove) 09-21-2016

My Heart Fills With Love For You

I Ran Where An Angel Flew

For My Husband, by Patti

Celestial Words

Where Faith and Love Parallel

Each Moment in Your Heart is a Win


Volume Eighteen


A Whisper Soft

Wings of Speed (Song)

Where Light Ends (Tarnished Gold)

Transcendent Journey

Patti’s Lip Kisses

Surgical Microsecond

My Word Rhyme for Patti

Now That You’re Sixty Four

Sensations of Elation (02/14/2017)

Pain’s Course is Conquered by Love

The Weakness of My Heart

A Caress of Eternal Love


Volume Seventeen


The Greatest Cargo I Will Carry (written September 1965)

The greatest cargo I will ever carry is within my heart to give away,

It is there for you my angel if only you would wake and look my way,


Once empty and cold the feelings of love were in dreams far away,

From the darkness came the light from such an unexpected display,


Will you ever know the influence you’ve had on my heart and my mind,

How can it be that in another’s room I would walk into my lifetime find,


You own the most precious cargo that I discovered but a month ago,

In a series of dreams you were seen as someone I would never know,


Oh please don’t ever leave me until you have had time to learn more,

The only love I have known is but a month in creation from before,


In a dimension of love’s fortune I saw the girl of whom I have dreamed,

When you came by to say hello to me did I stare for as long as it seemed,


Tonight in my bed I will hold your image tightly and whisper in your ear,

In a series of dreams I will find you in a rose garden and hold you dear,


No man knows the boundaries of his will unless tested with true love,

It’s a testimonial to free will given by God as he created all from above,


I give of my love willingly please be kind as it will only be given to you,

Please don’t ever break my heart as I don’t know what I can live through,


A month ago I still felt to be a boy until I walked into a star in the sky,

And now that I know love I will never ask of its making or ask why,


Today I am a man so deeply in love to remain such until the end of time,

I’ve told you I’m in love with you many times but I’ll say it again in rhyme,


As you walk away through the door I feel I may cry just to see you go,

Look into my eyes and listen, I am the greatest love you will ever know.

The end. 1965 first poem written to Patti.


Nocturnal Parade

In a midnight parade the creatures of the night are walking by,

It was a beautiful sight to see so many even those that could fly,

One by one these creatures of night paraded by making their sound,

Squeaks, squeals, whistles, hoots and more in this night’s surround,


How I wondered did such a thing as this become possible or real,

Then to amaze my mind I saw flowers of passion ride a cart of steel,

Moonflower so bright and white bloomed to release its essence,

All this with flowers abloom made me wish I was in your presence,


When you came to be right next to me it awoke my mind to even more,

As this nocturnal parade of life came to be I was aroused by amour,

It was but a moment in time when you and I were the youths of before,

‘Twas an evening of fortune I supposed aloud as I asked you for more,


It was quite loud yet quietly I spoke asking of my keel of which I mused,

Yes, quite loud it was, the nocturnal parade of which I was very amused,

Perhaps my speaking of my vessel now has left all of you a bit confused,

The beautiful Patti and I came to see this parade that made us bemused,


How can two words come to be so similar in sound of quiet and quite loud,

An oddity of speech I’ve used however use of these words made her proud,

She lights to show my way although she lights upon the floor from a cloud,

Of her descriptions fall short if only usage of more language was allowed,


See, the beautiful Patti and I had braved the seas of life’s turmoil to be,

In this place of nocturnal oddity of which I’ve written just to please she,

It’s within our hearts that love dwells yet shared through unknown force,

My need to feel her beauty as she accepts me kept my keel on course,


Oh yes she was beautiful to such extreme envy filled the hearts of peers,

The teller of my rhyming tale must testify she is beautiful beyond her years,

On a vessel powered by desire’s passion we have gone where fate steers,

The keel of my vessel is firm of belief that her love of me conquers my fears,


Our journeys in life have taken us far and possibly too far for the masses,

So many beautiful sights we have shared as we’ve made love on grasses,

All the thoughts of a man have flowed through my soul and earthly chassis,

So sensuous to touch as I’ve learned every nuance through passion classes,


Her thoughts are within her heart to remain secure unless released aloud,

I have touched upon her soul as she has told me I have made her proud,

No greater honor has a man than to be at her side in the parade’s crowd,

Name me “man of the year” as Patricia Napier’s man to put me on a cloud,


The finality of life is difficult for those souls that haven’t journeyed beyond,

As I have departed my body to float near her while keeping strong our bond,

For her I live, in death I will serve as her guardian with love’s armor I’ve donned,

As the parade concludes of nocturnal oddities I pull close the one I’m so fond,


For a kiss from her has more power than that of airliners high in the sky,

Without thrust or power of man’s creation her kiss can make men fly,

I’m the chosen one in her life, the protector of whom she has come to rely,

I fall into her heart at night as she caresses my soul and says, “you’re my guy”.

The end, by Pat for Patti, I love you. 09/11/2016


Chasing Fireflies

Chasing fireflies one night with a full moon above the rise,

Worries of heart escaped one by one with count of the flies,

A setting sun and a rising moon on opposite sides of the earth,

With a rebirth of happiness I wondered what is a firefly’s worth,


On a warm September night I saw your image high in the sky,

Yes I was playing like a child watching clouds float I won’t deny,

As I laid on my back to watch the cloud of you drift slowly by,

The purity of love engulfed me with sensations making me cry,


Soon fireflies and butterflies of the evening were dancing in air,

As each thought of my past came through I found I didn’t care,

Because of you I’m filled with love and said farewell to despair,

In but thirty seconds of joy I’ve realized this is the face I’ll wear,


Fireflies and butterflies dance but a minute or two as the sunsets,

Then I wondered do butterflies leaving the night carry any regrets,

Thinking that firefly was so cute I wish I had taken just one chance,

Tomorrow with courage I swear I’ll ask that glowing firefly to dance,


Upon realizing I was once that butterfly and you were the light I saw,

So happy I had the courage to ask you out although I had many a flaw,

Then a light came on to awaken me that I was asked out by a cute firefly,

Each time I was lost you found my soul to tell me you were standing by.

The end. By Pat for Patti. I love you baby.


Happy 14th, 51 Years Late

Happy birthday Patti, from every place within my soul I love you,

On this day of celebration I want to give everything you’re due,

It’s a day mostly celebrated by me more than anyone on earth,

For it is I that has benefited more than anyone of your day of birth,


If within my power I’d do something no man has ever done before,

From deep within Mother Earth I would seek her finest gold ore,

So much I would have to learn that I may sculpt of the purest gold,

First I’d perfect your form then smelt my ore to pour into your mold,


Then with my own hands I would sculpt for you our story of mystery,

For all to see I’d craft statues of you chronologically through history,

And from a mountain high I would erect the largest statue in stone,

With wings spread wide to take flight to your man, scared and alone,


When hardship beckons no matter where you’ve found your way to me,

As I exited the fray beyond my endurance every thought came to be,

No matter when, no matter where, I’d see an angel with long dark hair,

From across the earth you came as your body slept your spirit was there,


At the most critical moment of my life you came with no time to waste,

From a dream only a week before I had seen an angel arrive in haste,

Was each appearance while so fraught with danger the sleeping you,

During my weakest moments I’d experience a miraculous rendezvous,


And once more you came to me but this time you spoke very different,

Somehow it seemed as if you knew your man’s flame was nearly spent,

Your request of my promised return said “I love you with all my heart”,

From heaven’s garden came nourishment so needed that I’d restart,


Through health and woes you’ve appeared to rescue me through strife,

My sweet beautiful angel I celebrate the birthday of my wonderful wife,

Words come from my heart without hesitation anytime I’m asked of you,

I love her more than words can describe, I know she loves me this way too,


I’ve thought back through time to realize I met you near a special day,

No doubt it was very near your birthday because I think I heard you say,

When asked your age you said I just turned fourteen but a day or so ago,

My mind has aged so much I can’t recall it all but I’m sure that I know,


From my mouth came words of suggested sex but even more of my love,

“I’m in love with you, I’m going to marry you”, no doubt we fit like a glove,

Now after fifty one years of my loving you I say, “happy birthday to you!”,

I love you more than life, it seems each word I spoke to you has come true.

The end, by Pat. Happy 65th birthday Patti. I love you.


My Gift to You (Everlove) 09-21-2016

Will she ever know the feelings that I carry so deep inside,

Within my being is a world where each emotion can reside,

Places exist within this world where creations of love exist,

Memories and dreams combine to create what I can’t resist,


I’ve danced on air alone from but a smile she had gifted to me,

The photograph I carried of my angel helped me avoid tragedy,

Her name is etched in my heart and with every beat it’s felt,

I’ve a heart that’s seasoned with love for she whom I’ve dwelt,


Love’s creation comes from memories and sensations we feel,

Memories and heart thoughts merge to create a love that’s real,

In a place unknown I discovered a different love no man has seen,

The sensations hold more value than gold as I felt all at eighteen,


Within my heart is found “everlove”, a love formerly unknown,

For one and only one has this power of Everlove been shown,

Few have known such love that Shakespeare describes in plays,

It’s how love is shown or should I say “for her I would have died”,


Near half a century I’ve worn her image around what I am inside,

For I am wrapped of her creating a love that can’t be denied,

From His hand came a creation that meets my every desire,

If tested by unkind words towards her it quickly draws my ire,


There’s a notch somewhere in my mind that’s filled of only she,

Matched ten fold is another within my heart that will always be,

If each day was shown as a picture of me it would be of her too,

A sign that said, “he lived his life for her” would be so very true,


Everlove is endless love, everlove begins with her and goes on,

Such love is so strong it will be upon earth long after I am gone,

It’s a love so enormous that it can’t be contained within the being,

Inside my mind are heavenly images of her that only love can bring,


In a land within my soul exists a spot where seasoned love dwells,

Where stories of true love exists along with poetry and lover tales,

My belief in God and His creations helps me to understand free will,

To know that she has chosen me is what excites my aged heart still,


I’ve felt her touch through time and space when in desperate need,

Love is far too small a word for us thus I search for words that exceed,

I’ve described our love as a lone diamond lingering at times edge forever,

A unique bond of love that is transmitted one to the other by love’s tether,


So deep within my heart is that spot that triggers emotional elation,

Creating every response of love and desire for her through saturation,

I must look up to see her as I’ve placed her upon a pedestal long ago,

My image of her still shines of gold yet unchanged for eternity to know,


With but a touch I’ve been healed of desperation when horribly ill,

I’ve looked into her tear filled eyes and had my heart create new will,

She is the depth of the best I am and prays for my most shallow part,

Everlove in its truest form, is loving her forever with all of my heart.

The end, by Pat for Patti. Happy Birthday Patti, I love you.


My Heart Fills With Love For You

The knot is forever tied with love and lonely marination,

Even more so it is saturated with my marriage day elation,

Put my emotions on parade I want the world to see my love,

Let it be read from all directions even miles and miles above,


Use a canvas made of gold flake with sterling silver frame,

Just paint a painting with one thing my beautiful angels name,

The fame of our love will be worth more than the silver or gold,

Love proven by my time alone and the prayer time she’d hold,


Erect a band stand high that the band is heard for miles around,

Write songs of our love so famous people know each line or sound,

Play it loud and play it proud the song you sing is about my dear,

I want everyone across the land especially the veterans to hear,


Bring armored cars and trucks to protect our love from harm,

Big red fire trucks with wailing sirens as if answering an alarm,

TV cameras around covering the news of the day and what we do,

Every reporter of paper and TV want a picture of me kissing you,


You will soon be famous and I just know you’ll be on TV,

It’s a beautiful painting of you to be unveiled for all to see,

They will be in awe of this beautiful nude presentation of you,

The townsmen gather round saying I would love her for life too,


Shoot off fireworks into the sky so high for everyone to see,

It’s a fiery representation of the long time fire burning in me,

A speech will soon be heard by all as they gather round to hear,

As crowd noise hushes down, I say ” I love you Patti my dear”.

The end, by Pat for Patti 2014


I Ran Where An Angel Flew

On the way home on a beautiful day I realize,

That I am one of the worlds luckiest of guys,

Today raindrops tap a tune to the wiper’s rap,

But any day is beautiful if I can lay in your lap,


Blend in the rumble of this road’s landscape,

As I recall arousal of your breath on my nape,

It gives my breath pause and a steady quiver,

It seems a dream when you kiss and deliver,


I lose control at times just thinking of you,

You bring clarity of fog leaving skies of blue

Like summer’s rain you deliver what I need,

Curing my pain with spring’s stormy speed,


As war raged on I ran into the fray with but you,

It’s strange to say but I ran where an angel flew,

Yet you held my hand and you kissed my cheek,

It wasn’t once you came to me, but every week,


Realize my angel you are the daily breath I take,

You’re the tenderness that allows my heart to ache,

Without loving you I’d have no idea what love means,

Without you I wouldn’t live in my heavenly dreams.End



For My Husband, by Patti

To our readers, I’m very proud to print this poem written by Patti for me. It is the only poem she has written and she questions if it is good enough to put on the website however I differ. I think it is beautiful and it means the world to me, I thank her from the bottom of my heart. I love you Patti.


POEM: For My Husband


My husband I write these words for you,

You are a part of everything I do,

Always on my mind and in my heart,

I think of you when each day starts,


Feelings of love within my heart,

Together in love, never to part,

So proud to have you as my man,

For you I will do everything I can,


Our love has been a fairy tale,

Magical moments make my heart swell,

You are my king, the love of my life,

I’m so proud to be your wife.

The end. By Patti Napier King


Celestial Words

You have more beauty than the galaxies in which we exist,

Never have I seen such beauty that it is impossible to resist,


For I must see and I must touch although I know my worth,

Upon first sight I knew I’m born to serve you upon this earth,


From starlight comes the twinkle in your heavenly eyes,

Hazel flecked with rust irises are encircled with blue of skies,


Celestial words to describe essence of you always fall subpar,

If I was a traveler of space I’d buy you diamonds from afar,


On a planet far away the greatest maker of adornment is found,

Within the genius of it’s mind creations of beauty abound,


To be viewed ‘tween celestial mounds of my angel’s breast,

Still my heart skips a beat with just a look to view your “rest”,


All of our galaxy’s gold is not enough to pay for this man’s due,

For I am but a traveler of our time that has fallen in love with you.

The end. By Pat. I love you.


Where Faith and Love Parallel

Every moment in every day has been meaningful to my heart,

Since eighteen I’ve awakened to you ready for the day to start,

From the morning’s air I draw a breath to whisper a soft hello,

Hello my sweet, you are still the most beautiful woman I know,


You’ll never know the sadness I have from a short term goodbye,

Thoughts of misfortune ride my nerve endings until I almost cry,

Small ponderings of goodbye I try to avoid yet they still dwell,

Coming from the same place inside where faith and love parallel,


Please never go, please stay at my side until stars fade to dark,

From the love that we know a home is made for our love to park,

How warm my heart feels as I pull you close on a cold winter night,

The touch of your skin awakens my senses to extremes of delight,


I’ve danced with you most nights in a lover’s embrace of passion,

In a sexual celebration of union shared as a nightly love session,

Each moment I’m in your presence I am absorbing your essence,

Your essence brings heaven’s comfort without angel’s presence,


Etched into my face are time’s advances upon my body to be seen,

As I’ve stumbled through aging time has avoided you to aid esteem,

No woman seasoned as you goes untouched yet it seems you are,

For you my beautiful angel are my light and you’re my guiding star,


To aid my attraction to you is the childlike soul within your form,

For two souls to know on first sight the reason they were born,

Is a miracle of placement that each event in our life came to be,

In times of desperate need your instincts have brought you to me,


You’ve come to me as I cried out your name in desperate need,

Oh how I love you Patti, we have sought each other with speed,

I’ve over sixteen thousand mornings of each time being the first,

For I am in awe of your beauty and self, within you I am immersed.

The end. For you Patti,

I love you more than words can say.


Each Moment in Your Heart is a Win

Tonight I heard the whispering air in motion through the trees,

For the first time in twenty years I could hear the Texas breeze,

While praying for another miracle that cancer would pass me by,

My mind wondered to the miracle of love, enough to make me cry,


The dues I pay are minimal to feel the joy of our love melded souls,

I’ve set my eyes upon an angel that balances between two roles,

Men desire women pure as the falling snow yet wild beneath sheets,

That tease beyond men’s touch yet with a kiss from him she heats,


So many doubt the fact that we make love every night when not ill,

Is it that they’ve created a world of their making that they deny still,

They’ve forgotten that first kiss of ignition that gave love it’s start,

Or did I experience a supernatural force seldom felt of the heart?


When raindrops fall upon their flesh does it awaken a sullen mood?

Does the temperament of the night penetrate their soul to brood?

When such is true they’ve never known the entry into an angel’s eyes,

Once beyond the iris dwells her soul with space as clear as hazel skies,


Hazel eyes are kaleidoscope skies of heavenly delight circled in blue,

I swear it’s true no doubt it’s true that angels takes haven within you,

Too often you’ve endured for me to act as my guardian when I need,

When desperation became my M.O.* you prayed I’d recover with speed,


Seldom did I dwell in darkness alone for you came in visions somehow,

Ever-linked together in such that we both knew the need was now,

Souls sharing a lineage of centuries past to link more than our hearts,

Somehow I know, I know it’s so, that we both share common starts,


Through time’s window memories of centuries past find me in dreams,

I’ve felt great lust between my loins before exchanging vows it seems,

Each setting was new yet old perhaps different is proper instead of new,

You’ve held my head as lifeblood nourished a fresh rose planted by you,


With each passing my love grew for you to reach this new plateau,

Only one man has been known to reach this pinnacle of loving you,

You knew who I was yet you didn’t know of my contradicting word,

I felt it too what you knew, a flash of recognized love we both heard,


As confusing as it sounds to hear the sounds of love in a past life,

My first time of memory past was you saying “I do” to be my wife,

Within a second of first seeing you I knew you were my missing part,

So much emotion of love came flowing through to settle in my heart,


So many beautiful things I’ve seen but none can compare to you,

If barriers became insurmountable I’d still find a way to get through,

My strength is from your tender kiss of love that only I have known,

I’ve stolen kisses beneath clear Texas skies as a full moon shone,


Tonight I’ve given thanks to God for the chance to endure with you,

Each time our hearts have linked to fight all odds love pulls us through,

Should this become a barrier to climb place a kiss upon my lips again,

My beautiful angel please know, each moment in your heart is a win.

I win again. The end. By Pat for the beautiful angel Patti.


*Modus Operandi- method of operation, habit, my similar behavior


Volume Eighteen


A Whisper Soft

A whisper oh so very soft fell from my lips today,

Did you hear me?

As I pulled myself near your ear I heard myself say,

I’ll love you eternally,


From my lips came a sensation that I love to feel,

Did you feel my lips,

My hand wanders upon you to absorb your appeal,

Through my fingertips,


A sigh ever so soft I heard that expresses your heart,

I’m a student of “you” art,

So exquisite you are as morning light moves to each part,

My words of love I hope to impart,


Yet it seems a soft whisper best imparts the love word,

Exceeding everything I’ve heard,

Kisses upon nudeness are calmed by rose petals on your form,

Yet I’m a raging storm,


Tender are my kisses while I contain the beast within,

Softly placed upon nude skin,

Escaping passion now controls what man remains of now,

I must have you somehow,


Then you wake to my temptings and I feel a sudden glow,

A blessing for me you bestow,

Your eyes contain the gift of paradise for the chosen he,

Thank you for choosing me.

The end by Pat for Patti. October 2016


Wings of Speed (Song)
Gravity has pulled upon my face with speed,

The years in my eyes are now a bloodshot bleed,

Somehow you’ve escaped the winged beast,

You’re so beautiful it would have a feast


Chorus 1

Love gives time the wings of speed,

I’ve rode the wings of time as if a steed,

Love’s delight pulses through my stuff,

Your loving touch is never enough,


The delights of love fill my heart with joy,

With every touch of your fingers I’m a little boy,

The years fall away and I’m once more young,

After so many years it seems we’ve just begun,


A dance with you is a dance on heavens floor,

Let’s do it all again before time closes the door,

On a journey of discovery we sailed the blue,

I’ve discovered loves delight just holding you,


Chorus 2

Love gives time the wings of speed,

Time is an excessive one-only breed,

When I try to tame the beast I lose,

A kiss from you is worth time’s dues,


Time moves slow but time will speed up too,

Time can crawl when heartache makes you blue,

Loving you gives the winged beast more speed,

I’ll ride the untamed beast until I no longer bleed,


(Repeat of First Chorus 1)

Love gives time the wings of speed,

I’ve rode the wings of time as if a steed,

Love’s delight pulses through my stuff,

Your loving touch is never enough.


The end, by Pat for Patti.

I love you baby.


Where Light Ends (Tarnished Gold)
As I lay in thought of you the wings of a butterfly were heard,

In deep thought I felt I must put my feelings in descriptive word,

With closed eyes I can see the sounds translated by my mind,

Where beautiful creatures fly I know you cannot be far behind,


I sank deeper into thought as I searched for words of perfection,

Too I wondered what it must be like to view near perfect reflection,

My consciousness views every angle in the mechanics of my mind,

As you walk towards me I can see a countering sway of your behind,


Tell me what it is I can’t see and perhaps I can see it through you,

Life is a gift and privilege no matter what I may have been through,

Often you have pulled me from eternity’s never ending beginning,

No matter my loss your touch tells me that a I am actually winning,


Too many qualify miracles by time spent together as reason why,

Thinking love grows with time even if wrongly married is but a lie,

No one knows of a never ending honeymoon we long ago began,

It started before that November night as from the church we ran,


Where light ends so ends our love thus we love forever in every life,

A ceremony of love is celebrated as night’s light blankets my wife,

My shine tarnished long ago yet she finds luster beneath my dust,

She is of gold, what shine I have is but a reflection of her on my rust,


Perhaps it’s true the angel of destiny slumbered as I entered the room,

Is that why I captured an angel’s heart ‘fore the angel came into bloom,

A tidal wave of emotion fills me from her touch or to breathe in her air,

Each love wave is filled with her essence penetrating my flesh and hair,


Diamonds and gold often share space with tarnished and worn jewelry,

If jewels and bracelets were without tarnish I would have no reason to be,

Yet that dull tarnished keepsake has value of heart for reasons unknown,

And she treasures my tarnish unconditionally her love for me has shown,


She is of gold and one day I too shall shine once again to be at my best,

November eight forty six years ago I peaked, of this fact I proudly attest,

Tonight’s air mixed with essence of her says the best has yet to come,

Truth be told only her touch can deliver me whole, then I’m again young.

The end,

By Pat for Patti. I love you baby. 11/28/2016


Transcendent Journey
I ventured out on a transcendent journey to learn more of you,

Into a mystical enchanted place of uncharted waters I felt askew,

With no physical form to anchor my soul I flew into the unknown,

Flying untethered by physics I defied the laws of man we’ve known,


Will each star in the heavens welcome me home upon my return,

Once when drafted I was shunned by citizens to feel an odious burn,

Pray tell Ye of Creation that never again will I feel such painful slight,

It is now a century halved yet the memory haunts me every night,


Soon I entered a place I recognized yet I didn’t recall the place at all,

Befuddled by my lack of memory I sought safety and a place to fall,

Where did I put the photograph I hold so dear? It will make things right,

As fast as I can think I saw snapshots of a misplaced sailor in the night,


In this place of familiarity I also see you through a dimensional peep,

I saw snapshots of you in deep worry while praying my life to keep,

The brokenness of your heart became overwhelmingly sad to me,

A small trickle has formed where teardrops dwell I am sorry to see,


Is my dark haired image of old embedded within your mind’s chamber,

Have I held you each night in your dreams far from this war’s danger,

While paying the draft boards due of forced slavery I wept at times,

For the loneliness of combat has no place while writing love rhymes,


It expands every emotion of love to such point it would surely burst,

Love is the answer to life’s dreams of which I have had a deep thirst,

To know true love is to know true heartache of which I am well versed,

Each morning upon waking thoughts of loving you always came first,


When found far from home for a year or more loneliness did reign,

Now through this dimensional foray I’ve journeyed to see your pain,

Love is revealed as I see from this journey you loved me as I did you,

From this revelation of truth my spirits soared just as high as I flew,


My journey of a lifetime has told me that loving you then was not in vain,

I’ve pulled away a particle of me that you will feel my love when in pain,

From the hourglass of my sand I’ve pulled away a fragment of my time,

It may seem insignificant but if you look hard you’ll find it’s my lifetime,


Oh sweet woman so beautiful say yes you’ll bare your breast for me,

At my life’s end I pray my every moment will be spent as your devotee,

Love is a heartache I knew well once upon a time when I was sent away,

To know you too endured the loneliness I felt is worth the pain of today,


To find your presence in this unknown place I recognize sometimes,

I thought a miracle of fate until I saw us tethered by our love’s ley lines,

Wishing to comfort poor me I leaped through a dimensional boundary,

As I placed a particulate of my future into his heart I created a quandary,


When I touched his heart with love’s delight a sudden memory occurred,

Did I remember feeling suddenly better that night that now seems blurred,

I shortened my current existence by giving him the particle containing time,

Yet I now remember a burst of love one night that helped create this rhyme,


I have no need to travel the vastness of this place because you are here,

As I wrote my words of love on paper I recognized my creations so clear,

Every poem, rhyme and story written can be condensed into but a word,

They are attempts of assurance that my words of love for you are heard,


As I looked around in this place of magic I found answers I needed to know,

Came a whisper that said drink from the river of answers while in full flow,

But I only found answers to questions that created the questions anew,

Each time I departed it was an entry from the other side from which I flew,


Dimensional planes have no thickness yet they are too vast for one mind,

Best explained as a loop for time has no movement mankind will soon find,

As I exit to re-enter my lifetime fore and aft I can see where I stand today,

My fingers are placing digital ones and zeros to light up the iPad’s display,


I soon came upon a stranger that I recognized as being the future me,

When asked a question of how are you he said “open your eyes to see”,

He pointed with his finger directly at me and said “all of this is inside you,

The questions and answers are within you, look nearby you’ll find a clue”,


Tethered at my side not too far away lays my best friend and wife too,

Without loving you I would be empty with nothing for my fingers to do,

My best friend is my wife I’m happy to announce and to say it is true,

When I exit this dimension to enter the next I say “it will be loving you”.

The end, by Pat for Patti.

I love you baby.


Patti’s Lip Kisses
From your lips comes a magical touch that heals while projecting love,

Sleep oh wonderful sleep befalls my soul when burdened too much of,

A lullaby from angel’s touch fell upon my heart as your lips touched me,

I’ve not woke alone in half a century though it may be difficult to see,


A soft breeze penetrates heaven’s doors carrying a tune of love through,

Intently whispering love words for me delivered on natures air from you,

A sun beam follows your love whispers to light the room as an awakening,

I’ve fallen in love so many times my heart so loves a loving you again fling,


It’s your heart, your tender little heart that rocks my soul into a deep sleep,

Wrap me up sweet angel, once more wrap me up as I always fall so deep,

I pray the night to be long that I may hold you long into the morning light,

My heart holds you forever as I absorb your beauty with diminishing sight,


I’ve no fear of darkness nor do I fear being alone as neither shall transpire,

A soft tender kiss has awakened my soul once more igniting within a fire,

Never to wander or wonder I’ve no need for either as your kiss says so much,

The sands of heaven tease my feet as your lips feel of a butterfly’s touch,


I project to endless spaces of fulfillment as my love expands to such extreme,

To float above the universe unexplained is beyond the boundaries of a dream,

Of you and through you I feel love’s warmth so deeply I shall never depart,

Your eyes captured me but it was your kiss that awakened love in my heart.

The end, by Pat for Patti. 01/07/2017


Surgical Microsecond
Just the other day it was when I strolled through memories in my mind,

So many memories of happiness yet laden with pain that was so unkind,

Beautiful memories of you loving me interrupted by news of going blind,

Quickly I’d waif the news of such until loving memories came to my mind,


Every memory of late seems to be laced with surgery and excessive pain,

Reader don’t shed a tear because for her love I have struggled to remain,

I ask how sacred are these final minutes before I leave, will I even return,

To return to health and make love to you as before is a dream I so yearn,


Too many times I’ve committed my breath to surgeons with open trust,

The masked faces whose eyes I recognize will soon become sleep dust,

In the final sixty seconds as I rolled down the hallway I’d live my life anew,

At the speed of light my mind reviewed every touch and kiss given by you,


Wait! I’m afraid! I’m so afraid this is the last time her beautiful face I’ll see,

Oh Fate, Father Time or Grim Reaper! Can’t one of you hear my sad plea?

The seconds are few as I saw the doctor press the plunger to silence me,

Yet so much can fly through a man’s mind in a partial second of eternity,


May God bless this beautiful flower that came to me so very long ago,

Her beauty is endearing to my aged heart as her face is of youth’s glow,

Comfort her lonely soul and whisper words of comfort should I pass on,

Our bond is so strong I fear eternity may pull upon her until she too is gone,


Each time I’ve laid upon my back and the drugs came coursing through,

I’d ask forgiveness for my sins then I’d ask God to give blessings to you,

As I journeyed both sides of reality there were times that could be reviewed,

I’ve lingered twixt reality and neither world as parts of your life I viewed,


Within the microsecond of reality and afterlife every year is quickly seen,

I search for you in every mental frame and then I search in every scene,

There’s a common thread within my life that interlaces every moment,

Find a dream or moment slept and she will be there easing my torment,


How strange it is that I recall the darkness that’s void thoughts or sensation,

I fear that place as I need dreams of loving you that I may feel love’s elation,

With a jolt everything returns to me as pain courses through me like a plague,

A switch is flipped making me aware of the pain as air for my lungs is vague,


Pain has been my tormentor for so long yet I pay pains dues that I may remain,

To awaken to torment has its reward for when pain calms Patti makes her claim,

It is I she seeks, I the man so riddled with pain’s torment yet she loves me so,

Her first kiss brings depth of heart and with her first sparkling eyed smile I know,

She loves me.

The end, by Pat for Patti


My Word Rhyme for Patti
Each morning I’m surrounded by the things I said to you yesterday,

My mind is strange in its workings as it tracks what you hear me say,

Why it does such I have no idea but my words are derived of the heart,

Words pierce my heart before exiting my mouth, that’s how they start,


Each word spoken of my lips carry a part of my lifeblood if spoken to you,

Strange it may sound I truly understand but it’s of the things I say and do,

Before I depart, surrounded by my words of unheard meaning tell me please,

Those five seconds of haste you used today did they set your mind at ease,


Tell me I beg or do I speak too much each day with unrelated love words,

So many skeletal words of descriptive content sounding unlike love birds,

In a beautiful dream I spoke in decree that words of love must be used,

Each morning to no matter whom or where kind words must be infused,


Mmmmm oh joy, mmmm I love to hear you sigh when I whisper love to you,

Deep within your throat a sound just I know can be heard flowing through,

I am a man who writes words that have been marinated in my lifeblood,

Words spoken from my heart that have absorbed my love from the life-mud,


If spoken to I must decipher your words for hidden love meanings for me,

Although multidirectional words may fall beyond our minds ability to see,

Skeletal love words unheard blend all to create our nutritious word soil,

Have you calmed for a moment or two to hear childlike wonder while I toil,


It’s a beautiful dream it is, to see you stand with wings spread open wide,

In a field of dream words that grow perfect of form to surround my bride,

A vine of descriptive word surrounds your essence with a future song bloom,

Each bloom a future song or melody that releases love’s joy into the room,


Deep in thought I am of you for my heart knows nothing but to love you,

Each process within my mind must be filtered of you in all I say and do,

All pathways of thought within my mind are now filled with discard of word,

Love is a nutrient that enriches our bloodstream to reject what is absurd,


So many words stored in an architectural framework so they are contained,

The King’s love for his Queen is beyond descriptive word I have explained,

Thus the words wait, stored in architectural form that I may mix old with new,

Scattered throughout my mind’s pathways are words never used for you,


How I ask should a man use stainless steel or frames made of alloys in speech,

I mean love speak, words of the night, words to set her afire, of this I beseech,

So many words fill my brain but as of now I will try to use a word or two for you,

Please be seated upon this alloy frame that I may speak a love word or two,


As darkness surrounds my mind it is of night-come rather than failing health,

Night fall is so gentle as it absorbs the daylight I shall exist in a lover’s wealth,

Come near my angel, allow my words to console your tired heart for tonight,

My kiss placed softly upon your earlobe with a slight tug makes it all right,


Mmmmm oh yes there it is, the oft unheard angel’s soft two note love chime,

It is my two note love chime brought of her essence in surrender to my rhyme,

So many loves have come before us yet non have known the extremes of heart,

I cross heaven’s threshold with knowledge of love which others had no part,


My love has been written upon unfelt pages with ones and zeros that never die,

From the wasteland of discarded love words that never felt right but only dire,

I have found words to transpire generations of love poets, songsters and more,

My words simple of form flow so easy, “I love you Patti, you are what I live for”.

The end. For Patti by Pat


Now That You’re Sixty Four
No matter what, each day I’d wait for you, through rain and heartache too,

Each morning I’d sweep carbon from the foyer for just a glimpse of you,

My heart, my aching heart so longed to touch you and hold you near,

Each time my nerve grew to such point doubt would fill me with fear,


I’d work outside in hope to see you, washing windows in hopes to view,

My heart skipped beats it’s true, every time I’d catch a glimpse of you,

Saturday mornings just before noon I’d drop the canvas awning down,

Off and on for nearly two years I’d watch in case you came to town,


From the bakery three doors down and across the side street I’d walk,

You’d see me carrying coffee, and donuts for the off chance we’d talk,

To be available at certain times took work although you seemed oblivious,

I hoped to tell you of a boy that’s in love with you although it was obvious,


I fell in love with you when leaves covered trees two hundred seasons ago,

You’ve no idea of the pain endured by one tender heart that was in the know,

I ran away to escape my burdens not to chase girls as so many thought so,

When off work I’d walk the streets of main more than a hooker out on show,


At last sweet surrender came to be when at last your kiss was meant for me,

Never fall in love with a stranger they say but I must say a stranger I didn’t see,

Intentions grow old, my intentions knew the seasons and the cold, but didn’t see,

Let it flow, let it go, sweet surrender came, this time I gave my heart rather than flee,


Intentions sometimes fall behind the heart as my heart only knew one thing,

Heart you better watch out now or else she might break the oldest King,

If making you love me was a full time job I’d have been institutionalized long ago,

It seems I saw you more times than you would see me unless you didn’t show,


When sweet surrender came and our lips met at last I knew it was the beginning,

Soon to report as a riverboat machine gunner in Vietnam what could I bring,

My heart broke as I realized how unfair to ask a beautiful girl to wear my ring,

How joyous to both realize the truth upon first sight, what joy truth can bring,


One year two months and ten days were exceptionally harsh in that prayers come true,

I had prayed in desperation that somehow I’d be discharged and return to you,

The hardships I endured in that short time stretched the membrane of love’s time,

The desperation I felt to again feel your touch as I have written in rhyme after rhyme,


Still today I feel the tugs of extreme loneliness upon my heartstrings in absence of you,

But for an hour away and angst fills my heart as excess thoughts worry me through,

Joy and relief fill me still as I hear your footsteps across the living room floor,

Believe me I adore you more, now that you’re a beautiful woman of sixty four.

The end, by Pat for Patti, I love you baby.


Sensations of Elation (02/14/2017)
I saw you soaring above with wings spread wide flying so high,

Oh my gosh, your beauty overwhelms me, I fell such a small guy,

All my summers and winters too, are often spent in deep thought,

I thank St. Valentine for sending me to the beautiful one I sought,


Sensations of elation overwhelm my heart with electrical current,

Today I remember a time long ago when I was filled with torment,

Absent her presence near me was a feeling that I hated to endure,

You’re at my side today yet I must check as I’m still a bit unsure,


Once there was a young man that wandered far in search of you,

Forced into the fray I was there to fight with no reason or a clue,

The magic surrounding me brought not courage but feelings of you,

Feelings of you brought love that gave me courage to get through,


You and I have always wandered homeward with home being the other,

Today we are grayed lovers with a burning flame time cannot smother,

Although time has left its mark you are more beautiful than yesterday,

I will love you forever, you are even more beautiful with a touch of gray.

The end. By Pat for Patti

I love you, Happy St. Valentines Day 2/14/2017


Pain’s Course is Conquered by Love
A soft whispering breeze carries a message of times long past,

I ask myself in bewilderment is it true that what transpires is cast,

Is my love enough to carry me through another illness and pain,

It’s not the agony or pain but the anchor of illness that I so disdain,


One two three four, try again, try once more, let me catch my breath,

Again I touch your hand as darkness invades holding me above death,

Without a doubt I will wake in agony as broken stones invade again,

The stretching of my urethra and ureter is how the pain will begin,


I’ve made the march of the innocent by invitation nearly fifty times,

Fifty times within six years is too much pain even if just in my rhymes,

The prospect of a beautiful rose tempts me under the knife once more,

Only thrice has an emergency laid claim to my fate as never before,


The rose of health or should I say my elusive blue rose never seen,

Once long ago before America wed my soul to the military machine,

Back then I shone with twinkling eyes and joy while I was in your view,

She was there, it was she the angel, of course you know she is you,


Again I speak of the elusive blue, the elusive rose of which I speak,

In each life there is the long sought rose that has what it is we seek,

While it’s been proven that I can endure extremes of pain each day,

Known as durable, strong, and an optimist are things others say,


Come near to me, my non-elusive queen and touch my soul with love,

Fill the hollows left by pain’s ravaging appetite with kisses from above,

Your heart delivers heaven with every beat and a promised kiss for me,

Your beautiful smile while residing within my vision is all I want to see,


As I wake to endure pains path through my anatomy I pray you’re here,

Breath is difficult today as my liver’s bleed has become actively clear,

My hepatic capsule torn from the organ it encapsulates will at times bleed,

Most often the four hour journey of pain is but a reminder I must cede,


I must surrender to pain and allow its due course while I find you to touch,

It’s your heart I desperately need, its in the angel of you I love so very much,

Smile tenderly at the writhing man as your touch allows teardrops to form,

To light upon the soil as if in a slow deliberate free fall of controlled norm,


I love one being so very much that tears of love betrays my strength,

I am tender of you, I am love of you, for you I have endured to the length,

With a tender touch from you my journey releases some of the torment,

Odd and strange as it may seem but in your presence I sense heaven’s scent,


Breath of an angel as she draws near to place upon my lips a tender kiss,

I breathe deep to absorb her exhale of gases as they I don’t want to miss,

A kiss is medicine, it is release of endorphins that will remove some pain,

She I love is always at my side, for her I fight, I will always fight……..

……………………………………………………………………………………to remain.

The end, by Pat for Patti. I love you


The Weakness of My Heart
In your weakness of passion a veil is lifted to reveal so much more,

Exposed to my eyes is a reality that there is so much of you to adore,

You fear this persona as control is lost to the sensation of your desire,

I too am lost in a world of sensation as your kiss sets my heart afire,


My heart beats hard against your chest, for you my heart will not tire,

Nor will it die easy as my heart’s pulse is tied to yours by invisible wire,

I’ve not chased the wind in search of love since my heart skipped a beat,

It seemed an eternity until suddenly it synchronized with your heartbeat,


Once I came close I did, to touch the sky as teardrops filled my sad eyes,

Nearly lost to time I flew high as memories of you lifted me into blue skies,

More than once I’ve left my body and worried about your broken heart,

Although Heaven was within view my heart told me I should never part,


Your sweet essence has filled my soul while we have been locked in gaze,

Because of this please know I’ll always make it home for all of my days,

I feel as if I live in the springtime of my life and all illness is a part of fall,

My heart though worn is yours eternally and will always answer your call.

I love you


A Caress of Eternal Love
As the sky engulfs the sun in a caress of eternal love,

I’ve looked so often without realizing love shown above,

A full moon tonight engulfs the landscape with light,

The light wraps itself around all it touches so very tight,


And I, I hang on your every motion as I watch you walk,

Even today I become a blubbering fool when you sweet talk,

How many memories have I lost because I’m overfilled,

Perhaps it occurs when you approach and I’m thrilled,


As I pull you close for a hug I find the youth of yesteryear,

Still as memories of war’s departure come I feel a tear,

Each dance and each caress are more intense than past,

As I look into your eyes I know our love will forever last.

The end. I love you Patti