Love. Volumes 21-22.


Volume Twenty-One


An Echo of Time

Weep Not

Two Days of Gold

Today I am Born Unto You (06/15/1970)

Of Me, Of Stone, And Loving Only You

Cupid Speeds Time

Love’s Truth Within’

My Lifetime Dream

Instructions of He

Moving Molecules Through Time (Q cycles)

Through Heaven’s Gate

I Fell in Love


Volume Twenty-Two


This Angel Came Near



Volume Twenty-One


An Echo of Time

Echoes occur within my mind occurring to light the past,

So many thoughts to be unearthed from the shadow cast,

Dwelling unseen in places of the mind until at last a need,

Pain occurred with my heart until I feared it would bleed,


Echoes of falling teardrops although quiet can seem loud,

Am I the only to feel such, even though amongst a crowd,

Non experienced souls in love often felled by broken heart,

We two souls bound by love knew true love from the start,


Plentiful are these echoes as if a multiplication command,

Soon thoughts of you flood my mind, over a hundred grand,

Your beautiful self creates lust within me, it’s so very strong,

Control of my sexual self is mine no more as if I don’t belong,


Reflections in the mirror are me with no explanation of you,

My heart feels the echoes of your heart as it beats so true,

Outstretched arms of a beautiful entity entice me to enter,

I cry as I must leave once more as forced by non dissenter,


Echoes born of brick walls bounce my heart’s sound about,

A heart’s beat carrying love resounds of love without doubt,

Lonely echoes created by desperate love are painful indeed,

Our union of love has echoed finality without further need,


You rest upon my chest as my arms hold your essence secure,

Our love has flowed across times peaks in ranges tall and sure,

An echo of love from each heart carries strength of conviction,

Spoken words of love that echo are simply true love’s reflection.

The end.

For Patti by Pat.

I love you my gorgeous angel.


Weep Not
Weep not my dear friend so burdened with worry of her,

True it seems only yesterday that your heart did so stir,

As I confer with we two in reflections of myself yet to be,

Brought from a place where you dwell that you may see,


Please bring near dear angel so I may see her once more,

No doubt I will be lifted high above the pains from before,

Will mankind find peace to be of ease since never known,

I will so pray as military leaders have a need to be shown,


Victories of the heart are unbalanced if love’s not shared,

The dimension of selfish men has expired to be compared,

Never known by me this place of victorious men in love,

How comes this joy worn victorious in love and things of,


My heart returns to worry for her as my mind finds despair,

True it is that an understanding of love makes men care,

Before changes of heart came to be within me I ran away,

It towers above me the love I feel for her even more today,


I ran hard to avoid removal of said love as I want her near,

Near always it should be said in case I haven’t been clear,

I’ve known from the start that a spot empty remains open,

From my heart it’s said today “I love you” will be spoken,


From this moment forward the world shall rightly know,

As I bask in the thought of being loved by her I’m aglow,

I am where I belong and forever my life will be loving her,

Each day henceforth I’ll fall in love anew with love to offer.

The end, by Pat for Patti.

I love you.


Two Days of Gold
My day of golden treasure began with a gift given me by you,

Precious days in your hold are true gold especially if times two,

I am grateful to Heaven above that you have loved me so long,

Those questioning my sincerity can now see my love is strong,


A good morning smile from a beautiful woman is another gift,

Given to me from your heart with a smile it gives my spirit a lift,

Only you can lift all that I am to be one within Heaven’s reach,

To never love then to fall in love is something they don’t teach,


My heart knows love more than most men’s hearts will ever know,

Said another way “my heart knows more love” than it can show,

To know your love and to feel you love me is impossible to explain,

Sensations of the heart deliver countries for Queens to name,


Kings give to their Queens and Queens gift their King with an heir,

I am the King of little but I give everything I am to you,I truly care,

A weekend spent loving you is something to be grateful for indeed,

Thank you little angel, I give you all my love, delivered with speed.

The end. To Patti from Pat. I love you


Today I am Born Unto You (06/15/1970)
I woke this morning to falling rain along with sounds to explore,

Falling rain relaxes me to a point of near exhaustion that I abhor,

Sounds of dripping water inside a room is not a sound to ignore,

My mind brings images in play of damage to the roof and more,


I escape the sound by thinking of an angel that’s within my heart,

My inner self thinks of loving you and how at last it’s time to depart,

I can’t refuse my heart to love you as I have done so from the start,

Your eyes pierced into my being as you smiled so tenderly to impart,


Your beautiful hazel eyes spoke truly with a visual whisper to me,

Those reciting my words to you ask can a whisper be a thing you see,

My heart is tuned to yours in such a way that you tune me so easily,

You’ve known without a notice when I would return home finally,


I seemed a million miles away from you yet I could feel your need,

I prayed so desperately at night to be sent home to you with speed,

Prayers answered in such a way through injury and internal bleed,

God blessed our love and sent me home so our love could proceed,


Your eyes sparkled of jewels upon hearing I was moving home at last,

At last I am coming to you, no one can keep us apart, the die is cast,

Four years of which my love for you has kept me alive as it grew fast,

Today I am born into a world of you to soon hear “I love you” at last.

The end. By Pat.

June 15, 1970. For Patti, From Pat.

I love you so! Thank you Patti.


Of Me, Of Stone, And Loving Only You
A magic stone fell from the sky leaving a trail not denied,

Beautiful it was with reflections of hidden jewels inside,

Reflecting light in such way to be unseen in a magical way,

A slight clarity in crystalline stone reveal diamonds at play,


Playfully they danced within the confinement of their stone,

Reflecting light of rhythmic beats go unheard when not alone,

In a moment of resting retreat I reflect on how my love’s grown,

I insert this line of loving you so others may share in love I own,


To know you is to love you thus it is evidenced of little try,

Had any young man spent time to know an angel of God’s sky,

Effort to know you true in fulfillment of courting done right,

Means he’d fall in love as did I when we kissed that night,


Perhaps that mysterious stone that fell hard striking the land,

Influenced my being to love you in a way we don’t understand,

I know untruths bring doubt that it influenced my love to grow,

Yet I believe love so instant was of her nearly four years ago,


With but a touch or smile now and then my love grew for four,

Four years of desire without lust grew love as I needed her more,

So far away I was from her and each beat of my heart felt pain,

Many tried to block our way yet I loved you such I shan’t refrain,


Each smile you gave me along with giggles and laughter I adore,

Combining parts to be what defines you along with tinies and more,

In speaking of things laced with smart remarks about sex and love,

I said I love you, you respond of doubt in knowing what I speak of,


I love you so deeply that time is nonexistent in such depth of heart,

Love should have no barriers of touch if both love from the start,

Such love becomes ownership as what and all I am is given to you,

I give pixels I am in photos or cells of my being, I give my life too,


We could walk through paradise with bombs exploding around,

Exploding napalm bring horror to bear but I pull you off the ground,

I carry you away in my arms while bullets rifle through my being,

Is this a dream? I pray so but truth is an anxious witness seeing,


The stone that fell seems to have fallen from Venus or other land,

Mars appears covered with remnants of nuclear war of man’s hand,

Our moon is said to be hollow and out of normal for what should be,

I speak of things to awaken men if I can, we need help can’t you see?


I write of you and her making it appear I’m a schizophrenic guy,

With you being her and she is you translation could make you cry,

Space’s entry came from a stone filled with diamonds given to you,

My love for you came to be of the Heaven’s and you, spoken true.

The end, I love you Patti


Cupid Speeds Time
Outside a tender Texas breeze carries dissolving time away,

Minutes fall into passing hours as hours fall into a passing day,

I’ve loved you every moment of my life since my awakening came,

A first sight love came to me as I realized you would take my name,


Love carries lovers across time’s realm at speeds beyond the norm,

Those burdened with life that know love’s absence in some form,

Endure barriers of time’s resistance that slows each click beyond,

Hours can feel tenfold as tragedy unfolds before reflex can respond,


Has Father Time allowed Cupid to speed through barriers of time?

Has love powered happiness to fly so fast it could be a love crime?

Each time the Texas heat has caused my rigid form to loosely flow,

Always she is near to hold me tight in a display of love only we know,


She has awakened my worn form with a kiss of love that regenerates,

At thirty my hair was white, still I live with a deep pain that penetrates,

The blood flowing through my veins breaks away from broken veins,

By love’s counterbalance I’ve survived hurdles as your love remains,


No doubt there’s a price to pay when living in a world made of dreams,

My heart has felt your heartbeat against bare flesh yet it always seems,

I’m yet to feel your bare flesh to mine as each time is always the first,

My hungering for you can’t be explained nor can this incredible thirst,


Dreams of love wrapped in happiness will speed rapidly towing time,

There’s never enough long minutes in play as I’ve said often in rhyme,

Lose that love or be starved of her and journeys will exceed the limit,

Time will stretch the very fabric of space dragging out every hour in it,


“Modern* English” coined a phrase “I’ll melt with you” still it holds true,

Melt came to be used in love verses, I’ve used it often in rhymes to you,

Our first kiss came to be while shielded from Texas heat that love day,

My love was born two years prior but with that kiss my love would stay.

The end, by Pat for Patti.

I love you

Those kisses? They’re from me and of my lips.


*Popular rock band from the 80’s and 90’s.


Love’s Truth Within’

Love flows from my heart, unto you my love flows as a river does,
I have felt the hair lift on my arm, from your touch into what was,
When a breeze ceases to move, the force known is felt no more,
Love moves across the plains, seeking he who loved you before,


The shadow of those in love, casts an image of their hands held tight,
Reflected rays of sunbeam shine, on the golden band from last night,
Whispered words of vows to you, matrimony is man’s union sacrament,
The veil lifted that lips may kiss, when pressed to her’s his love is sent,


Tender is the night long awaited, trembling hands await her touch,
Four years plus months added in, created a wait that is far too much,
Time is known to both young loves, both endured times touch too far,
He was made a warrior by draft, alone was she and his heart did scar,


Shattered dreams reclaimed from dust, reassembled by love’s guardian,
Wedding vows now of past tense, give cause for a lifetime of celebration,
Pausing in relief of what has been, difficult to attain precious vows said,
Love as a gift is not possible to give, love happens when you’re not misled,


Whispered love is unheard if not loud, whispers die in the static of night,
I’ll stand tall and shout to be heard, my words in rhyme will be said right,
Heartbeats for love fill my chest, of beauty is she, precious jewels worn,
Significant words in rhymes given to all, heard in verses that are reborn,


No one understands love’s truth within, when given of the heart so true,
A soft breeze in motion made of heat, rises high pulling cool into the blue,
In a cloud we see the form of Cupid’s bow, releasing an arrow into a heart,
The angel of love resembles my wife through, beautiful in every way or part,


Blessings may be unseen if awareness wanes, yet God’s touch shan’t fade,
His Hand in blessing the needy, carried this soul until my return was made,
Somehow within her heart she knew, wait until draft time dues were paid,
Tender love helped her to wait, in her heart the weary warrior made grade,


Paradise gardens are open for entry, and they walked through the gate,
Golden bands on hands in love, to announce their love was a part of fate,
Half a century of love’s growth in bond, has bonded two hearts complete,
A kiss given to her while held tight, says I love you, I’ll never know defeat.
The end. For Patti by Pat
I love you my little angel!



My Lifetime Dream
Let yourself rest my angel, let your head slumber upon my chest,

I will be there for you eternally, to give protection while you rest,

The flesh shield of essence is encased of love that will soon be,

Future love is treasured to be when seeds of past growth we see,


Allow me to hold you near oh beautiful angel of my lifetime dream,

In a dream you came to me as a blessing of love from the Supreme,

I became a better man when we exchanged our vows of true love,

I’m earnest in every word I speak to you of love and blessings of,


As morning light penetrates the dark to bring God’s blessing of light,

If thought is given to life and galaxies, it becomes a miraculous sight,

For me to be so taken by your every word said, be it sexy or otherwise,

It’s that every word you speak fills a void within me, I’ve come to realize,


It’s not the substance of what’s said but the absence if you’re not here,

And that’s why I treasure every spoken word from you that I may hear,

For it’s the privilege of a lifetime to have but one such day let alone all,

These words don’t carry strength yet I will deliver I love you before I fall,


The sadness of departure brings such pain to bear that tears are in flow,

Such thoughts feel so painful that I must depart such thoughts I know,

Instead I’ll pray for twenty years plus that I may kiss and love you more,

Lay your head upon my chest and I’ll whisper love words to explore.

The end, by Pat for Patti.

I love you!


Instructions of He

The old road seems shallow as my bent frame tries hard,
Age has fallen upon me and it’s something I can’t discard,
Effort is a consequence of agility lost as i try to avoid rage,
How sad, that just a kiss will take even more effort with age,


I see you in your beautiful past before burdens made you tire,
The burden of me that you carry with love is a lifetime occupier,
I pray you find support from heaven that eases the load you carry,
If only you had known the burden before answering yes to marry,


I dreamed of only you when youth’s blood flowed through my veins,
I dreamed of only you in life as I never sought love from other names,
As you left Heaven’s gates I saw papers that were instructions of me,
Titled “Instructions of He” I strained my eyes in my attempts to see,


Strangely titled it was but easily understood that I was the “he”,
Clad in glowing white as you crossed through, changes I did see,
Your gown changed to a beautiful red as my heart leapt through,
My heart took a leap of spiritual awareness as I could see only you,


I have loved you beyond capacities of past or future men we know,
You have returned such love to only one man as history will show,
The road has become more difficult to walk as falling takes a toll,
Each time I fall upon this path I pay repentance for things I stole,


To steal can mean other things such as a heart or sex without care,
As I age my conscience inflicts more pain of past hurts I’m now aware,
I have not forgotten that love is a contract to share spouses pains,
My sweet angel of Heaven’s gate must endure alone in what remains,


My frame is bent to no longer stand tall as pain removes my stance,
May I suffer twice to absorb pain you must endure even if by chance,
It fills my heart with sorrow as age steels your youth from you too,
Yes, women of heavenly beauty age too, but I’ll always love just you.
The end. By Pat for Patti.
I love you.



Moving Molecules Through Time (Q cycles)
I’ve chased the hands of time too many times it seems,

Was it a chase or was I trying to outrun vicious war dreams?

One for the loser it’s said and two loves forever holding hands,

I was to be the loser but I wisely did as true love commands,


I heard the hands click and clock with each jerking move,

Too loud to heed when flee isn’t understood as to remove,

What sound was it I heard as sleep deprivation came again,

Perhaps aliens walk my room to borrow my war skills to win,


I’ve floated in absence of flesh to penetrate dense mass,

The vibrating molecules allow penetration of seen glass,

Q cycles of moving molecules weave within to move through,

A weapon I’ve drawn from within is to kill with methods new,


Used as the old west cowboy draws a six shooter to kill,

So too my gun is drawn but today it exits my mind by will,

The time bandit is our machine of travel to planets beyond,

Time is reversed to encapsulate time used in a time bond,


Speeding beyond light speed creates a penetrating stream,

History reverses to become future events as if in a dream,

Youth of old penetrates who I became to be reversed in full,

Again I’m a fleet young man but with aged wisdom as a tool,


The tasks I’m given create questions of existence if shot,

Do the time masters reverse the event to return my spot?

Weapons blast is felt as it penetrates every cell and nerves,

This event eliminated who I was yet my energy still serves,


Am I now spirit of man on a foreign planet to exist alone?

As quickly as the warring alien removed flesh off the known,

Morning has brought sunshine to real eyes within my head,

Does this mean I survived space combat and I’m not dead,


Was it a time realm dream or dimensional travel within time,

Did I return to my youthful readiness as trained in my prime,

Or was it but a dream and I’ve returned to her to know love,

From her I’ve learned to give of me to receive love I dream of,


Because of her my heart received more love than I ever earned,

I cried in anguish as departing her love, my heart so yearned,

So broken and so very alone in that cell of concrete and steel,

A photograph of her kept hidden inside me kept her love real,


The machines used to push me through past and future time,

I just now realized within my mind as I’m writing this rhyme,

Did German scientists create those things so very long ago,

Was it information I gathered that was propelling me to go,


Loving her has propelled me through time so fast barriers fell,

Good times quickly fly by hard times that stretch time so well,

To endure longer or so it seems when alone or guilt of wrong,

A kiss of an angel gave me the will to return to where I belong.

The end. By Pat for Patti


Through Heaven’s Gate
Some are allowed to kneel at heaven’s gate praying for entry,

While others are turned away by an angel in form of a sentry,

Gifts from God are often given to those of undeserving soul,

For me entry to Heaven came in to the on the day wedding bells toll,


My heart once leapt past acquaintance time into love’s realm,

I fell in love only once but it came with enough force to overwhelm,

To love another at first sight was more an awakening than a fall,

I realized you were in my love dreams as far back as I could recall,


Some dreams were of a beautiful angel with flowing dark hair,

You were the angel of my dreams atop a long winding wood stair,

Wood finish was by angel’s touch to show grain in heaven’s light,

My rose bouquet of heavenly red matched your lips to our delight,


That ceremony five decades ago gave entry through heaven’s gate,

I believe each sensation of love that enters our being is how we relate,

A minute with you is no doubt a gift from Heaven that grows by day,

To see you play with children brings me joy each time along the way,


Walking through paradise with you has removed burdens of health,

Sensations given of your kiss bring me the riches of emotional wealth,

To be infused with love each day through physical or mental touch,

Is truly a gift from heaven if only because you love me so very much.

The end. To Patti from Pat.

I love you my little angel.


I Fell in Love
It takes but a moment to fall in love for life,

I once fell in love when I met my future wife,

Her beauty took away my breath and air,

So taken back by such I could only stare,


Her smile filled my heart with immediate joy,

She made me feel as if I was a young boy,

So soft was her voice in a cute childish way,

I would listen to everything she had to say,


She’s an angel in so many ways each day,

But her halo slips when it comes to sex play,

She sets my body afire with just a kiss or two,

Fun with her always ends with “the time flew”,


At age eighteen I made a personal vow,

That I would win her heart’s love somehow,

I fell in love for the only time of my life,

I would do anything to make her my wife,


Falling in love was so very easy to do,

Was it possible she would find love too?

I feared she would but it not be me,

With but a kiss, I knew love was to be,


I have given my life and she has too,

For over fifty years I’ve loved her true,

And she loves me as everyone can see,

Until the end of time my love will be.

The end. By Pat for Patti




Volume Twenty-Two


This Angel Came Near

Last night she came to me as if she traveled through my dream,

This angel came near to fulfill my every desire even if extreme,

So softly she let down with wings spread wide to capture the air,

A smile traced her lips of red that seemed to say “I truly do care”,


My heart leapt from my chest as my eyes surveyed her every part,

The small sway of her hips in motion awakened more than my heart,

Emotions flowed from deep within as I was overtaken by her grace,

Perhaps she is of royalty this angel that came from a heavenly place,


She has awakened my anatomy to embrace and absorb her essence,

I must confess that I lust for her when I am blessed by her presence,

Each time she comes near I am excited to such extreme of a little boy,

I am childlike when she comes near to me as if my mind is of a toy,


I am man, I have strength along with endurance most don’t know,

I survived what many can’t, I returned to her love from war long ago,

Her love I sought so desperately as I am the man sent to love her,

She is loved for eternity by a man dedicated to her, my love I offer,


I have carried a torrid passionate love for her for over fifty years,

If only she could understand how loving so deeply also carries fears,

Yet I will allow flames to scorch my flesh if protecting her demands,

She is inspiration for my soul and heart, and I love just holding hands.

The end. For Patti by Pat. I love you my gorgeous angel!