Newly Added Poetry

Sensations of Love

What sensation did I feel

from looking into her hazel eyes?

I ask because I wonder

about all things under God’s skies,


She overwhelms me

with emotions of the heart felt in full,

Each beat of my heart

is of love for her it feels like a jewel,


Her beauty is beyond

any beauty I have ever seen or known,

Her morning beauty

allows me to wake into a paradise zone,


When I touch her flesh

I feel a sensation that’s unknown to me,

Does her consciousness

move into me along with love so freely,


I’ve known her tender lips

for half a century plus a bit more,

Her first kiss given me

woke me to know love as never before,


I belong to her as

I vowed my heart and love to never sever,

I knew on first sight

that I would love her eternally forever,

The end, for Patti by Pat

My Desirous Need

The early morning mist carried colors galore through the sky,

There in the sky came colors aligned in rows incredibly high,

A bird sang magically to others among the flock to make way,

Starlings create a flock of mystical motion aligning to display,


As I held you tight shielding you from the cool morning breeze,

I felt my chest awaken to you as I fell in love with such ease,

The sparkle in your eyes spoke of love yet never spoke a word,

Your parting lips woke my anatomy such you must have heard,


I’ve loved everything about you yet each day I learn even more,

Whispers said so softly still awaken me to love’s need to explore,

Tender things you say impress upon my mind my desirous need,

Tendernesses spoken by you to me reach my anatomy with speed,


How can it be oh how can I fall in love more each and every day,

Like a small angel with a mischievous need in each word you say,

Take me through your entanglement of mischievous words I plead,

I succumb each time to your wants although I admit it’s what I need,


Approaching Pleasure’s door with you in tow ecstasy takes hold,

I overachieve each time stimulation by you cannot be controlled,

Love has filled my soul with incredible need and desire for you,

And you know the words whispered tenderly to control what I do.

The end. I love you my sweet little girl.

For Patti, by Pat

This Love for You I Carried

Often I wake from a dream with memories of a time long ago,

I dreamed of when I held you tight as we danced ever so slow,

Seldom do perfect moments arrive as given to us that night,

Love kisses cleansed by teardrops shared erases any delight,


A year earlier I vowed to never leave love on the dance floor,

My heart made a promise to you before I left through the door,

Molecules of love filled my veins as each beat made love flow,

I pray that I can share with others this wonderful love we know,


So many young men other than me were also drafted to arms,

Others had to leave true love with her beauty and her charms,

Young love during that time knew cars, dances, music and war,

Our parents knew war with one thing more, what they fought for,


I prayed for a miracle asking God that I’d return home to you,

Though the journey was difficult and hard it’s what I had to do,

Prayer and dreams of you helped me cope with the evils I knew,

Beatings and torture paved a path I would take to get to you,


The greatest treasure I’ll ever own is a photograph of you I kept,

During hardest of times I wrapped it in foil up my anus as I slept,

Today I still have that treasure that amazingly was never soiled,

A kind nurse once found it and framed it, of that I became spoiled,


I woke from surgery with your image smiling sweetly at me,

Truly I must say it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever see,

I have made promises to you but all I’ve managed to keep,

After each dance I’ve said “I love you Patti, ever so deep”,


When I was eighteen and you were fourteen I crawled in to you,

Through another girls window I saw you there, I knew what to do,

I had dreamed of you but had never met you, yet I still had to say,

“I love you, and I am going to marry you, I will marry you some day,


When discharged I promised to return in May to be with you,

You graduated from high school and I did as I promised to do,

Fifty seven years I’ve loved you and for fifty two we’re married,

Time has flown, but I know it’s from all this love for you I carried.

The end, I love you my sweet angel. For Patti by Pat

Space Throughout Our Universe Knows Love

In a mysterious moment or maybe it was an hour or two,

Simply saying what I mean would sound insane to you too,

As crazy as I sound to everyone I sound even worse to me,

Our sun came shining through to wake me to wake and see,


I swear I saw a UFO fly by but they say it’s a UPH or what?

It’s the first time I heard the term for the machine I sought,

Perhaps I’ve messed up the terminology yet I will still seek,

What do they call vehicles carrying aliens so small, so weak?


This morning I have new letters that seem correct in my mind,

UAP is what they are, unidentified aerial phenomena I find,

I gave a command and it shifted shape beyond what can be,

“It” being the vessel I’m sitting within but through its skin I see,


There’s but one seat within this ship and no more are meant,

On this hot day in June I seek she I love, whose love I represent,

I hear thoughts from space in my mind yet I wonder from where,

From space or empty space sounds the same yet is it over there?


I’ve answered the machine that speaks with a tongue I now know,

How, within a night, did I learn two languages with words in flow,

I speak fluently with computer tongue to the machine that I fly,

Another tongue I speak I’ve managed to inscribe words if I try,


After a line or two, words flow from my mind to describe how it is,

So descriptive is my writing that I’m proud of the words as if a quiz,

My heart beats heavy and hard for she I seek so desperately now,

Pray she recognizes me or the vessel as I pray to find her somehow,


Perhaps what I experience now is desperate love as I need her so,

I need you now sweet Patti as I listen to Bell X1 sing of love I know,

They sing of love on the dance floor and a desperate hunger of love,

Out of my head as desperation tosses love about to be all I think of,


Blown wide open plays on the radio as tears leave tracks so wet,

Often I’ve cried to Patti and for Patti, of her, nothing can I forget,

Inside my mind I’ve watched her lovemaking as I reach to touch,

Tell me I cry aloud, do you love me so as I do you, is it too much?


The aliens of space realized our love will jeopardize their mission,

Seeking we creatures to display about should require permission,

Strangely I’ve seen gold upon a finger of creatures from beyond,

Strongly I feel it’s true that creatures like me and you have a bond,


Singer sing a song that may belong or perhaps so, words in a song,

Let a teardrop fall to express love’s depth to state love does belong,

From star to sun to planets spread far with loving creatures of heart,

Oh Patti I desperately love you so, for fifty years more I’ll ne’er part.


The end, for Patti whom I love with eternal guidance from God!

Remember My Heart

Remember my heart for it’s the second heart you’ll own,

My heart has been yours in love as time together has flown,

The beginning was a painful journey as the draft took me away,

When we were allowed to be it instead became a tearful day,


I have loved but one and I have given my heart to just you,

Time is a journey taken till heaven’s gate comes in view,

My love has engulfed your essence as you’ve done for me,

Each morning I awaken to the most beautiful angel I’ll see,


When we say goodbye the journey of love doesn’t have to end,

Through Heaven’s gate to say hello to family with time to spend,

The greatest love your heart will ever know was given by me,

I’ll never love another as I have only loved you, I gave it freely,


Kiss me once more my beautiful angel and lift my spirit high,

We have loved each other so deeply we will never say goodbye,

I became a man while in love with you and I’ll die one too,

I fought to live because of love, because of loving you.

The end, for Patti by Pat

My Aged Dreams of You

Time has been my companion far too long when thought through,

Some credit time for their love however it’s something I won’t do,

Love caressed my soul from within, awaking my being into paradise,

Introduced into the kingdom of heaven by an angel before my eyes,


Love at first sight is a truth that is unknown to most everyone I know,

It is my truth as I have loved Patti upon first sight of her angelic glow,

Her beautiful hazel eyes sparkled in the evening light as if by magic,

For two years I’d bide my time, unable to express my love was tragic,


In my journey with time I’d dream of her and think of her beauty,

Then time snatched me away by draft to perform my military duty,

Again I’m biding time while my love for her continues to grow,

I strongly felt it to be true that she would be the only love I’d know,


After my honorable discharge she and I were finally able to date,

Time accelerated as loving her made each moment in my life great,

To feel her tender lips each day is a blessing that is mine alone,

Her presence in my car transformed it into a chariot only I own,


After she graduated from high school we at last were married,

Time has barely left enough time for the two children she carried,

It seemed a matter of minutes until they married and moved away,

Through it all our love has grown, I love her more deeply every day,


We have leapt through time to enter our senior years in love,

My memories are mainly of love and the girl I always dream of,

I dreamed of her before we met and most every night since then,

I’ve given my love and life to her in thanks for her love I live in.

The end, by Pat for Patti