Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary


Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

Fiftieth “is it too much?”

At last our fiftieth wedding anniversary of love is here,

I want to shout loving you to the world for all to hear,

If I lay here loving you may I whisper love in your ear?

Tender love words used to express my feelings so clear,


Today these sweet words of love brings a tear to flow,

Some call it crazy I call it easy to love my little angel so,

A teenage boy fell in love fifty five wonderful years ago,

Each year is a love song all it’s own I’m happy to know,


Is there ever too much to which “never enough” is said,

There’s a precious time when all is new even in my head,

Your movements are of magic creating desire to be bred,

Becoming memories of precious gold I hold dear instead,


Is love like a foreign tongue or is it given but once anew?

As I have known loving you, loving you always feels new,

I became a man loving you, as a man I’ve loved only you,

While I can, before age moves in, make love to you I’ll do,


Traveling the roads of time creating memories of gold,

Many are of making love to you and having you to hold,

You are morning’s most beautiful guiding light to behold,

I want the world to know that your love never grows old,


Are dead leaves upon the lawn faded memories gone,

No memory of loving you will fade away and move on,

You alone are my timeline as our love refreshes at dawn,

As we walk life’s path our love becomes a phenomenon.

The end, by Pat for Patti


Happy Anniversary baby doll! I love you so very much!

I hope my love for you is evident today.


I love you,