Love. Volumes 15-16.




Volume Fifteen


I’m Bound to You Forever

In the Beauty of Your Eyes

Sublime Love

I am Your Walkway (Prostrate for You)

The Path of Bewilderment’s Way

In Search of You (Amohalko Isle)

Red Roses to Burglary

Across the New Horizon

How Can It Be Said (Beyond Reach)

Wrapped in Escaping Starlight

Mothers Day 2016 (To Cultivate My Taste)

To Become ii of You


Volume Sixteen


When First Love

From Tranquil Waters We Will Begin

Footprints of Love (Canopy of Innocence)

Heart of Stone (Sculpted Heart)

Of the Kisses I Blew

The Jewels of His Hand

I Walked Into the Night

The Young Man of a Future Past

Where Teardrops Have Gone (Nuance of You)

An Angel Came to Ground

Through Teardrops Haze I Plead

1969 For You I Linger



Volume Fifteen


I’m Bound to You Forever

I’m bound to you forever by the rust specs in your eyes,

Hazel speckled by rust and wrapped in blue of dark skies,

Each night as you sleep I am lost in your beauty I can’t deny,

A teardrop of love often falls from my eye as I try not to cry,


Tears of joyful celebration that we have been married so long,

If only I had skills of a musician I would write a beautiful song,

A gift of love must be sincere when it comes from man of rust,

I’ve looked deep inside my mind but somehow I find only dust,


My worth alone is of little value for without you near I am void,

Time now moves so rapidly as if the hands have been destroyed,

Acceleration of time takes place each time you are in my hold,

Absent your touch each minute is an eternity while I grow old,


Stardust fell from the sky to form a pathway just for you,

We know it as the Milky Way displayed for everyone to view,

As particles of stardust fall to earth the fairies gather around,

From diamond dust to desert dust it is finest fairy dust found,


Perhaps the mystery of your youth is what dust fell on you,

As I’ve fallen to decay and rust your beauty is exciting to view,

When I am ill the burden of love is shown in your beautiful eyes,

A dust of fortune must have fallen on me as I studied the skies,


If love is a burning ember then I’m ablaze with love for you,

Fate stood before me at loves door enticing me to go through,

I’m not a fool you know, as I cherish each moment of my life,

I love you Patti, I’m so thankful you chose to be my wife.

The end, by Pat for Patti



In the Beauty of Your Eyes

In the wonder of your eyes love’s beauty is truthfully found,

From twinkle to sparkle your eyes raise me up when I’m down,

Your plush red lips would be cherished if carved in stone alone,

Red lips so beautiful without embellishment are rarely known,


Long ago as I traced your profile with my fingers I felt you so well,

As my fingertips touched every feature I felt your love as if a spell,

So many photos of you I rubbed through as I prayed nightly for you,

I was a silly young man to cry as all were copies I rubbed through,


Such feelings I can’t put into words yet I’ve felt them all my life,

We have been together fifty years and I’m still in awe of my wife,

There’s more to me than you’ll ever know yet I have tried so hard,

I’ve tried very hard to allow entry to my mind although I’m scarred,


You are the one that has fulfilled my every dream in every way,

The scars brought by the draft and being sent so very far away,

While away I cherished every moment I had with you deep inside,

I truly believe if not for my loving you I would have surely died,


Yes, I put you on a pedestal so very long ago and you shall remain,

You are so deserving although you argue, please let me explain,

To know your every secret fills me with joy that in me you trust,

You are the golden treasure that has brought glory to fading rust,


When I hear your voice I wait anxiously to see you as if my duty,

As you play with grandkids I watch in awe of your enduring beauty,

If ever you could feel my heartbeat as you just walk into the room,

I see you as a beautiful flower from heaven not yet in full bloom,


Most remarkable is that everyone saw your beauty but for one,

Can it be true that such a goddess has no vanity, not even some?

I give witness for eternity that such an angel has never been vain,

Each year has brought more beauty to your beautiful little frame,


Graying hair has brought added beauty in such a wonderful way,

Each lovely hair of grey is a gift from heaven given to you each day,

Your profile is of ageless beauty such as jewels or precious gold,

Thus I am the richest man on earth knowing I have you to hold.

The end,

By Pat for my beautiful angel Patti



Sublime Love

It was a melody so addictive I wanted to hold you the night through,

Twas’ more a symphony that exponentially amplified my love of you,

I feel I’ve known you a thousand years or at least nine ninety nine,

And during ninety nine point nine percent I have called you mine,


To at last pull you close was akin to a reuniting of my soul to flesh,

The moment your lips touched mine I felt as if my life began afresh,

I’ve grown my angel, oh how I have grown as a man because of you,

Compare the opaque skies blemished with smog to crisp clear blue,


Perhaps you are a hurricane that cleansed the isle of “Me” to start anew,

And so I began, cleansed of all past habits that I am devoted to solely you,

My heart had been yours since birth, I have no doubt of this being true,

Yet I needed an awakening of sorts to bring memories of past through,


My reincarnations through time have been of each to bring my love,

To reunite my heart with you, two hearts beyond what most think of,

A symphony of celestial significance written of the heavens above,

Storybook romances and fairytale loves will never know such love,


Of this I am sure, our love through time is a significant discovery in history,

My heart has known you forever, how I don’t know, this to me is a mystery,

Significantly precious love, pregnant love is another meaning misunderstood,

Pregnant love means abundantly filled with rather than the usual motherhood,


My heart is near bursting with love if written descriptive for this little rhyme,

Although I describe it as “little rhyme” it is significant as the words are mine,

Sincerely written from the depths of my heart with each contraction in time,

Timed with the pulse of the universe, each so significant of love it is sublime,


Sublime love, sublime heart pulses, anything of you is sublime, this is true,

I am overwhelmed of you, in awe I study features as you sleep, I adore you, Forever I will be of you, my heart beats each beat that I may continue to love,

This poem if written of love, no other reason but to say “you are all I think of.”

The end, by Pat. I love you Patti



I am Your Walkway (Prostrate for You)

Are you the bridge? The walkway to heaven across through the blue,

A golden archway only seen by spirits of a dimension we pass through,

Each existence must have a spirit guide so I have wondered that of you,

I am enamored of you, perhaps to say I have a love addiction is said true,


For each there is a significant partner though for many they go unfound,

They are a mate, a lover, a friend, the one, their soul mate heaven bound,

I have long ago surrendered all I am to you in expression and in total full,

Yes! You are my bridge! As well my life’s pool of elation from which I pull,


You too are my steeple that reaches high into the heavens when I’m in need,

Let it be said that you are my everything, any need can be found in you indeed,

I deed myself to you, I give you title to all I am, to my flesh, to my mind and heart,

It seems I have become non expressive although I seek to say it all or fall apart,


Once again illness lurks around each bend and I suffer to see you worry,

My poor darling little girl it seems as if illness comes in a storm of flurry,

I have seen the controlled tears in your precious hazel eyes wrapped in blue,

No doubt you seek to bury your little head upon my shoulder and weep too,


My heart truly breaks for you my angel, may I be your bridge while I’m ill?

It doesn’t matter that I’m sick as I will find the fortitude to stand firm still,

I will be your walkway, my angel, I will lay my body prostrate to protect thy feet,

Yes I use archaic words as I feel thou deserves higher regard to be complete,


You don’t realize this but you are the path I must follow to gain entry to heaven,

United as one, we walk as one, we must work His work as nothing is given,

Each time we speak of our love we are doing the work of God as God is love,

You are so perfect for me that your every movement fits me like a glove,


I am clothed of you my angel, I truly am, you have enveloped my form complete,

As you have given yourself to me I am grateful as I wonder could I truly compete,

Truly I have worn to become rust and I must try to hold the beauty of rare gold,

Gold never loses value though tarnished it is easily polished in an admirers hold,


And how I admire you, long ago I placed you on a pedestal as I know your value,

More so than any man alive I know the value of Patti and I hold that to be true,

Mornings I wake in awe of your beauty, as well I am grateful being loved by you,

You are my everything, no words can describe loving you, words spoken so true,


You are special, what word have I beyond such meager description to say?

Exceptional, you are extreme of perfection, touched by God in a special way,

Heavenly is truly the most descriptive word for the angel that wears my ring,

I must kneel in thanks to give glory to our Lord, grateful for the love you bring.

I… you……Patti. I take pause to reflect on how blessed I am.

The end. By Pat for Patti



The Path of Bewilderment’s Way

As we meander the path through bewilderment’s way,

We pass many things we’ve learned to ignore each day,

I’ve looked into the eyes of a fellow draftee yet I ignore,

I fear the tugs upon memories I have thrown to the floor,


Another child, another day, I’ve dug deep to look inside,

I look into the downtrodden’s eyes and see they’ve cried,

My good intentions have fallen to the floor of incompletion,

Do you feel, have you felt the same pain without exception,


Present the glories of the world’s darkness carried inside,

Too many soldiers gone, too many Vietnam Vets have died,

They traveled the streets never welcomed home from war,

I deeply wished, as did they, that it could be as it was before,


Fireworks crash, thunder claps, backfires all bring it back,

Terror returns for one moment, just as when under attack,

I feel it, I feel the pain, the fear, the anxiety of wondering,

Will I go home complete or absent limbs, I hate remembering,


How I fear “the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air,”

Lyrics of war so misunderstood by many as fireworks glare,

When memories hidden are awakened to be they return in full,

Many men of that war never felt the glory of patriotism’s pull,


To march the march of protestors revolt to a march of training,

Was a startling transition of wartime that needs no explaining,

Yet I felt that tug to defend as my father however he enlisted,

Love held me back as well as schooling so I was deferment listed,


How little we realize the depth of the damage done by one death,

For a seventeen year old to watch another teenagers last breath,

Is an assault upon innocence that removes any child left inside,

The guilt of a late trigger response lays so heavy I’ve often cried,


It’s locked deep inside shame’s vault of secrets yet disclosed in full,

How many died as a result of a hesitant machine gun trigger pull,

The first day, a first encounter, do I pull the trigger or am I a fool,

My answer came in a fury of gunfire that left behind a red pool,


Nineteen sailors injured that day as well numerous Marines dead,

I, as do others, have too many things floating around in my head,

These are not pleasant memories I speak of but moments of dread,

So many have it much worse than me and would prefer mine instead,


As I exit to enter upon the path of fading years I take a pause,

With her is heavenly existence, without I have no reason or cause,

Had I hesitated years ago, hesitation may have brought catastrophe,

Catastrophe involving Patti would spell the absolute end of me,


Imagine my existence had I hesitated in canceling a date with another,

Or had I hesitated when I crawled threw a window to an angel wonder,

She was truly an angel, the imprint is heavy upon my mind for eternity,

I see the silhouette of an teenage angel embedded inside me mentally,


Almost daily I relive that moment of hesitant trigger finger pull,

Was I hesitant or was it the normal jitters of a first day warring fool?

As it enters my mind I sincerely attempt to put my focus upon her,

For she is the opposite extreme of the agony endured I need to defer,


I take a deep breath as I did that horrible day and I meditate on loving her,

Loving her is the easiest thing I have done, for her I surrender my life in offer,

Sweet surrender, the sensational surrender of my heart and all I am in life,

Again she has saved me, again I am saved by my beautiful, heavenly wife.

The end, by Pat



In Search of You (Amohalko Isle)

I had always dreamed that one day you would be in my arms,

Little angel of hazel eyes I fully succumbed to your charms,

In a recent dream you were to one day become our Queen,

And I served you upon a stallion of white in my magical dream,


We surround a coach of gold that is pulled by unicorns of white,

And you are the most beautiful majesty ever seen by this knight,

Your unicorns were of magical breed with wings of muscular form,

So fast was this breed that they lost time flying into the storm,


Many a starlit night I watched the sky in search of but a clue,

Desperately I searched the skies when word finally came of you,

It is said that your unicorns flew high to secret islands in the air,

Numerous tales came to be of the Princess that lived “up there,”


As I watched the night sky I wished upon a star that I’d find you,

Wishes are like the air yet I prayed that my wish would come true,

I searched in desperate need of you as my heart beat true of blood,

In search I found a spiraling staircase that made my emotions flood,


Made of hand carved mahogany so opulent of gold trim and more,

This staircase of luxurious wood reached so high it seemed to soar,

In this dream of “loving you” I donned my armor to battle for you,

Round and up I went on this staircase of wood soaring into the blue,


For over a day I climbed as I went through the clouds of earth,

I reached the top exhausted from carrying steel that’s my girth,

Daylight found darkness as I arrived at the first isle floating in air,

Then I felt desperation set in as I saw there were other islands there,


To see I made way to the highest point of the mountain above the sea,

How many times has she filled my dreams with love and her loving me,

I have so little time as I must don my armor to re-enter our leader’s fray,

I am your man that will love you until my heart ceases one far away day,


“Return to me” sweet princess are the words you spoke that night,

I am here yet you are to be found somewhere amongst islands in flight,

For thirty days I searched for you my hazel eyed beauty of love at night,

Little nicknames I’ve placed upon you in memory of when I held you tight,


My heart will kill me I swear if I should find you’ve found another love,

My life has become so complex that I depart empty of the one I dream of,

In a spoken promise made by me, I said I would return to you this day,

My heart feels empty and dry as if the Sahara Desert is in my chest today,


Down the spiraled staircase of wood I went creating dizziness of my mind,

Round and down I went as emptiness filled my heart, is my heart love blind?

Across the sea I must go to fight the darkness of oppression for mankind,

My letters that turned you away are tormenting me, I may lose my mind,


This past year has been so unkind in every way you could think of,

Combat and death has filled my mind where once was toys and love,

I will cling to the artist rendition of you as I feel it’s my only piece of gold,

As well I will cling to the memory of two young hearts in each other’s hold,


True, my lady, I once felt I would soar like an eagle but I have doubts today,

My heart is scorched by dragon’s venom and belching fire that came my way,

With this emptiness of heart and lost hope I must return to our leader’s war,

What I do now is fraught with danger, oh how I wished I’d hold you once more,


It seems but a day has passed yet the calendar says it’s a month today,

Where I go this next day is fraught with danger and peril along the way,

Snow has covered the mountains I must cross to engage the enemy today,

As quickly as that month passed the enemy has bound me and had their way,


I am sad, I am low, I whisper my words of love for you from dungeons of hell,

Each brick is fired of red clay and I know each within my walls very well,

My broken flesh burns from the acidity of their urine yet the warmth is good,

Today I’m low, I could feel no lower if they continued beating me with wood,


I found that my heart loves you no matter what you could do to me,

While on the rack of torture my heart cried out for you across the sea,

My heart yearned for you while battle raged no matter where we fought,

Although my heart is filled with love for you, equal loneliness I have got,


I am to depart this hell today as they have traded the enemy’s man for me,

Somehow I will return to you and win your heart that our love can be,

Perhaps I can leave warring behind and only slay dragons for my due,

I must heal then journey by ship to return home to search for you,


I write this journal for record of what transpired in my absence from you,

How will I again find the stairway to the heavens through the sky blue,

I made a promise to return to you and I shall no matter what I do,

If once I journeyed into the blue then surely I can again if it was true,


It’s been near two years since I touched your lips and you went away,

Rumor has said your mother moved you away from me on that day,

I pray it’s not for another otherwise I fear I shall wilt until I’m done,

I will go to this land of Amohalko if I must in search of my only one,


I will find the stairway of opulence and climb to the isle in the sky,

Then forever build bridges to each sky island until I find you or I die,

At last I have made my way to the village where I once I held you tight,

I am weary of war and scarred by dragons of fire and traveling by night,


Famine has made poor of my family and I fear I must move them away,

Be patient my hazel eyed beauty, I swear I will return to you one day,

As I mount my steed to journey away I see a chariot of white on the hill,

My heart is beating through my chest can it be you in the chariot of steel,


Touch my hand and I will surely faint or please grant me but a smile,

Instead you have asked for my promise to return making all worthwhile,

In six long months I’ve returned to you and our story can begin anew,

It has been proven by my heart, sweet angel, I am eternally in love with you.

The end, by Pat. For Patti



Red Roses to Burglary

To see a red rose mysteriously changes what I can see,

Magic takes place where I stand it is truly a mystery,

I see your precious red lips that need no embellishment,

The perfect canvas for His hand is no doubt heaven sent,


So precious is your face created with skin that’s perfection,

Your high cheek bones accent your nose with no correction,

I make way to your beautiful eyes that have particles of me,

The hazel lines within what seems crystal is made perfectly,


The arch of your brows is a meticulous accent of your eyes,

Time has perfected your hair with gray that perfectly applies,

Fifty years ago I felt no need for perfection of such beauty,

Yet now the small lines of time accent your face as if by duty,


The passion I feel within your grasp was never felt before,

Although exhausted your touch ignites my need for more,

A heart that’s pierced by the ties of past, present, and future,

Is forever bound by love to regenerate the ties and to nurture,


Is love at first sight a reality or a recognition of love past,

The moment I saw you there was no doubt the die was cast,

My dreams of you came long before I saw you standing there,

From age fourteen I dreamed of you with long and flowing hair,


How love at first sight occurs is insignificant after fifty years,

Because of loving you through the years I have shed few tears,

What heartbreak I’ve known was dampened by loving you,

I have fought and will continue to fight everything I go through,


I walk life’s path secure with your hand placed tightly in mine,

The path has been far too short using our measurements of time,

I woke wondering how I can find more time to spend with only you,

I must make each grain of sand larger to slow how it flows through,


As ridiculous as it sounds I exaggerate to signify desperation’s need,

You have aged as expected of an angel as such I have seen you succeed,

We experienced the unknown as only through love could it be done,

In my hardest moment I astral projected to the safety of my only one,


I felt my soul lift from my body as pain and blood loss became a gateway,

Desperately my heart was in need of you such that instantly I was far away,

Love is a magnetism that pulls the heart to complete the match until done,

I felt the charge of your pull that November as across the hill you did come,


As you drew closer the tingling sensation of magnetic force pulled inside,

Surely you felt it too as through time we felt something was to coincide,

Two hearts beating as one to reuniting what have occurred long ago,

I dream of you from past lives long ago that are more than dreams I know,


The analogy I use of rust and gold holds so very true as I am worn,

And you my angel are gold, you carry more beauty each day since born,

No man knows his worth better than I do as I am aware of my failures,

To compare us by metals using gold to steel is the best of measures,


As a young draftee my strength grew to that of steel as needed for war,

I enjoyed my training to such an extreme that I always wanted more,

My youth had experienced little other than sports to grow in stature,

In hind sight I’d not have excelled above others had I known my future,


I am true of steel that has worn through in so many places from rust,

As I grow old it seems as if I am decaying beyond rust to become dust,

And you my gorgeous angel remain gold with little tarnish known,

And still what steel remains of me will protect gold as I have shown,


I’ve seen the night, so woeful is the night of my final fight,

A small time crook is the cause when my soul takes flight,

Burglarizing our home as we slept until he strikes fear in your heart,

As a measurement of his safety he attempted to pull us far apart,


I heard your frightened screams forcing early action before harm came,

As I came he fired his weapon into me while adrenaline changed the game,

A hurricane of flurry came from my aged and worn body in final hurrah,

With the burglar unconscious he is bound then the blood of rust you saw,


What they say is true as it is the second time I’m shot but I didn’t know,

It seems as if the surge of adrenaline blocks the pain making it slow,

Upon realization it is quite intense this pain could be the final blow,

I lay upon the bed after placing towels upon the sheets a bit too slow,


You cry asking what I’m doing because you know exactly my thought,

Guilt and fear have filled your heart as you know it was for you I fought,

Time is precious, I utter as I fall in bed needing your naked mounds,

I utter “let me hold you close my angel and hear your little sounds,”


We kiss the kiss that started it all so long ago upon my sister’s bed,

Your tongue excites me but alarms go off inside my mind instead,

We both are in need of care as your screams came from knife insertion,

Now I need to kill him if only I could stand but it takes too much exertion,


I don’t want to sleep nor do I want you to sleep as I fear the end,

“I might fall asleep” I hear as I reply “sleep angel so you can mend,”

Knowing this is the end I pray with you and whisper “close your little eyes,”

As darkness overtakes me I see my angel waiting in the night skies.

The end.



Across the New Horizon

Across the new horizon lays a rainbow as well as future love,

Future love will always be there for you if I’m what you dream of,

I am the pot at the end of the rainbow to be filled with gold of you,

This vow I give to you along with my steel that hasn’t rusted through,


To see your beautiful face brings delight each time I see you again,

Each time I’ve journeyed far my reward is a simple touch of your skin,

Time moves so quickly now that each click of the clock is felt hard,

I must admit the ravages of time has caught me completely off guard,


I will gather your love in and hold you until you tire of my hold,

Proudly I will be the container that’s the recipient of your gold,

Although a rainbow may mark the spot I will protect what we’ve got,

Of certainty I will cherish your love and return to you a larger pot,


No leprechaun can lay claim to our gold as it is gold of our hearts,

Much more I have of you cherished memories of when my love starts,

We have a pot of gold it’s true as everything given of you is pure gold,

The greatest treasure my heart will know is the gold of you in my hold.

The end, by Pat for Patti



How Can It Be Said (Beyond Reach)

Across the hills composed of years and rivers flowing of love,

Is a place of solace and love that you and I have dreamed of,

Sparkles come from diamonds, polished gems, and your eyes,

Nothing has the glistening sparkles as your eyes in night skies,


I’ve struggled to say beyond what words allow to describe a touch,

Particles of delight ignite my molecular structure, atoms and such,

What words can describe such sensations that enkindle me inside,

How can I explain the laws of unconditional love to which we abide,


Bring to me your love and blind my eyes yet I will know your touch,

My heart is bound of you and yours of me how can I describe such,

I’ve reached into the river of flowing love long ago and found your,

Beyond a sentence having every word of love with more to procure,


Each thing of beauty I see draws my heart much closer to your love,

You’re the girl with long flowing dark hair and hazel eyes I dream of,

In a long ago city unknown to most my heart opened wide for you,

It’s a long hard road we’ve driven softened by love’s beautiful hue,


I’ve seen every color in every hue much more clearly touching you,

Lavender flowers set against a hillside bring thoughts of love true,

Love as a thought is empty and just a word until entry of your form,

Our spiritual love borne of touch grew exceptionally beyond norm,


A beautiful picture of you provided courage to fight when I had none,

I traced through more than one photo before the violence was done,

Touch by absentia got me through desperate days when I was alone,

That’s how I got through those days when my future was unknown,


How can it be said true of my heart unless every word known is used,

That question has been asked of me and each time I appear confused,

My appearance and inability to say is because of limitations of speech,

So it shall be ‘to capture our seasoned love in words is beyond reach,’


With the touch of fingertips a night world of kaleidoscope stars appear,

In a vessel of love we kiss as it sails across glass seas with skies clear,

We wade to shore on an island beautifully laden with flowers of nature,

The joys we share are impossible to describe without verbal departure,


Kiss upon the lips of an angel and pray she responds the same,

Fifty years ago I kissed the lips of an angel true that took my name,

That’s how it is I must say there’s no one line to describe such love,

It is the stars, heaven, children’s joy and her, that our love is made of.

The end, by Pat. Written especially for Patti, my lifelong love



Wrapped in Escaping Starlight

Will I leave this life in a blaze of glory or quietly slip away?

I prefer to quietly pass on with you near if I have my way,


To look into your eyes and remember when I was still young,

The memories of a first kiss and the taste of your tongue,


A heavenly kiss becomes a treasure when soldiers leave,

Words escape too quickly to explain, I pray you do believe,


Things were so different in nineteen sixty eight it’s true,

Burning like a comet across the sky I was on fire for you,


You were gold and a treasure created by His Hand no doubt,

And I of the strongest steel processed to be triple A stout,


Never intended to go to war I was a protestor of war after all,

Because of loving you I chose to accept my military draft call,


After war’s torment and a deteriorating of steel I came home,

If not for you I would not have survived, I would be all alone,


Like a raging warrior of one I stood tall when needed in the fray,

For you I entered the fray of ten to save my treasure that day,


In a blaze of love’s glory for her I soared like a missile locked in,

Time seized to be for a moment or two then I heard you again,


I felt no ribs break or fingers snap until I knew you were okay,

Brother Steve joined the conflict without concern one other day,


There is no better way to exit the fray than a family victory high,

Like two diamonds in the rough we cut through time’s dark sky,


Exuberance only known of Kings was shared in victory that night,

When our loves are endangered there’s no hesitation to fight,


Launched by our father’s courage and our mother’s foresight,

In minutes with our angels safe we ended the assailant’s fight,


That was thirty years ago and I wonder how many more came,

I once knocked a classmate out when he spoke your name,


Lust and sex came from his mouth as if I would enjoy his word,

To say you want to xxxx a man’s wife so loud everyone heard,


Is an invitation to imagine it unconscious for awhile you filthy man,

Say it again and again I will hit you in the face as hard as I can,


The past twenty years I’ve been spent fighting diseases and more,

Actually it’s been much more but I’d rather discuss heaven’s door,


From heaven she must have come as I’ve seen her from there,

Her beauty is beyond any woman and I’ve been most everywhere,


Perhaps it is she that came from heaven like a blaze from above,

I’ve closed my eyes and imagined her flying down filled with love,


Gift wrapped in the black of sky with diamonds sparking through,

There is no other way to package true love if sent from heaven too,


Imagine the beauty of such brought from a beautiful angel to you,

So much love escapes her heart it bursts forth and it shines through,


Love rips from my chest unable to be contained as she comes near,

There is no woman more beautiful than her I still see enough clear,


Imagine what seems a container in the field all alone but sparkling,

Escaping starlight and reflected gold along with diamonds twinkling,


Her heart is bountiful of love for me to such extreme it’s hard to see,

Next to her is a vessel of me filled with love of the highest degree.

The end, by Pat. For you Patti. I love you.



Mothers Day 2016 (To Cultivate My Taste)

I woke at midnight to find midnight oh one creeping up on me,

It’s time, it’s time to wake from the world of adventure I can’t see,

In a dimension unknown I am, who I am is yet unknown with you,

I’m with you and you are as beautiful as the first time I saw through,


From within my brain there is an outlet to view the world around,

By using these orbs of magic your beautiful face and form is found,

“I see you” are the words to express the results found by orb’s view,

Something vibrates the follicles next to the place where I view you,


Wow, it is sound I have found or did I invent this noise in my head,

After much thought I believe it proper to give God credit instead,

Sound is remarkable alone but combined with view it’s profound,

When the sweetness of your voice mixes with view I am you bound,


Oh, the sound of which I have found is different on each side ear,

I wonder as I strum through my dictionary looking up words for hear,

Hmmmm, it seems I already know the word hear but is hear from ear?

Did they add ‘h’ to ear for hear or was ‘h’ removed to make hear clear?


Of course ‘cl’ is added to get clear from ear yet you must be near,

You must be near to hear clear the sound from that enters the ear,

By adding a new letter another ear word came with plus ‘n’ for near,

I fear I must exit of ear, oh dear, oh my, now ‘d’ and ‘f’ for fear and dear,


My brain is complex I’ve found beyond the miracle of your sound,

From within my cool brain’s function is also my mind I have found,

I say cool not as an expression of how cool I am but to have a brain,

For without a brain I’ve found looking at you won’t be the very same,


There’d be no memory to cultivate my taste and reason for love to find,

Comparison must be made for you to be the most beautiful in my mind,

As this being of me wandered life and all things of you I wanted to see,

I found pages with dates and months that at first were difficult for me,


By using this spongy tissue filled with matter of gray I learned to say,

To speak and to read a lot of words but truthfully it took more than a day,

But I’m a quick study and by year of living that adds to almost sixty nine,

I read it’s Mother’s Day, Happy Mother’s Day, at sixty four you’re still so fine.

The end, by Pat for Patti. I love you baby,

Happy Mother’s Day!



To Become ii of You

I rose this morning to a beautiful soul vessel sleeping next to me,

It’s a blessing to wake each morning into a world filled with beauty,

At first viewing I become ii of you, it’s true I do,


For within this magnificent carriage of soul is the angel I love,

In a world that’s filled with hardship are you a gift from above?

It’s true I wonder of you, I occupy myself with you,


As my mind thinks of God’s creation I kneel in gratitude of such,

The little things that are everywhere although small mean so much,

I ponder you and the intoxication brought by you,


As Indian blankets cover a field with Inflorescences of red-violet,

Memories of a long ago meeting when mind and form were inviolate,

I knew then of true love, first sight brought feelings of,


It’s been fifty years and though my site fails everything you I see,

Yet I wonder why or perhaps is true, does she have full faith in me,

When their love is true, they share all that’s been or do,


Things held tight to the soul in fear of truthful response break hearts,

I had one thousand horses pulling a carriage of steel with titanium parts,

To guard the secret held, has such prevented full meld,


Long ago I washed a filth red from my blood stained wrists and hands,

Then a dream of lost love brought realization love can’t have demands,

Some say love’s a battlefield, I won’t allow such in our field,


Down a slope of cold empty dreams I slid until they were far away,

Into a meadow of songbird’s and flowers in a breeze controlled sway,

I gathered flowers in for you, only missing a rose of blue,


I ask now under love’s umbrella forgive my slight for secrets held,

Nightmares brought by what wasn’t shared has now been felled,

I hold this bouquet of roses, as I present my cutest poses,


Let’s walk with hands held to share this slow waltz of flowers in sway,

Nestled in a bed of flowers and and beautiful scented roses I say,

You’re more beautiful today, age has made you this way,


Everybody that I know tells me my worth is little if not for you,

As I look at everything and what’s been said their words hold true,

If not for you and what you do, I’d be lonesome it’s true,


I’m surrounded in a world of you exactly where I want and long to be,

Time is moving faster through an hourglass no one can find or see,

Time is slowed through tragedy, but flows quickly when happy,


I rose this morning to a beautiful soul’s vessel sleeping next to me,

Again I am blessed to wake each morning into a world filled with beauty,

As always I wake to become ii of you, each morning I do,


For within your magnificent carriage of soul is the angel I love,

In a world that’s filled with hardship you are my gift from above,

You fill my world with wonder, it’s of you I dream in slumber.

The end, by Pat. I love you.



Volume Sixteen


When First Love

If I could stretch the length of a night I would for you,

To stretch the night would mean stretching day time too,

A second in time added numerous times equals a bit more,

As the hourglass of eternity flows its but sand on the floor,


Sand is but dirt to some while to others it’s precious time,

For me the sands of time are particles of gold in a rhyme,

Used as an expression of my need to lengthen my life,

If only a minute times ten I’d happily use it with my wife,


Have you seen her this woman of six decades plus five,

Time as used here has passed her by to keep youth alive,

I falter in her presence to become weak as when first love,

Each day of her beauty gives pause in time to ponder of,


Yet “when first love” burns freely igniting my heart aflame,

The start of true love with such passion is still felt the same,

When I look into her beautiful eyes I see our Maker’s hand,

Her eyes seem of perfect crystallized glass of colored strand,


Colored gases of space that fill our universe with tinted glow,

As each color unites to create her hazel eyes that I love so,

I again fall so deeply in love with her I must gush to all I see,

The miracle of this rhyme of His hand is that she loves me.

The end, by Pat for Patti, I love you baby.



From Tranquil Waters We Will Begin

With your touch my heart sets sail to lands of loves wonder,

True my words whispered, my love will never be asunder,

Atop tranquil waters sensation of flight is felt on the sea,

Tranquility is seldom felt of me but when your beauty I see,


Of you I will never flee as you are my destination to find,

Near or afar a magnetic pull upon my heart guides blind,

I’ve closed my eyes and found your lips with no sound,

From the sky I’ve jumped yet your pull spun me around,


Fading sunlight brings nightlight in tow to be with you again,

Although you set at my side I’m anxious for night to begin,

My back so bent from burden shows the wear of hard years,

Yet youth erupts with your look, again you remove my fears,


Again your touch is felt to remove yesterday’s nightmare,

From this vessel of loves creation I feel the heart we share,

I’ve touched the surface of tranquil water with a fingertip,

As I look into tranquil waters of glass I lose realities grip,


The age upon my face tells me time is beginning to wane,

I look upon my past and it brings a sense of warrior shame,

Scars upon my soul never depart nor do I feel burdens gone,

In angels surround I have found starlight that I can move on,


Each reflection of age tells me of pain and hardship endured,

Teardrops are now a daily occurrence of less time assured,

Oh the rest of my life, is the rest of my aging life gift enough,

If I see her face in the dark will I endure when it’s really tough,


A round of applause as I rise from the ashes once more to prove,

In the presence of angels we have power that mountains move

In the presence my angels gold see my rust shines to the above,

I have no gold or precious stones yet how she treasures my love,


There’s something about love I wish to share with all I know,

Give all of your heart to her and be assured love will grow,

My rust is nearly rusting through yet she see treasure in me,

I see her as an angel in rescue of me when I won’t be able to see,


We will dance arm in arm as we hold hands unable to stand,

Hopelessly in love forever she will guide me with her hand,

To guide me into eternities entry that we will be young again,

Perhaps through a window she’ll see me for our love to begin.

The end, by Pat



Footprints of Love (Canopy of Innocence)

A canopy of innocence has fallen upon the land in the form of snow,

Creating a serene beauty seldom seen in the lifetime most will know,

Upon first kiss of you a blanket of snow took away the past I’d known,

Within me it was there yet the past man I was would never be shown,


Footprints of love can fade as quickly as those in late spring snow,

Where I’ve been with you is etched in stone to be with me where I go,

As spring thaw exposes the past it will reveal a path to where I begin,

In you I begin, a recreation of a man who will love as no man will again,


With a kiss I was reborn yours in those seconds as I floated away,

The innocence of new love found the man hidden in a boy that day,

I looked upon the future landscape and it was beautiful to behold,

In but a second I saw each season as well as treasures to be my gold,


With great clarity I saw nothing but time holding you in my arms,

Desire was there too as I saw myself succumb often to your charms,

Beyond the hills I saw mountains of love reaching far into the sky,

Today as I look at those mountains of love, I think, boy did time fly.

The end. For Patti, by Pat



Heart of Stone (Sculpted Heart)

I’m surrounded in a room with photographs of you,

Including of course is a painting or two,


Your beauty overwhelms me as I have to breathe deep,

While I hold fast to the Angel in a deep sleep,


Lost time creates a fear unknown until these past years,

Thoughts of surrender brings me to tears,


Words flow from a place of creation that’s tied to my heart,

Fear overwhelms me to think once we part,


A granite heart of my love would take thousands of men,

Chiseling away at the stone to the end of when,


The huge size of the heart sculpture would overwhelm all,

And influence the masses to heed loves call,


Yet no matter the size of the granite it cannot stop time,

Tears of desperation scream she’s forever mine,


Deep in the realms of time a granite heart breaks in two,

From but a thought of ever leaving you.

The end. For Patti, my beautiful bride.

I love you my angel.



Of the Kisses I Blew

I once blew a soft kiss into space,

With a prayer it would lite on her face,

In a desperate moment when torment had ripped my soul from inside,

Through space I flew to her and watched her sleep as I softly cried,


Applause for the desperate man in need,

No matter the distance love will succeed,

All the feelings I held so tightly inside with her image pushed in deep,

With a dreamed image in my head I danced until I finally found sleep,


Somehow I survived to be here at last,

Will I ever be whole or did it come too fast,

What’s left in my mind are the pains of desolation telling me I’m all alone,

A gift from a land so foreign that loneliness is the only place to call home,


Did you cry for me as a man one night all alone,

Sweet angel I have sins of war I must first atone,

May I go home now and sleep in my bed or will I find souls of enemy dead,

My heart and my mind are so burdened of wars sin that my hands are red,


Please don’t ever leave me don’t drive away,

It is for you that I survived to stand here today,

Told that I’m all alone, to exist as a discard of your love, to start anew,

Yet my pained heart cries to the wind “that doesn’t sound like you”,


Of the kisses I blew did any find you,

Or travel the emptiness of “time that flew”,

Should I steal a kiss and run from it all like a thief in the night to hide,

Place a casket at the door with tombstone marking the boy that died,


I survived it for you to return as I said,

And kiss once more the image in my head,

Etched in my face and shown by the gray in my head it was no easy task,

But the boy you knew died on a river boat and I’m the remains if they ask,


I promised once more to return to you,

With all that I am I will make sure it’s true,

For nearly two years I’ve stared deep into the past and clung to your kiss,

So many words I sent into space with a whisper of love and treasure this,


Now I stand at your door and you say hello,

Inside my head I’m begging you never go,

All that I am is mixed into you as I am but the dirt that feeds the crop,

The garden to be sewn of our seed has yet to start or will you say stop,


When your smile caught a morning ray,

Came a reflection of love to forever stay,

It shone through the dark vastness of space to light up the night skies,

Reflecting on kisses and whispers of love to be seen as stars by our eyes,


All the kisses I threw with whispers in air,

Are lighting the sky as proof my love is there,

As I stared backwards in time to find your love the future flew by too fast,

And it scared me to death that tomorrow’s love had become our past,


In a moment in time a lifetime was cast,

How is it your love makes time move so fast,

From a word of hello came the words I had kept locked up inside too long,

Please don’t ever leave me my angel after fifty years my love is still strong,


How you’ve loved me is beyond my mind,

But a series of lies has made you blind,

Eyes closed in the sun denies the heat just as love changes what you see,

From far in your past came a man that seen from afar is what’s left of me,


We woke in the night embracing our love,

Then danced under the starlight of above,

In a series of dreams from long ago, long before I was forced off to war,

I danced with you under starlight made of kisses, words of love, and more,


Under a halo of angel kisses and the love word,

I whispered love for you loud enough to be heard,

And I held you until tomorrow as your beauty brought tears to flow,

Of every love story in time ours is the greatest story I will ever know,


The soft smile on your lips tingles my heart,

To hold you so tenderly is my life’s best part,

I am but a microsecond in time similar to a spark that for a moment did shine,

To the rest of the world I am nothing, but only I, am the spark you called mine,


Don’t ever leave me, please don’t ever go,

For I am the love that will forever glow,

To shine forever at night or in the blue,

I am the one that will always love you.

The end, by Pat for Patti


Oh how I love you my beautiful little angel.



The Jewels of His Hand

I’ve looked into jewels created by His hands to complement you,

A color of perfection to identify your beauty sprinkled with blue,

Layered crystal with diamond dust collected from heavenly skies,

It’s difficult to describe sapphire encircling the hazel of your eyes,


I am forever tied to your beautiful eyes by the flakes of rust inside,

From might of steel comes rust found from the many nights I cried,

The salt water of tears created oxidation upon the warrior steel,

Sensations unknown before yet it was so deeply that I could feel,


At my feet particles of warriors rust fell to rejoin in earth’s cycle,

Soon to be dust if not collected by Him in this design of recycle,

Somehow I know Our Creator reached forward in time that day,

To collect the oxidized steel known as my rust to form your clay,


‘Twas a day of future past as now I understand the words I’ve known,

Days of future past are so contradictory yet I understand as shown,

In desolation’s hostile environment love struggled to even survive,

From deep in my heart I would find you and dreams kept you alive,


We are bound forever in time not of a vow but love’s eternal light,

From the jungles of life comes us warriors of love willing to fight,

I’ve gazed into your eyes to find fuel and at times from a memory,

A touch of your fingertips or your lips creates tingles of sensory,


Sensory tingles jettison cares beyond my flesh that I may soar high,

Through space and God’s creation I’ve flown as no other man can fly,

A look into your eyes allows me to journey space and time instantly,

My heart takes pause as I project into space losing sight momentarily,


As thoughts of you fuel my flight I find love of your eyes brings speed,

More memories of holding you at sunsets door brings want to proceed,

Through all the powers in space and time my strength has grown extreme,

I project to be at your side then realize as you stand this is not a dream,


Two souls joined as one will feel reciprocal love of unconditional span,

And we flew into the night wrapped within the most joy known to man,

Travelers of love, space and time before and aft, jointly found and lost,

With future and past in existence together we stopped time with cost,


As we exist in halted time our age continues making minutes years,

Over forty years had transpired yet the decades didn’t cancel my fears,

My worth remains the same in my mind and speeding years brought decay,

Yet I’m still a teenager in love with giddiness bursting out in everything I say,


My mind and spirit forever entwined within you with only my mind free,

At last what I sought is found as a new element of love extending of thee,

I use the archaic form of you to emphasize the spans of time in sweet bliss,

We have found or discovered a higher level of love generated by your kiss,


I have a joy shared by none as I gaze into beautiful eyes of distinct creation,

With a sweet smile of reciprocal love I am catapulted into a zone of elation,

As your tender fingers explore my flesh I cross a threshold of ecstasy’s realm,

This is the bliss of love reached by few when sensations of love overwhelm,


Two united as one with free thought, yet to never be freed of the heart shared,

Are soul mates one soul divided to learn unity so both sides can be compared,

From this level of love are securities few understand as a touch says home,

A million miles from nowhere with time being subjective we decide to roam,


The galaxies beyond our own are numerous and solar systems are numerous,

There are more blue marbles across the universe yet non are found like us,

Words alone cannot describe the beauty of orbs layered with crystal clarity,

Sprinkled with flakes of rust then encircled with deep blue to bring intensity,


My idea of the perfect night has occurred sixteen thousand six hundred times,

To say any night with you is perfection although hard to find a word that rhymes,

Tonight my heart will set sail from a look and your smile and I’ll be taken again,

Breath will depart and my heart will take pause with a look, let the night begin.

The end, by Pat for Patti. I love you my beautiful little girl.



I Walked Into the Night

I walked into the night with my heart and mind on you,

So beautiful it was this night as I walked toward a lake of blue,

In my mind every memory and hope of holding you played through,

At times tears would drop thinking of lonely and good times too,


This night was so special as a sweet comfort came over me to start,

A whisper soft and sweet teased my ear with a message for my heart,

Flesh and body I was told would soon melt with my heart and mind,

Softly her breath upon my ear told me you are the love I hoped to find,


For so long my heart carried the greatest love a heart could endure alone,

Again she softly said I am forgiven my war sins I need no longer atone,

Let her loving way share the journey and burden you must bear,

With shared true love you will soon forget the heavy burden there,


A pale moon reflecting across the wind glistened in near glass,

A tear of relief made its way down as I felt the war burden pass,

Across the water trees slowly danced in silhouette form against the night,

I looked to the night sky where a million jewels danced to my delight,


The journey has been hard but I would endure it all again for you,

Moving back to Borger and be with you I have waited two years to do,

I didn’t wash the shirt with your scent from where you laid your head,

Excitedly I packaged it in plastic wrap and hung it in the closet instead,


Love can dwell for only so long alone before it has to be shared,

Thinking of the girl that asked me to return I just sat and stared,

A crickets concerto played in the background as fireflies flew by,

Small flickers of star light floating about just below the diamond sky,


In my moonlight serenade with you but in your absence I wore the “shirt”

Out of my head with schoolboy love I would wipe or brush away the dirt,

Tonight I can look into your eyes from my memory as I know you through,

As I walk I imagine I waltz with my arms around and my body next to you,


Oh how I long to hold you it has been a week since your sweet kiss,

I’ve been through so much but the only thing I can tell you is about this,

Hoping my blood red hands will wash some day aided unknown by her,

The sorrow of my past is mine to keep as I’m told to never confer,


With you near or at my side I have no doubt I can find happiness anew,

Just to enjoy a night without horrors memories is something new,

As I walked I seemed to follow a special star that called me and you,

The angel in my ear said she loves you it’s time to go to her love too,


The greatest cargo I would ever carry is within my heart to give away,

The two of you will walk hand in hand while wedding bells play one day,

I recalled last November’s request and the promise I gave to you once more,

To return to you but it will be the last time as I vow to not leave as before,


The lone star still beckoned to me as if it was meant for me and you,

It’s strange the things a mind and heart in love can mange to do,

Light from above seemed to beam from the lone Texas star that night,

The happiest thought came to mind that under that star I’d hold you tight,


As I walked alone in this heavenly garden growing along the lakeshore,

The trees in the dimly lit horizon still danced as in moonbeams from before,

The twinkle of stars began to fade into the blue and I welcomed a new day,

Thinking to myself someday I will spend the night with her and I’ll get to stay,


Birds began to fly about and their melodies of attraction sang loud,

One more whisper from my visiting angel and she said of me she was proud,

This was my night to celebrate independence of hardship from two years past,

Your mind and heart has healed the heartache and pain to go love her at last,


It was true as I felt the shackles hold drop away granting sweet release,

To hold you in my arms will be the beginning of binds that will never cease,

You are the rainbow in my skies to celebrate the tears we’ve cried alone,

Through you a rainbow floats above our hearts together we are a home,


The peace of the night is nearly gone as the sun beaks through a new day,

Such a celebration in my heart I’ll pick up my paycheck and be on my way,

This celebration of personal triumph couldn’t happen without your request,

To honor my commitment to you once again made me do my very best,


A slow rising sun gave me time to think of loving you so much more,

I told the angels whisper that you will forever be the one I am living for,

The beauty all about had much more clarity for me as a gift from above,

You haven’t said it yet but the greatest gift I could be given is your love


So with clarity of heart and you to be soon in my arms forevermore I sat,

Absorbing the significance of the moment I knew I would remember that,

A line had been drawn in the sands of time to show I now belonged to you,

Behind was absence of life or perhaps preparation for my life to start anew.

The future was to be forever in love with you. By Pat for Patti



The Young Man of a Future Past

A young man long ago looked to the future and had something to say,

“The greatest cargo I would ever carry is within my heart to give away,”

I’ve read poetry written by his hand to be overwhelmed by his depth,

How can it be I’ve wondered that of his words I have lost my breath,


The girl he loved in his time must have been special beyond word,

I wonder how did she react each time his love poems she heard,

The stars of Texas skies shown like diamonds he said in his rhymes,

But as I have read his works I know how he endured such hard times,


His heart was filled with love as mine has been through times retreat,

She and I have been together of love to create Cupid’s greatest feat,

“You are the rainbow in my skies to celebrate the tears we’ve cried alone,”

Of me, “my seasoned heart says it’s through teardrops the rainbow shone,”


No doubt his words are accurate as through warfare great love survives,

Teardrops fell of loneliness and hardship but from her, their love revives,

A rainbow is there each day for me as I am the young poet you once knew,

Yes, I have given away my precious cargo to carry it each day anew for you.

The end. By Pat


Those young man quotes are from a poem I wrote 46 years ago this month.

Soon I’ll be 69 it’s sad to say,

Yet I will love you more each day,

I am lost at time of pain’s extreme,

But from you I still have a dream,

To be at your side until times end,

It is of your love that I can mend.

I love you. By Pat for Patti



Where Teardrops Have Gone (Nuance of You)

Oh tender little fingers please expose how she truly feels,

If you will dance a slight tap dance in my palm so it reveals,

That she does love me with every ounce she carries inside,

Tap out a message of love so I know I haven’t been denied,


Let me hear too that cute giggle no one has heard but me,

Or the nervous clearing of a throat trying to speak clearly,

Please lock eyes with me to see hazel eyes touched with blue,

Slowly moving across my face to find markers of loving you,


I know every nuance of a childlike voice from within a woman,

Every cuteness you exhibit is ingrained forever within this man,

In times so momentous of this man’s life each one is clearly seen,

During moments of torture although weak my love remained keen,


Burning forever inside as each treasured expression played on,

Only you can see the lines of my face where teardrops have gone,

Where teardrops have gone should be treasured inside our heart,

As well bonds of our melding when stretched to nearly come apart,


Anytime you drove by I felt elation mixed with sadness to near cry,

So filled with fear you’d never accept my words before warriors die,

As each fray came to be entered my heart yearned for your expression,

If only you could hear me as I spoke of feelings in my love confession,


With the gift of a sailor’s hat your heart and mind awoke at last to me,

Through the fog of teenage years a woman of sixteen came to be,

And with a kiss it was sealed without a word spoken the past was dead,

Almost three years of mornings had passed with you first in my head,


Where teardrops have gone are treasured memories of loving you,

To see you brought elation although your apprehension made me blue,

Yet each moment is treasured as through falling sand it came to be,

The exact wonderful second when you decided to wait for only me,


I know your heart’s light became brighter as you awaited my return,

And I felt it a thousand miles from afar as I felt your love start to burn,

From a small flame silently burning to keep love alive from fourteen,

The fire of true love ignited as if awoken when you were but sixteen,


It was then you realized you’d loved me forever and the fear you felt,

Remembering the sensation of love at first sight when you’d near melt,

The trembling of your fingers as you stood in a closet next to me,

I whispered are you cold in hopes you’d say yes to be held closely,


It seemed your voice would freeze each time you came to my store,

Almost every week you came by after asking your mother for more,

And you stopped by to tell me the words were no and ask what I’d done,

The purity of my past tainted by venomous lies from the rejected one,


Three fights placed a reputation of violence as mine although untrue,

That I had known many girlfriends were a lie as I had loved only you,

Time has passed to find us deeply in love and the battle goes on,

And the spoken lies continue from the one wanting me to be gone,


We have loved the other more with each quickly passing day,

And every cuteness you exhibit are even more on love’s display,

Even when making love you have such a cute little “love you” sound,

When love rages to burn like an inferno each nuance can be found,


Your love is a beacon that calls forever to my heart that I’m found,

Somehow you have known my presence without hearing a sound,

When in your early teens you’d find me although I had just returned,

You captured each moment of longing as my lonely heart yearned,


With your smile and expression I knew why you had found just me,

Your love was apparent although unsaid it was clear for me to see,

Your mother’s rules were to be honored if I had future plans of you,

I realized that I must learn every nuance to help me get through,


Where teardrops have gone is a place of elation although sad too,

For without those tears this man wouldn’t realize what he had to do,

Loneliness of the draft took me far away but somehow closer to you,

Each day for nearly fifty years true love has found something new,


The age in my face and the etchings of teardrops past become unseen,

Not from trickery or surgeon skill but from your eyes beautiful gleam,

The red flecks in your eyes are said particles of this rusted man,

Though you remain gold this rusted steel proudly does what he can,


And I pray for more years to love you and enjoy marriage to my wife,

How many men celebrate their wedding day each day of his life,

I study your actions and characteristics each day in search of new,

Along with your tremendous beauty there is so much more of you,


I will stand forever at your side to proudly say I belong to this woman,

If needed as a male slave I will tell anyone that I am your pet human,

The dancing of your tender fingers will tap a dance one last night,

Expressing sweet love for me in anticipation of my final flight.

The end.



An Angel Came to Ground

One night when heartbreak came to him an angel came to ground,

“I want to put a band-aid on your heart,” came the sweetest sound,

She was the angel he had known years ago while fighting in a war,

Memories of her came flooding back as he prayed for one day more,


So tender was her hand as she prayed he’d fight for will to remain,

As teardrops fell she reached for him as true love began to reign,

Love took command of two hearts as she appeared in his sight,

Wondering still was she real while holding her tender frame tight,


So often his hands had felt her back wondering where are the wings,

He swore that when she appeared to him he saw the strangest things,

The sky would have a glow he thought from heaven or was it of her,

It must be of her he surmised, as he felt her love make his heart stir,


Apparitions he had known since but a boy of eight or nearly so,

One day upon a trip to his aunt where the winds are known to blow,

The Virgin Mary stood floating in air in front of red roses climbing high,

And she showed him an angel of his future that no heart could deny,


Love’s purity entered into this tiny boy’s heart and delighted frame,

Telling others of the visions they scoffed and gave youth the blame,

To be rebuffed hurt this loving boy but his aunt held him while she said,

“I believe you honey” to bond them deep within his heart and his head,


Times passing often heard him say I will be married to a beautiful girl,

My goal in life is to marry she so beautiful that is precious like a pearl,

Her heart is made to love only me he said and we will love at first sight,

His mother became upset at such paltry goals bringing mother’s slight,


When eighteen he came running in and said his angel was finally found,

I just know it’s her I have no doubt he said to everyone he saw around,

Oh how he loved this girl so deep within his heart her image would dwell,

In a future unknown he would see her when war’s dangers would swell,


His first vision of her essence form or perhaps was it two souls uniting,

He remembers leaving his body when exhausted to leave war’s fighting,

In her bedroom he stood as she held him tight against naked flesh,

He had projected before but never had he felt the sensation of a mesh,


Love of the purist form is when eyes dwell within the soul of their mate,

How could such happen when it was upon first sight they could relate,

But true was his heart as he knew what he felt and who she would be,

He once told friends that someday she would appear and save me,


Dreams brought predictions of life’s cessation for kin or friends,

He prayed asking God to remove the knowledge of when life ends,

Yet remained his ability to see or feel within others at different times,

And he saw into her once, she was of purity and sweet nursery rhymes,


His angel, his light at troubles end would guide him through war,

The draft returned a spent man that was not the boy of before,

What once was gold was now of rusted metal with hardened heart,

So brutally treated when detained that shock therapy tore him apart,


He remembered her well as the angel that came to his dirty cell,

Pressing her energy into his chest in hopes that death he would repel,

He said goodbye to his angel of starlight one morning inside his head,

The jolt of electricity overwhelmed his brain leaving memories dead,


Near a zombie unable to move but to sit and drool a teardrop fell,

There before his unfocused eyes the Angel of Starlight did dwell,

His still swollen face smiled for a moment though his face resisted,

She was of his unhealthy mind and told forget her, doctor’s insisted,


He quietly reveled inside his heart as each night star began to shine,

He never told them of her return as he was being discharged sometime,

An honorable discharge that was earned on waring and enemy soil,

He planned to reunite with her physical form and for her he would toil,


The little girl of fourteen was now a beautiful woman of eighteen,

Still the same angelic face but definitely the Angel he had seen,

Fear crept within his soul that perhaps the doctors knew best,

What if she had married in his absence and he failed times test,


Perhaps my angels apparition was from my head although seen,

Protestors rage, combat, and mistreatment left him weak and lean,

Broken by treatment from America’s youth and protestors rage,

He’d pull her picture from his wallet as his only relief at this stage,


Finally home but moving away, fear kept him far from her front door,

He had prayed but somehow he felt his flame fading from before,

In need of his angels form he had prayed to see her just once more,

As she always had she found him to reunite and meld at his front door.

The end, by Pat for Patti. I love my little angel.



Through Teardrops Haze I Plead

Words I could never say fell from my lips onto the arms of she I hold,

Pray tell, my angel of morning light, why such precious teardrops of gold,

Each moment in sorrows pathway strains my heartbeat as if stalled,

Don’t you hear the whispered words of love begging my love be recalled,


See me through your teardrop’s haze I plead as I worship you from aground,

Listen carefully I plead my beautiful little girl for it is I whispering love’s sound,

It is not of slapping flesh as mine is of purity of heart where true love is found,

Mine are of tender whispers in your ear bringing love into the primal sex sound,


Hold near my angel as I approach your nape of tenderness to soon light,

No don’t I beg as I have been here so may times to be crushed with might,

Pleading anxiously that I may be accepted for a tender kiss upon your neck,

Having once dwelled there another rejection will make me a nervous wreck,


Teardrops of red have fallen for so long from my heart if only I might kiss,

Heaven’s created nape of tender angel’s neck please angel remember this,

My poor heart has anguished of this rejection meant for me and me alone,

Tell me of my sin against you and with all I am I promise for you I will atone,


I cannot enter heaven’s gate this way as I linger in purgatory for worship of you,

And I will give thanks that I have been blessed again with such an angelic view,

It is you I see and pray to see forevermore for but a glance is what I now implore,

And each time you are removed from my view I exchange pain for a second more,


Please see in me again the man who once placed nape kisses upon you,

If only you would reveal the truth and speak words that I know what to do,

For I will do absolutely anything to know such privilege as your nape to kiss,

I pray you realize there will be a day when my devoted love, you will miss,


Please remove your beauty from age’s sight as your youth retains itself true,

Shed no tear my beautiful little one for worry of wasted time is not a worthy view,

Gold enriched teardrops of angelic hazel eyes are a treasured part of my esteem,

To be a man with such worth that one precious drop of gold could fall is a dream,


Yet why would any man want such beautiful eyes to know teardrop’s sorrow,

To be the man of such worth would be the man that prays all tears be tomorrow,

Tomorrow is nonexistent thus my desire of teardrops to fall in the distant future,

Much preferred would be that droplets of red fall from my pierced heart’s suture,


From my heart let droplets of blood flow as a result of protecting your heart,

To form a golden red mixture of my blood droplet and your gold teardrop’s part,

Golden laced teardrops of love brought by love’s sorrow as my heart bled for you,

Of which my heart bled in attempt to prevent what you were going through,


A never ending loop of love as one love follows the other to express and protect,

From this bond of warrior’s heart and and angelic eyes comes a bond to erect,

Erected as a portrait in time of the angel watching over her warrior to the end,

And he the warrior willing to give it all in love of her until at last two souls blend.

I love you Patti, by Pat for Patti. The end.



1969 For You I Linger

I will linger in wait until you realize all my words are true,

Everywhere you go I pray thoughts of loving me are in you,

For so very long I have said I love you what more can I do,

Of your beauty are borne tales of a secret love that’s taboo,


When I first set my eyes on you I knew I wanted you near,

My home will be where you are I hope I’ve made this clear,

Now I know the meaning of music and the love songs I hear,

Traveling earth I’ve seen you as an angel when you appear,


Anywhere you go I am tethered to you by a magic thread,

Temptations will haunt you while I’m away, love me instead,

The fear etched in my face is not about coming home dead,

In a garden sewn of our love I’ll give you no reason to dread,


I will linger in wait although you fear I will never come home,

For you another world of me exists that you have never known,

My heart lingers in moments of long ago when on Texas loam,

In two seconds of sight my heart was captured by you to own,


Now you know that forever on earth I’m in wait to be your man,

Just to catch a view of you I will linger nearby whenever I can,

I will linger in wait until you remember I vowed to be your man,

Am I the haunting soul of a stalker or do I belong as we began,


When I set my eyes on you I may faint or cry as never before,

In saran you’ve been safely tucked as I had no means to store,

I lingered a moment as a teardrop of dehydration hit the floor,

Oh so very thirsty yet I licked clean your photo driven by amour,


And then I lingered to watch us dance on air in light of the night,

To a man near death you were redemption from deep in the light,

For a lifetime I would linger in pain for just a year to get it right,

Soon I will be near yet I fear more than a man in a combat fight,


If only I could touch your tender lips to mine I know I’ll marry you,

The memory of our lingering kiss upon a bed has got me through,

Nightmares of men raging in combat as dragons belched fire too,

Napalm beasts belching into the air almost took me away from you,


A thought of you returns me to the dance floor of love in Texas air,

Please wait a few days more as the weakened me will soon be there,

Linger but a moment and find the boy you love under graying hair,

All innocence is gone but if you look deep I am the ‘I love you stare’,


As a teardrop falls to earth in a cycle of replenishment I atone,

Please linger with me in a place of existence we call our home,

Say hello with a sigh of relief and call me your man, “your own,”

We will be married my angel it’s something I’ve always known,


I will linger forever and a day as your man with feelings of pride,

When my time has come I will linger as a guardian at your side,

In a place unknown I will take your hand for a last slow waltz glide,

Then wait at heaven’s gate to ask ‘will you be my heavenly bride’.

The end. I love you Patti. By Pat King. Written the Fall of 1969.