Love. Volumes 8-10.



Volume Eight


Written Through a Dense Fog of Illness

I Woke From a Dream of a Dream

Wings of Flight Gifted Me

The Threshold of Love (Ewe Napier Frequency)

It’s How I Love You, not ‘How Do?’”

The Roses I Grew for You (Last Dance)

Young Prince, The Princess, and The King (a semi-true tale)

Exhaustion Overwhelms

Happy Birthday Patti, 09/21/2014

Patti’s Birthday Poem, 09/21/2013

Hazel Eyes from Heaven (Birthday Poem), 09/21/2012


Volume Nine



From This Hospital Bed

Mmmmmm Poem

My Heart Beats for You

1970 Hear the Chorus of Nature Sing

Bless Me Lord, I’m Desperate to Live

I Have Soared Like an Eagle

A Silhouette of Two

I Will Dance With You on the Moon

Within My Frame


Volume Ten



My Love is Written in Sands of Time

The Angel in My Heart

Gold Dust of You

1970 Frost Covered Glass

I Savor Her Kiss

1965 Slip Away, Sweet Patti

My 68th Birthday Review

1969 Fueled By Her Touch




Volume Eight


Written Through a Dense Fog of Illness

I lay my heart at your footstep so you understand the feelings I feel,

The awkwardness of a new love is still within telling me it’s real,

Though forty-five years have passed through the hourglass as sand,

You influence my thoughts and mood with the touch of your hand,


Cricket’s chirps come to life for lovers parked on Lover’s Lane,

The silent hush of dusk’s manifestation is broken by falling rain,

We’ve known those non-sounds as well as those filling the air,

As time travels the obstacles and joys of love, I will be there,


My resolve to re-earn your love was immense as I pushed me on,

I had no fear in war that was near the fear that you may be gone,

The smile on your face as you came near was a moment to behold,

An aurora of love surrounded our space in shades of silver and gold,


Two young adults wanting to reestablish a love connection as one,

Truth be known both had fallen in love before the first date was done,

My knees truly were weak and your little hand was shaking, too,

Dreams of love and reality became the same for a moment or two,


Surely a glowing aurora of silver and gold could be seen by everyone,

As promised I returned the first week of summer feeling I’m the one,

As the sun fills darkness with warmth and light you brighten my day,

The setting sun brings promise of another date and time to play,


As years have traveled the gateways of my mind I love you more,

So many wonderful memories of holding you are what I live for,

The morning prize is to look into your beautiful eyes at daybreak,

Not a day has passed that I’d discard, nor another day would I take,


I’ve chased the moon for the perfect moment to again take your hand,

I was more moved on our 40th vow exchange upon Ireland’s green land,

Though mountains are high and the clouds fly, they’ll never touch my high,

I have married the angel of my dreams, as I kiss her my mind starts to fly,


In sixty-nine, a younger me was spit out by our military’s mighty fleet,

To be expendable yet alive is near an impossible yet improbable feat,

The thought of your loving me brought me strength to carry on,

My biggest fear was to return home and my angel was gone,


Long ago I made a promise to accept the pain as dues if you love me,

Though I have endured tremendous pain, it is an out of balance fee,

I should pay tenfold the pain for the wondrous life I’ve been living,

A gift from heaven is that our love goes beyond what we have given,


A gentler me has escaped the cocoon of a middle-age man, it’s true,

All the good inside me I must disclose has come from loving you,

I have become a man of patience where once there was stress,

To say I can’t live without you is a statement of fact I must confess,


At night long ago when restlessness erupted inside my being,

I walked the shores facing west in hopes of what the wind may bring,

So many journeys taken, yet they all had one location to return to,

If my journeys created a web, they would culminate with you,


There’s a goodness in your angelic heart that most will never see,

It becomes magical if given the privilege as has been given me,

You found what little worth I carried and multiplied it a hundred fold,

Though I will never be such, but in your presence I appear to be gold,


You are so many things in one, it’s impossible for me to describe,

You’re an angel from heaven when I need nourishment inside,

There will never be a woman more sensual than you for my need,

With one hundred percent certainty to this, I must concede,


I’ve closed my eyes at times to float above the clouds of reality,

I soared the possibilities of my life and at each turn you were with me,

The worst moment in my life has been better than the best without you,

Touch my mental weakness with a kiss upon my forehead, it penetrates through,


I become aglow, have you seen my leathered face become tender then?

Tears trace my face with small rivers of misery as thoughts of losing you enter in,

I pray secret prayers written by me so long ago as I suffered the indignities of war,

With each pain I endured it became easier as I embraced what I was living for,


It’s impossible to return to a treasured moment in time no matter how I try,

But through my memories I was able to relive enough of your love to get by,

Those same prayers and memories put wings upon my shoulders for lift,

Every kiss, memory and moment with you becomes another treasured gift,


Bringing me home no matter the burden or time, I find shelter in your arms,

I recall these precious memories as needed to ease pain from inflicted harm,

Through you I live and it is for you that I fight to live as I will continue to do,

Know please, my dear treasured angel, I will forever be in love with you.

The end. Written through a dense fog of illness for my dear sweet Patti.


No better wife exists upon this earth, why a weak man such as me should be blessed as no other man has been blessed is unknown. I am forever grateful to our Maker for blessing me so. January 26, 2014. Pat



I Woke From a Dream of a Dream

My heart is not golden nor is it silver as some folks have been told,

I am but a man of rust with dust and frail bones in the damming cold,

Can’t the world see I can no longer cling to a dream that is too old, too?

As the sand erodes under my footsteps I search the shores for you,


There’s no time to wonder and there is no time to wander anywhere,

Walking through cities unknown I realize I’m lost if you don’t care,

The pea coat I wear of foreign design isn’t mine as I struggle alone,

An old man yells for me to run, repent and the last words were atone,


I crack my head against the curb as I run and I find you in my sleep,

To find you anywhere will mend my heart to prevent this endless weep,

All of my life I have clung to a dream you would give your love to me,

Tell me, oh tell me please, kiss me in front of everyone that they may see,


I miss you I do, oh how I miss you; it’s so long from long ago back then,

Don’t wake me to reality please, let me sleep that I may see you again,

The gold pathway leads to marble statues of a Greek goddess long ago,

I walk the pathways of my dreams to find empty spaces everywhere I go,


It’s my dream of happiness will you hold me in my dreams of you,

I’ve been hanging on alone here, tell me my dream angel what do I do,

The lips I feel upon my lips have awoken a sensation I thought I’d lost,

Is that you my dream angel, will you keep me warm from the frost,


I’m on my way back home I’m sure, I heard your voice in a dream,

Why is it, I wonder, that my dreams are never as good as it seems,

I still wake without you there although I held you a moment or two,

I’d love to find you though in a dream I need to say I still love you,


A tender kiss has awakened me and I’ve woke from a dream of a dream,

The things you said to me in a dream, my dear, cannot be good for esteem,

So sweet to wake me from this dream within a dream before I fell apart,

Your sparkling eyes of hazel have once again saved my dreaming heart.

By Pat for Patti. I love you.



Wings of Flight Gifted Me

My heart has wings of flight; it’s been so many years since I flew,

With but tender words spoken lovingly of dreams told me by you,

When you told me of your past dreams that I was the winner of,

The setting sun brought darkness that fed the growth of my love,


As the stars began to twinkle in the sky my heart grew wings for you,

Heartbeats in unison played a serenade of lover’s hearts times two,

Do your eyes shine for me, is that what you whispered in my head,

Something swirled around my heart and took my breath instead,


Whispered sweet and low as you held me close and tenderly near,

Words of love so sweet and true came unexpected into my aged ear,

I love you. my husband dear, it is you I dreamed of when I went to bed,

From age thirteen on, all through school, you were always in my head,


The night air was filled with a fluttering of wings as if a hummingbird,

It’s true you whispered, “I’ve always dreamed of you, I give my word,”

Then my eye returned a teardrop given me when orders came and I left,

The excitement of last night left my mind so bare I didn’t notice the theft,


Once more my heart was stolen into the night as it followed you,

So many days have followed me into the darkness that I may view,

A beautiful you, so many years of wonder eclipsed by wander anew,

Another journey into the unknown can cease at last as I know, too,


Gifted to my heart the wings of flight after guarding a secret so long,

Endless call outs into the night as I asked you if your love is strong,

From the dark you came like a glowing ember taking to the night air,

The wonderment of elation before unknown to me came of your care,


All the way from oceans long crossed came birds in song for me,

In the distance a dance of tall trees in rhythmic sway I could see,

A song played by angels and choirs of voices unknown filled the air,

Almost given me a fortnight ago came from she of long flowing hair,


A wish long ago for dreams of me, no longer needs to be feign by me,

You dreamt of me while in another’s arms long before I crossed the sea,

Secured a need so needed to know it became a torment hidden from view,

Though we may be aged, surprises and gifts of love still come from you,

You’re beautiful, my senior angel, again tonight it’s proven, your love is true,


I fly into a sea of unknown twinkling stars of reflecting diamond’s flare,

Beneath my wings of flight stardust is left to show we were once there,

Perhaps the milky way was created by two beings of old before they slept,

Energized by but a few words of love I am renewed where age has crept,

And tonight I place my head upon a pillow fresh of where an angel slept.

Thank you baby, the end, by Pat for Patti.



The Threshold of Love (Ewe Napier Frequency)

Is it possible my love has passed the threshold of any love known before,

Shot beyond known boundaries so quickly there was no time to explore,

I feel the extreme, I feel it reach hard from my heart as it bursts forth,

At last I’m an explorer of the unknown as I touch both south and north,


Waves of energy burst from my chest as rivers of my love flow towards you,

So rare and unknown a frequency, it’s named of rare and unknown Isle Ewe,

From the west of Scotland was a small island occupied by the Napier clan,

It’s a rare love frequency made from Lady Napier heat and me, your man,


When frequencies collide either a new wave is born or it’s no longer much,

I must radiate my love when you are near, only your pure form can do such,

Is it possible my frequencies of pure love can penetrate our earth through,

Questions I’ve pondered as my love burst forth, especially made for you,


Yet, I realize such extreme of love requires senders and receiver, too,

Let the world know now, it’s reciprocal, I too receive great love from you,

If I could just absorb every particle and frequency emitted by your essence,

I’d be that oscillating unseen mass as I absorbed each wave in your presence,


To soon shoot off like a love projectile, weightless against gravity and force,

Of only you my sweet hazel eyed beauty with blue surround and rust of course,

I cherish a glance or to be entranced, I even hope to be absorbed into your being,

With each tender kiss of angel lips, I know it’s the eyes of an angel I’m seeing.

My angel.

The end,

By Pat for Patti. May 30, 2015 @ 3:45 AM, love’s flame is ever burning,

And it burns to exceed the night before, my heart ever yearning, wanting you more.

I love you so much my beautiful little girl. It’s hard to stop writing how much I love you.




It’s How I Love You, not ‘How Do?’”

Each day as I talk to you there are so may topics I wish to explore,

Your cuteness of discovery is so wonderful, it’s something else I adore,

As we search for materials for our new home I actually become excited,

It’s more time spent with you and sharing more of the love we ignited,


This isn’t a love poem of need or want but to express even more,

There is more to you than physical contact, there’s little things I adore,

Your cute giggle to express contentment and another to say yes,

We have known each other so long that it is no longer a guess,


I look into your eyes as another cabinet style is shown to compare,

If there is a time I can’t read your eyes I must say it is very rare,

When we find something we both agree on I hear “How I love you”

Some may question how it’s said but I know well, it’s not “how do?”

The end, by Pat.

You’re so cute in everything you do, I’ve made everyone sick for

over fifty years babbling on all about you.



The Roses I Grew for You (Last Dance)

Upon our porch swing one beautiful night with moonlight and stars aglow,

White moonflower filled the air with aroma while moonbeams made it glow,

It was eighteen years ago I made a discovery of you I had not known before,

As we cuddled in the breeze you commented about the flowers you adore,


A red rose had come in bloom and was parting its petals for all to see,

Somehow I was struck by the moment when a similarity of love came to me,

Although it was under moonbeams and stardust, her rapture was apparent,

Perhaps it was affection given the rose of red that she blossomed till spent,


I do believe even a heart of stone must feel something when roses bloom,

Even more so for a rose of red with petals so divine it carries aroma to a room,

You are the rose of red, my angel, with eyes of hazel to compliment the red,

Red lips, moonbeams, aroma of Rose and moonflower saturated my head,


Truly, I felt faint within my manhood and I was so affected that night by you,

I had needed you forever it seems, but that night I discovered more you do,

Your eyes seemed to set stardust aglow with magical violin music in play,

We held our embrace after our moonlight dance and both wanted to stay,


Magic! So much magic filled the air that night and we made love right there,

Red rose magic created that moment and I recall love’s energy in the air,

From that night I grew roses for you of every color, fragrance, and hue,

And how I grew roses, do you remember the two thousand roses I grew,


I delight in your smile and I study each twinkle your angel eyes create,

Growing roses for you brought smiles from heaven as I neared the gate,

Soon the abundance came and each day I was privileged to be the man,

The delivery man, bringing roses for you but most of all grown by my hand,


This is so true my sweet angel the room was set aglow by your essence,

Your smile so perfect and twinkling eyes wide with awe and I in presence,

As we’d leave your office that I could take you to lunch, I felt to be more,

It was I that grew the vases of roses that brought your eyes to adore,


That your friends were in awe that so many roses of color were there,

Even more they were astounded by my devotion to the angel of long hair,

And that made me feel good, for a moment I was that man you so deserve,

Soon I hope we will dance in our new garden of roses if I have the nerve,


That I may have that dance, it takes courage for me as if I was still a teen,

Is it memories of a time way back or can it be much simpler that I mean,

Yet I feel this as I anticipate your hold, I know your breast will press to me,

All of this began by a rose thus I grew roses to bring a smile that I may see,


I anticipate a dance with rose petals of colors spread upon the dance floor,

Perhaps a renewal of vows in our home, once a church and we made it more,

Our special home where I pray we remain to grow roses of color for you,

Roses will abundantly grow and I will again deliver to you a bouquet or two,


Then again in a future bright a renewal of vows after we are given twenty more,

An elderly man will pull you tight to gaze into your eyes and say, “you I adore,”

With you in my arms I will cross into the threshold of time and he will be no more,

Whispering to you, “I’m so sorry, my angel, it seems I left my love on the dance floor.”

The end, by Pat

Don’t cry my angel but read the line of twenty years more, what a blessing that would be. I love you my sweet little hazel eyed angel.



Young Prince, The Princess, and The King (a semi-true tale)

There was a prince so long ago that was to one day be the king,

A hazel-eyed princess within the clan he hoped would wear his ring,

He met this maiden fair and true at an age unthought of in his time,

A sweet fourteen beautiful lass when he approached her with “be mine”


She scoffed at him with unbelieving eyes that his words did not ring true,

His reply to her spoken desperately, “my beautiful girl, I’m in love with you,”

So beautiful she was this young princess that he feared his worth too small,

I swear to you my Lady of “Hazel Eyes” I will one day be a greater man so tall,


Sneaking away anytime she could as she and her sister rode the chariot to town,

Her sister despised the prince as he had rejected her and she wanted him down,

Fair princess couldn’t be deterred as her heart beat hard when he came near,

And he lost all his strength, his composure too, appearing as if drunk on beer,


His father the King of Chill said earn your due so the prince had to toll for a fare,

It seems all odds were against the prince of brown eyes with black and curly hair,

Her parents saw him to be another prince seeking but a notch upon his sword,

She became a maiden no more that year as secretly they gave each their word,


The rigors of war called him to train and he left her permission to play,

His heart so weary to depart with death so near he said this in a loving way,

Fear not my angel, I swear to you someday you’ll wear my wedding band,

One day after two years away he found her as she rode across the land,


Her eyes filled with joy as she asked him to sneak away as they did before,

A secret kiss that ignited their souls questioned what they were living for,

“I’ve missed you so much,” he said to her, “but I must return to battle again,”

But something had changed for the two as true love began to grow within,


The long kiss farewell brought teardrops to fall inside his lonely heart,

Each time they stole away together something came to tear them apart,

From parents to a call to duty there was always a new burden to bear,

This time, though, something was new as their true love began to flare,


Letters he wrote were stolen away and hidden by the beauty’s mother,

She had always fought and pushed that her daughter would marry another,

A warrior fighting in a faraway land must have hope and a will to survive,

Without the feelings of true love the prince may not come home alive,


Villains of the foreign land detained young prince and brought hell to bear,

While at home nightmares and fear of loss brought fair princess to prayer,

Somehow she envisioned him in the worst of ways, bound and hanging on a wall,

The truth of that chamber were horrors so fierce she couldn’t envision them all,


Sadly, he did hang upon the wall and whips laced his flesh with welts and pain,

While he endured the whip and dislocation of joints he whispered her name,

I cry to you my long haired beauty and pray I can survive each day one more,

As light faded to a dimension unknown he would see her open his cell door,


She’d pray for him desperately at night as she feared something was amiss,

And he would slip away in his mind to find her and steal away for one more kiss,

As his life slipped away he heard music of violins play when a vision of her came,

Was it a vision he saw for it was she the princess he had asked to take his name,


His father the King and his mother did what was necessary to secure release,

Agreeing to do as necessary and ordering that the captivity of a spy would cease,

So frail upon his return they thought his torture may remain within his mind,

His treatment upon the rack questioned his ability to walk and his sanity to find,


Months of treatment by the medieval doctors as well as wizards and priest prayers,

Brought little hope until one day he cried and announced let me be, my heart despairs,

So distraught he was as he fought tears of loneliness, despair, and emotions unknown,

He wept for she of hazel eyes and long flowing hair, the only love he had known,


Word came that she had sought his release and had been praying for his return,

The prince was encouraged, he so needed but a chance that her love he might earn,

When recovery seemed sure, an infection set in and our prince fell within his mind,

He had suffered so long it seems the energy to recover was impossible to find,


He awoke into a world of rose gardens with trees of perfection all around,

The gold pathways were wide and true and he soon heard a heavenly sound,

Laced within violins and harps in play he heard the hazel eyed girl’s voice,

“What are you doing here young prince,” his reply to her was he had no choice,


My Prince of Chill, what is it you seek in this land you have run away to,

I’ve heard her voice nearby, it is her no doubt, but she sounds similar of you,

He crumbles within as he feels her touch upon his skin and her kiss on his face,

Return to me I beg, my prince, when suddenly he woke looking about the place,


Soon young prince regained mind and strength that he may return home,

Wonderment filled his head as he thought of hearing her when he was alone,

The land of his father had near forgotten the prince as he returned unknown,

From nowhere came the princess of two years past and her happiness was shown,


To be the king of chill was his right although he never saw himself as a leader,

Her steed came to rest near the prince and his heart awakened to forever need her,

Tears filled his heart but his eyes didn’t betray him as they both asked about a letter,

To see her beautiful face was a dream fulfilled only a kiss could have been better,


What are you doing here, young prince, don’t you realize that you have a choice,

My Prince of Chill, what is it you sought in the land you ran away to, your voice?

With those words she spoke, young prince remembered them from his mind’s fall,

I must leave once more, my princess, for I fear I must answer one final call,


Will you return to me once more, young prince, that I may again be in your hold,

He packed the bags and all belongings and vacated the castle as he had been told,

Her last word of “Promise” played in his mind, her word of fear rang in his head,

And once again he rode away, when he would rather remain with her instead,


Time dragged on yet young prince did return with new chariot and gold in hand,

It seems while gone he realized his father’s departure left no king of this land,

Chill had no king yet our prince’s main desire was to have the princess in his life,

Again, she found the prince but this time she boldly said, “prince make me your wife,”


Soon at last, a celebration of love rang out across the land of the prince’s marriage,

Together they went to celebrate their honeymoon and left in a handcrafted carriage,

The rules of the land stated that when the prince took a mate he became the king,

He had endured so much to be with the girl he loved, he was at last, the…


The end, by Pat for Patti. I love you my angel.

Pat and Patti King are the owners of Chillking Chillers Inc. thus the King of Chill is appropriate.

Most of the story is very close to the actual events but 300 years apart.

Thank you,




Exhaustion Overwhelms

From the shadows of my mind a future now present I find,

Am I aged or is this an illusion created by my traveled mind,

When last I looked there was a younger me within my face,

It is most apparent no doubt that I am losing this lifetime race,


As exhaustion overwhelms my frame my mind succumbs too,

Moving comes hard as does thoughts but for those of you,

Where you have gone troubles my mind yet I remember where,

I’m sure you know exhaustion has control or I would be there,


Bring her back I plead of destiny as I know I have no control,

To become rust of man is a sad feat but still I must pay the toll,

I must appear well because I can see you approach the door,

If I appear as such a broken man will you need me anymore,


I know you will as I know you need me also although not as bad,

My shoulder has a place created by your head in the life I’ve had,

It’s where you sleep at night as you restore me that I may go on,

Though I am rust of man it’s with this beautiful angel I belong.

The end, by Pat for Patti.



Happy Birthday Patti, 09/21/2014

Golden chariots with opulent interiors carry the angels heaven bound,

I would harness a chariot of gold for your birthday if one could be found,

But for you I would be a wandering lost soul still living in war’s loneliness,

We share an endless river of love, together we have found happiness,


Another birthday celebration that I appreciate much more than you,

There’s no word known to express my gratitude for all the things you do,

Only I can relax in the embrace of your soothing aura to become a man,

You surround me like warm flowing water to touch every pain you can,


Upon my departure of this paradise that came from your love given me,

My desire is sincere that my tombstone reads the following for all to see,

“Here lies the husband of Patricia Napier King, the luckiest man on earth,”

Know this my angel, my life wouldn’t be so wonderful without your birth,


The photograph I’ve treasured more than precious gold means so much,

Yet I would part with it for but a moment more to feel your fingers touch,

I’ve loved you forever it seems, yet daily I find reasons to love you more,

Happy Birthday my beautiful little angel, your loving me is what I live for.

The end, happy birthday baby. I love you, Pat.


To our cherished readers, I have given instructions with my son and daughter that I have two requests upon my passing.

-That my lifelong treasured photo of Patti be in my fingers hold when I am laid to rest.

-My second request is that my tombstone reads:

“Here lies the husband of Patricia Napier King, the luckiest man on earth.”

This must be the prominent line and the top line of my tombstone please. I do plan to be around a long time. With prayer,

faith, hope and love, I know it can happen. So, don’t make the stone too soon.




Patti’s Birthday Poem, 09/21/2013

I’ve decided once more to write a poem of love and devotion to you,

To you I have given my life and for you everything I’ve been through,

As I hear a songbird introduce the morning mood, I love you more,

It seems everything in my life becomes a memory of what I live for,


It is you that has given me the will to fight when I didn’t want to,

To say I am grateful beyond the scope of words is so very true,

As I reflect on life there is only one day that deserves all my due,

I’ve so many things to be thankful for but mainly the birth of you,


Without you I would be void love as I have known only love at first sight,

Though wings aren’t seen, each day I’m greeted by the angel of first light,

With each passing day the visual memory of you remains the same,

In my eyes the beautiful angel of my wedding day will always remain,


Each beauty line of endurance upon your angelic face are placed to enhance,

Like a fine work of art each line placed by time’s hand are not by chance,

So privileged am I to have watched the Master’s hand through the years,

Each day you have become so much more beautiful, in joy I shed tears,


Your eyes convey the love you carry for our family as I watch you now,

I write these words yet my efforts to express seem so empty somehow,

Words of grateful love have so much to be desired when writing of you,

If I could find these words of expression I would start this poem anew,


To bring precious stones not of earth from places unknown may show,

Although after all these years I believe you already know I love you so,

One gift given me long ago is the most precious gift of love I’ll ever know,

A first kiss given me by you is the finest treasure my epitaph should show,


Should the moon crash to Earth, it can’t describe the sensation within,

Without your birth my true existence in life would not be able to begin,

In languages unknown that better describe love, “I give my love to you,”

From deep within my heart I pray your every birthday wish to come true.

The end, by Pat for Patti




Hazel Eyes From Heaven

Hazel eyes from heaven on a birthday girl’s special day,

Those eyes of an angel have saved me in a special way,

Take flight, little angel, touch all those with special need,

Children need your love as you are an angel of special breed,


Eyes so beautiful artists struggle to duplicate the look,

As you came to earth the core of heaven must have shook,

Your hazel eyes of angel breed dance with colors galore,

As a young man lingering within a gaze I wanted more,


Lips of true red with no color added from artificial means,

Each year adds more brilliance you have an angel’s sheen,

Kaleidoscope eyes with colors dancing about may describe,

The heavenly eyes I enjoy from gazing into my angelic bride,


Have taken me on journeys beyond description for common man,

It’s so difficult to describe with words but I’ll do the best I can,

Imagine for a moment a place of peace filled with love there,

Aroma of roses laced with gardenia filling the evening air,


Stars from heaven twinkle with even full-ringed planets in view,

Birds and butterflies are about but each one are there for you,

As I gaze into her eyes a kiss of her lips lets the journey begin,

I pull her close so breasts full press my chest and our bare skin,


It’s as if all the passion known to man collides to envelop my being,

Glory of passion only comes from what loving an angel will bring,

It’s her birthday today but I am the one receiving the gift,

Loving my wife on her birthday brings my heart and soul a lift.






All rose photographs upon this site are of roses grown by me and photographed by Patti. She has such an artistic touch when photographing roses, flowers, and children. Watch for more photographs as time avails. All photographs of Patti are taken by Patrick King, her husband.



Volume Nine


From This Hospital Bed

From this hospital bed there is so little I can do,

But most of all it gives me more alone time with you,

I just studied a red rose from a photograph you took,

Everything you do is magic, you should write a book,


As I studied the red rose, I tried to absorb every bit,

Never realizing how intricate until I took time to study it,

As the rose is beautiful you are beautiful in every way,

Unlike an aging rose you are more beautiful each day,


Every wave and line on each rose petal is perfection,

Such is so of you, my angel, even beyond imagination,

Each worry line upon your angelic face are sadly mine,

There’s no way I could repay you even if given the time,


Your beautiful, naturally red lips remind me of a red rose,

I don’t know why it is so, it is a thought that just arose,

The aroma of a red rose is often a scent from paradise,

But I know the secret to paradise is in your hazel eyes.

The end, for Patti, I love you baby.



Mmmmmm Poem

Before I close my eyes to sleep at night I say a prayer for you,

That all is well within your being because of all you’ve been through,

I softly whisper your name as I think of you, I’ve done this every night,

My sole desire through my life is to be the one kissing you goodnight,


I hear violins playing a tender love song that you and I might dance,

Do angels visit our earth with destiny in hand or is it all by chance,

As we dance and dance around as dancers do I absorb your touch,

It would be nice to find a bouquet of roses that say I love you so much,


I bite my tongue that I resist the sexy things I want to say to you,

From the tip of my tongue I fight the urge to say “it” and follow through,

There is no other I’d rather hold than you although it’s hard to dance,

My desire has overtaken my genius and is whispering take a chance,


With you in my arms I am secure as if you could actually turn the tide,

Not meant as detrimental it’s just that you’re such a little thing I confide,

Mmmmmm is a word not spelled but to me it means “mmmm” let me see,

A thousand “mmm’s” is not enough “mmm’s” to say “I love you” for me.

The end, for Patti



My Heart Beats for You

A dream came to me as I listened to the rain and started to fall asleep,

I wondered aloud in my sleep is this a dream or a story to make you weep,

So tenderly you laid your beautiful head upon my chest as you slipped away,

Your eyes of hazel looked into mine as you whispered, “thank you for this day,”


The many times I had cheated death and you were taking your final breath,

So ironic this was happening yet painfully sad it was not mine but your death,

I’d never felt so much anguish in all of my life as I felt my chest tear apart,

My love is forever, long ago I made you a promise and I gave you my heart,


As many times as I’ve been hospitalized the odds were it would happen here,

I’ve passed on in this hospital three times, there’s a heaven and hell it is clear,

To see the bright light above as you speed to the light is a joy you know by now,

I screamed for the doctors when you passed out, they must save you somehow,


As I stare at your profile I hear the monitor and I tell myself you’re just asleep,

My loving you has been a gift and I swear it is something I’m going to keep,

So many things you’ve given to me and I know you’re here because of me,

Your trip to the store to get a treat for me has ended in a horrible tragedy,


Your sweet heart has been pierced not by Cupid’s arrow but metal of my car,

I know I will miss you desperately but I will see you in my sleep from afar,

The only words I can think to say, I love you, I’m so sorry, I’ll love you forever,

My surgery is scheduled and I must go now perhaps I’ll see you in the nether,


As they roll me off I watch you on life support and it breaks my heart in two,

Remember me, my angel, have no fear of loneliness for I give my heart to you,

I pray the prayers of a patient about to go under again for the fiftieth time,

I told you I would have at least one more because it can’t end on forty-nine,


It’s funny about surgery because you remember going into a deep sleep,

It’s a sleep that is actually wonderful because you feel it is a sleep so deep,

I pray for you, oh how I pray for you and I tell God that I gave my heart to you,

God understands, I’m sure, because He created you and He loves you too.


I wake and I can’t move as I feel a machine breathe for me as I knew it would,

It’s difficult to breathe and each breath is forced, I’d take a deep breath if I could,

I motion for them to move me into your room and this time the nurses are here,

You’re awake and smiling at me as you tell me they found a heart and it was near,


I said we were a perfect match, a perfect match is what they were looking for,

The concern on your face is showing as you notice I’m on life support once more,

Today I will prove my love to you because this day I officially give my heart to you,

It is my heart beating in your chest, my beautiful angel it was the only thing I could do,


As I woke from my dream I realized I was dreaming of the reality of this day,

I felt the extreme anguish I’d felt so long ago when Uncle Sam called me away,

I made the doctors try to keep me alive so I could see you wake once more,

Now you know, my hazel eyed beauty, that you are truly what I am living for,


In a decision of love I give you my life and I give you the heart beating inside of me,

Long ago I gave this heart to you, and today there’s no doubt I love you completely,

I will be with you forever my angel and I will dance with you until each day is done,

I’m fading away my hazel eyed beauty, I’ll love you forever, we now beat as….one.

The end, a sad but beautiful dream I had. I love you baby.



1970 Hear the Chorus of Nature Sing

Hear the chorus of nature sing melodies so soft and simple of word,

With nature’s whisper more is said than most in a lifetime has heard,

Our Mother Nature can pull a tree from her surface as if it is a weed,

It’s through her that each and everyone of us has a relationship of need,


And here the chorus of nature sings melodies so soft and tender sweet,

When nature whispers it may be more than a whisper if shown complete,

Tonight Mother Nature whispered into the air in the form of a soft breeze,

Our need this night was perfection, for us she softly whispered in the trees,


A tender breeze set the mood for surrender this night so long ago,

Fear was unknown as the night brought perfection for us to know,

Creatures shared the night as echoes of crickets filled the night air,

A kiss delivered by your lips had to come from heaven or near there,


As my heart prepared for the moment to ask you I kissed you more,

So many times my lips parted to say “will you” to fade as I did before,

I place my lips upon your neck as I note your parted lips in the mirror,

So very sure of my words, these were words to be never said in error,


Everything was in motion the moment I decided to ask as I laid in wait,

Love has built so incredibly large in my heart I know that I won’t hesitate,

You’ve asked a number of times “what?” as if you expect me to speak,

And speak I will when the moment is correct and I haven’t grown weak,


To make love with you in the cool Texas air brings pleasure ill described,

Once the night moved forward this was an action of mine to not be denied,

The moment has fallen upon us as we stand on the porch to say goodnight,

“Will you marry me?” Your “yes” has sent me to heaven on a love flight,


I remember in 1965 as I moved away to Dallas I thought of you all the way,

As always I stayed awake as I drove by imagining our future wedding day,

From my hotel room I went to bed and I imaged you had run off with me,

For so many years I dreamed of this and now it will soon come to be.

The end. By Pat


Written in August of 1970.



Bless Me Lord, I’m Desperate to Live

Bless me dear Jesus as I’m desperate to continue this wonderful life,

You have gifted it to me and I greatly appreciate my children and wife,

The unconditional love given me by Patti has been given one lucky man,

I am that man and I thank you Lord for that I will do the very best I can,


I realize I have failed to exemplify how a Christian should act while in pain,

Please forgive me for the times I have grown short and acted with disdain,

Bless my wife please and protect her always especially when I’m not near,

I will treat others as you would remembering that in your eyes all are dear.


Bestow your blessings on my children and grandchildren during this time,

If allowed to go on my Lord I will be better at teaching to all that are mine,

For my brothers and sisters I pray for your blessing and understanding,

As for me dear Lord, I will do my best to endure any dues life may bring,


I am ashamed that my actions haven’t shown Your Word in everything I do,

As I endure the many diseases I’ve encountered I will try to act more like you,

Forgiveness I’ve given as I hold no grudges instead I try to understand why,

My life is Yours Dear Lord please guide me in my actions long before I die,


Free will you have given to us that we may have unconditional love to offer,

Thank You My Lord for the unconditional love that has been given me by her,

Until I stood to protect her one evening did I realize the true meaning of love,

Static love has no progress thus I thank You as I’m with the one I dream of.

The end, by Pat.


Lord Jesus please bless me that I may survive another hurdle to return to her arms,

Thank you Lord. June 22, 2015. NW Memorial Hospital.



I Have Soared Like an Eagle

I have soared like an eagle from but a touch of your hand on mine,

A touch so pleasant and smooth it relates to a silken gown so fine,

As I soared high above it all I look below to see you look up at me,

It’s a sensation of sweet elation that has cut the ropes to set me free,


From you flows magic as you have worked magic on a man like me,

The minute I knew that I’d marry you I became better than I should be,

For over fifty five years I’ve attained things beyond my meager means,

You are my dream angel, the one I have always wanted in my dreams,


In this land of magic and visions I see two young lovers as they walk,

Perhaps it’s just a vision but I’d swear I heard a man and woman talk,

It sounds as if they are in love back in a timeline forty-five years past,

So near I must be to heaven as I hear trumpets blare coming fast,


I wonder aloud about this flight I’ve taken courtesy of beautiful you,

How can this be? Surely it must be some wormhole I flew through,

Each dimension in time is there with but a thought I can see it all,

So many different images of you fill the air until I yell stop or stall,


How I knew to yell such a thing is beyond my comprehension right now,

I have been hanging on for so long but you always save me somehow,

I am but tarnished tin with rust that has begun to eat away my structure,

Endurance is my creed as I know well the need to endure for our future,


Ever so deeply I long for your touch once more as I feel a need to soar,

Often I’ve risen too late to reach for your body as you walk out the door,

Without the heavenly touch of your flesh I am no more to walk in the brush,

Let me soar on Eagle’s wings, desperately I need your touch, please rush,


Precious love is safely in a chest at heaven’s door with guardians there,

Love so special it is guarded by muscular archangels with long gold hair,

Precious love is any love for to love is a gift unto itself to receiver and giver,

Because of our intense love just a light touch can produce in me a shiver,


From the clouds I hear a sweet melody of violins, chimes, and harps in unison,

A whisper comes from nowhere and I’m found in your arms to dance as one,

In but a moment I am found holding you in a tight embrace of lover’s dance,

I remember so many years ago when I prayed you’d see me and take a chance,


As always you have sought me out to find me as it was your whisper I heard,

This time my angel as we dance I will whisper the most treasured of word,

Let us dance in tight embrace under an umbrella of twinkling heavenly view,

Even today I feel nervous in my delivery of the special words, “I love you”.

The end, by Pat from hospital room June 22, 2015


For Patti, I love you my precious angel.



A Silhouette of Two

Your silhouette is cast upon the wall like a fine pice of art,

Throughout my abundant life you have been the best part,

From shoreline to Rocky Mountains linking the other side,

No other woman could possibly fill my heart with such pride,


A silhouette of two in tight embrace has flooded the wall,

You in my arms sweet angel is where I want to be on last call,

The night air has filled me with exuberance absent for awhile,

Father Time should arrest his advance while I wear this smile,


First born love saw heartache too soon to survive most said,

Goodbye can stop fresh love yet ours grew stronger instead,

From but a small teardrop of yours signs of love were shown,

From the same teardrop the truth of your heart was known,


I’ve held you in strong embrace and swayed to earthly sounds,

To Mother Nature’s hum we’ve danced as bees made their rounds,

I treasure the nights you’ve given me, both by heart and sexually,

Every year of our marriage has enamored my heart so intensely,


As your tender fingertips trace my anatomy now I feel my need,

My needs and wants are you as my desire for you grows with speed,

Once given from my heart it is evermore love and will never cease,

So intense is your love that each day my desire sees an increase,


Infinite love born of two hearts can’t be understood by most,

Someday a marriage made in heaven will have our Lord as host,

We will renew our vows as relatives for centuries past take part,

And once more, before God and family, I will give you my heart.

The end, by Pat. For Patti. I love you baby 06/23/2015


I love you baby.



I Will Dance With You on the Moon

I have walked the streets but I have not felt alone since then,

I returned to you as promised in nineteen seventy so we could begin,

I’ve loved you forever as you know but I have had no doubt since then,

The kiss of return lifted me higher than my discharge at ten ten,


I wish I could tell the world I love you, I hope the website will do for now,

One day we will be fragments of human turned to souls in heaven somehow,

As spirits you and I will fly to places we have desired to see for so very long,

Think of your delight when I can carry you because my legs are again strong,


When we are spirits we will meld our souls to enjoy the depth of love,

I will dance with you as one while we rest on the moon that’s still above,

No longer will I spend my wages on gasoline and a candy bar or two,

You know I loved doing it, I loved you so much nothing kept me from you,


Today we host our niece and we were privileged to show her our family,

Most of all she is now part of our family and with us she will always be,

Spiritually we have melded although flesh still pumps our blood to flow,

I love you so very much, my angel, you are the only love I will ever know.

The end, for Patti, by Pat



Within My Frame

Most of the things you do for me are internal and others can’t see,

You ring my bell when no bell is to be rung but you do it for me,

The touch of your fingertips upon my tip can set my soul aflame,

The flame burns intensely hot, it’s a flame unseen but still a flame,


I have your molecules within me just as you have mine within you,

Each grain of the hourglass’ sand carries a memory as it falls through,

Those memories cast upon a canvas would show my story of wonderment,

A story so unbelievable interlaced with the interaction of life’s excitement,


Since seventeen each day in my life has particles of her laced inside,

Unknown to her a reaction was taking place that was not to be denied,

Each noise in the crowd became a part of what I have now become,

Somehow everything was a piece of a part that was making me the one,


Your attraction to me was the electrical charge akin to atoms being split,

When what is one is split a force unknown takes place because we are it,

It wants to remain as one such as the uranium atom wants to be complete,

A force not understood is within you and me so similar to atoms it’s neat,


Every force in the universe unites to act as one to bring apart to reunite,

When I was so far from you mother earth’s magnetic fields used her might,

I felt you, I did, as I walked the mud and heat of a savage land at war,

As nightfall came upon the land each event and thought brought amour,


I have trembled in fear as those much larger beat me physically down,

In other events I have run to protect the downtrodden when bullies abound,

Each event has helped to form the it I am and what courage there is in me,

Many ingredients form the pulp of my base that no one could possibly see,


The little girl with the runny nose that asked me if I’d buy her something to eat,

Within me my father dwells and somehow I know the tears were his treat,

As I’ve danced holding you so tight the embrace is imprinted in my mind,

A lonely tear of departure has placed molecules inside my blood you can find,


Lipstick of color, clear, moisturizers and more have left their color upon mine,

So proudly I left that color upon my shirt and my lips for anything that can remind,

My mother’s heartbreak resides inside my heart and I carry her torment as well,

I am at times a castaway of life’s extreme as sanity teeters inside for a spell,


Gifted me along with my mother’s voices that have yet to speak a word,

I am a part of the Fourth of July party when Korean War Vets were heard,

A time when America loved her servicemen and banners of joy flew high,

I saw the returning heroes and wanted to be one of those men we don’t deny,


I am a piece of peace that came as a result of things I did hidden behind a wall,

Inside my broken heart I carry peace but I carry also pain because of the draft call,

I am the unknown soldier and I am the court-martialed teen that became afraid,

Yes, I am a part of all these parts of men that were heroes or didn’t make the grade,


Once I raised my weapon to fire upon a child but held back until my friend died,

I am now a part of a horrible memory that children kill although it was once denied,

The fear of breast cancer was mine as two tumors were removed from mine,

Men too must face the breast cancer scare and for a week it dwelt in my mind,


Each memory and each grain of sand beneath my feet have created what is me,

But most of all what keeps it all contained is my driven desire of extreme mystery,

For you I must, I pray I will, to be a better man for you and to never let you down,

PTSD has created creatures that dwell deep within but have never seen town,


I am a better man because of she that has left molecules to live within,

I carry remnants of only one inside my heart, it was her heart I did win,

A magical pull will start each day as we depart the place we hold dear,

Once more another ingredient will mix into the mix that keeps me here.

Loving you.

The end, by Pat




Volume Ten


My Love is Written in Sands of Time

Patti, my sweet angel, I want you to forever know that my purpose is one in life,

I have no reasons to seek riches but to ensure of your needs as my wife,

Those words sound so minimal as written and should contain explanation,

My reason to live is written in the sands of time for those that seek revelation,


It shall be revealed one day as we cross the threshold into the kingdom of gold,

Only my heart and our Lord know why my journey was treacherous as it is told,

To love Patti as she deserves I had to learn isolated loneliness to an extreme,

A journey into the known while clutching her photo as reality instead of a dream,


Without the extremes of a war experience can a man know the fear of departure,

It wasn’t so much the fear of death but departing her love as a form of forfeiture,

I touched her fingertips as I held onto life at the cliff’s edge while I reached out,

To be so near the ultimate satisfaction in life and then never know what it’s about,


Thus I had to endure ordeals so extreme in life that it sounds false if said by me,

The journeys taken as a draftee forced to take part in the making of our history,

To experience the indignities of men’s brutalities were in reality a gift given me,

For without the experience of a vision from heaven in the form of angelic Patti,


Without that vision my heart and soul couldn’t know the ecstasy of an appearance,

Then elation filled my heart, elation gifted to me by His Hand to give me reassurance,

That she was waiting for me faithfully without my request that she should do such,

It was then I discovered she is akin the rose even being dangerous by thorn to touch,


It’s true that I was stricken by Patti since I first saw her before being she was a teen,

I was so taken by her stunning beauty that I wondered if those near had seen,

Why I wondered, aren’t they taken aback, why aren’t they stricken by her beauty,

I knew at that moment why I was placed upon this earth, I knew my true duty,


I was to serve this beautiful little angel of hazel eyes and beg that she allow my seed,

To fulfill her dreams of motherhood that she may experience her motherhood need,

My duty was to protect, support and to give as needed for Patti’s needs in life,

I pray I have fulfilled her needs because no woman deserves more than my wife,


My meager attempt of showing love with a website dedicated to her is minimal at best,

Perhaps it is better than I believe it is, or it may mean more after standing time’s test,

I gave it with every ounce of my being for those that doubt the sincerity of what I did,

For you, Patti, I have done openly my angel, my heart is at last exposed, nothing is hid,


Words written next to a photograph are a meager attempt to explain your desirous nature,

My little angel is surrounded by a sexual aura that fills the air with her mystical stature,

God’s gift to me was that I was allowed her kiss to signal the barriers of time had fallen,

I’ve loved you for over fifty years, my hazel-eyed angel, I have no doubt of my true calling,


My duty is to protect you, my calling is to love you forever, my future is to love you evermore,

The past of my life has been about loving you and passing each test of love, and each time,

I love you even more.

The end, by Pat for Patti.



The Angel in My Heart

Each day thoughts of her saturate my mind with nothing but love,

No matter what I’m doing at day’s end she is what I am think of,

It’s been this way since I was seventeen and I want it to remain,

You’ve been my escape from earths reality that has induced pain,


In the darkness of night I can slip away into your arms and run away,

When all is wrong you bring the colors of the rainbow in heavens display,

Not a drop of water in sight but I can sit on the dock alone with her until two,

When the world is dark gray to black she and her sunshine turn the sky blue,


Images of her have traveled my mind each day since I was an innocent man,

Like the colors of the rainbow there’s a million different memories to remain,

Maybe one day she will see me for the memories of her my heart contains,

A million thoughts of her that saved me when when only death remains,


I’ve danced in her arms when my legs couldn’t stand because of dislocation,

I’d hold her tight in my imagination and dance through the night in my location,

The smell of waste faded away in my imagination as she’d enter my life station,

Only she, my little angle could lift my soul away from the horror of wars creation,


Look away, look away from horror of war that my memories bring to life,

It’s a long, long way from that day yet a memory can place me into the strife,

But the last thing I see each day are the hazel eyes of the angel on my heart,

The angel in my heart has held my mind in check when I couldn’t find will to start,


The morning sun would come from her soul as she would wake me from sleep,

Memories of so much love have placed my heart within hers to hold and keep,

One kiss from her lips can resuscitate my mind to dwell in the joys of today,

And with that my heart rejoices, I know this angel in my heart is here to stay.

The end, for Patti, by Pat



Gold Dust of You

I’m peering through the looking glass of past time in hopes that I’ll find,

The lost memories and the faded treasures still existing in my mind,

In my every thought I hold your hand and make sure you’re with me,

To be rejoined with you is ecstasy even if only an hour you were free,


I must find my faded memories although they may be haze upon glass,

For laced within those remnants are gold dust that fell through the hourglass,

Gold dust may hold little value to some but I differ if it’s gold dust of you,

For yet another treasure of you I will travel my mind through and through,


My little rhymes on paper are how I keep each treasured moment of gold,

I marvel at times when the words written are so descriptive of the one I hold,

Days later I’ve seen my words to become amazed at my ability to scribe word,

Yet I’m not a wordsmith as it’s all inspired by her sweet words that I’ve heard,


“I love you,” whispered softly from her lips prior to passion’s voyage of amour,

As I pass into each dimension of eroticism gifted me by her I clamor for more,

I am but a drop in the ocean or a microsecond of time’s passage I must concede,

But at this moment I’m engorged to an extreme beyond my existence of need,


I hold a secret deep inside of which the origin is hidden far from today,

A trembling occurs inside my structure when she touches me in any way,

Sensations of weakness create an awakening that’s impossible to describe,

Her aroma blends with the magic to create an elixir that I feel a need to imbibe,


Inside my mind I’m on my own to find the fogged in treasures buried inside,

Deep meditation and time bring me to unearth a memory that long ago died,

Whispered words to her in sixty-five state, “I’m leaving but I’ll return for you,”

A golden treasure buried far away and extracted that was prophecy come true,


It’s the beginning of time as my timeline was nonexistent until I was awakened,

Through a bedroom window into a new dimension of love, to then exit shaken,

I must let all know this is the moment in time of my life birth, my existence today,

Gold prior to this was scarce however since discovery my life is gold in every way.

The end, by Pat for Patti



1970 Frost Covered Glass

Is a fading thought forever lost,

Did it diminish like window frost,

Return to me my thought please,

Is it lost into air like my last sneeze,


Let it return, I know it was of you,

At last the muse has returned anew,

Bring in the cello now played low,

Hear angels harps play notes in flow,


Your silken gown encapsulates your soul,

To follow the curves shown I’ll pay the toll,

Step forward then back and two right,

Close, oh so close to press you slight,


Let me waltz into the dreams I dreamed,

In your arms it’s not as bad as it seemed,

I worry, oh I worry so even when it’s right,

The distance of your mind may be slight,


Oh, it’s my fault, I have nothing left,

No longer am I as spry or am I deft,

Improvisation breaks my heart to see,

The reflecting man of war I see isn’t me,


An angel held in my arms may fly way,

So desperate is my plea that she will stay,

Don’t see me my angel but see deep within,

Once I was beautiful before war’s bloody sin,


Patti, can you see any good inside of me,

Each man took aim before his tragedy,

I’ve tried to pull you close in my dreams,

Bloods lube removes my strength it seems,


Your eyes find disgust in what I have done,

Yet you continue to say I’m number one,

A little more or a little less should I confess,

If you’ve forgiven what I’ve done is it less,


The frost covered glass is fading fast,

Does it mean once gone the dye is cast,

I’ll surround you with roses and sing to you,

Rose petals ground for oil I will do too,


Thunder has erupted inside my heart for you,

I love you so much I worry if you knew,

The sweet smell of heaven is your smell,

It is the elixir, I swear, the taste as when I fell,


Into her hands I give the gold I don’t own,

But I will give her the love she hasn’t been shown,

Listen, sweet angel, you are someone to hold,

I can’t give it to you when you are the gold.

The end, Written December 1970



I Savor Her Kiss

Slowly I walk a path winding through discards of my life and beyond,

Aft the hour is too late yet fore leaves no answer to give those I’m fond,

The rock I have become must be softened if that’s possible in some way,

The intense pain has created a barrier of steel where once was man clay,


We are made to send and receive of each other using signals by expression,

Through the years of pains blockage I have allowed through one sensation,

The experience of my country’s servitude forced upon by draft years ago,

Took away my innocence and ended with more pain than man should know,


Perhaps it was ignorance or was it need that locked it deeply inside my mind,

The horrors of we drafted chosen was unknown because America was blind,

Many were lost on the streets of asphalt and real estate of dropping value,

Anxious to escape the bonds of the draft many hid from America in plain view,


And I much the same locked it away as I’ve said that I might forgot it all,

One decade is little time of rest from extremes of pain and a near mental fall,

With such force the physical pain returned with an ailment unknown to most,

An affliction so unusual with unknown back roads reaching deep into its host,


At first showing I felt I would rupture inside as the swelling pushed out,

Thirty five years of age it came in full force as my only release was to shout,

Arriving each time like a stampede of cattle and pain pushing outwardly intense,

Praying it would cease before I would rupture inside was crazy as I was incensed,


To those that think I don’t pray, I am shattered that you could think so little of me,

Oh my Lord I have prayed aloud in the crowd and whispered a prayer at a tragedy,

Am I forgotten and down trodden as I cruise the neighborhood of a past dreamscape,

Fight is the word, for one I fight to endure extremes that narcotics bring no escape,


Love’s desire has created a desire to escape the haze that’s a veiled pleasantness,

I so desire her touch and beauty in my vision I again feel war’s gift of loneliness,

Solutions given of physicians create a culture of give me more meds I implore,

Then a transplanted genius with tongue of Italiano brotherhood opens the door,


My ears strain to follow his New Jersey speak as his genius explains his gift,

At last surgery to repair damage of bloods seepage when my spirit begins to lift,

I awaken as I sleep, I float as I am secured, Heaven’s glow is above my head,

Pain has left and my anatomy feels healed when I realize I may actually be dead,


Movement is everywhere below my feet and I wonder how I see through the roof,

It appears I am deceased as a gift of that intense pain, I’m no longer bulletproof,

My heart has a sudden sensation of sorrow and a loneliness to an extreme,

The joy of heaven’s ascent is gone and I see Patti to realize she’s lost her dream,


How did she know to come to the door at this time and why is it I can hear her pray,

The crash cart charging into the room is a shock, I see her expression of dismay,

The sorrow I feel is hers as I can feel her sobs oh Lord don’t let me leave her alone,

As quickly as I pray it feels as if something has pulled my feet to return me home,


As I awaken I remember watching the doctor work feverishly beneath my feet,

Three times before I have expired of pain and each my return for she so sweet,

From her touch I have soared high above the world because she gave me a kiss,

To me she is a goddess, the queen, my queen, I hope she always remembers this,


For each pain endured I would endure ten more if that is my price for her hand,

Her optimism has become my drug of choice, by her I find reason to stand,

Twenty five years have passed since that day I watched the surgeon below,

Pain has been a constant companion, a companion no one should ever know,


I savor her kiss each morning as she awakens to bring sunshine into my life,

So many men of this time have never known such pleasure from their wife,

I know each day will fill with wonder in some wonderful way each time she is near,

When first I gazed into her hazel eyes a transference of Cupid’s energy was clear,


So many things were locked away through the years as I tried to hide the pain,

To contain the pain I have calloused all emotional release much to my shame,

Do my children know me through and have I given her all the love she is due,

Thus I write and rewrite rhymes in a quest for the perfect way to say, I love you.

The end, by Pat for Patti



1965 Slip Away, Sweet Patti

Slip away with me oh beautiful girl from heaven above,

You have taken my heart away, now I am forever in love,

Because of you I am aware of things I wasn’t aware of,

Slip away with me because we fit each other like a glove,


The first sweet look was all it took to take away my heart,

I saw you and my knees gave way while I quietly fell apart,

The minute we can be together I’m sure our lives will start,

When I’m near you I want to kiss your lips and every part,


Please believe my words when I tell you of how I feel,

Every word of caring for you is truthful as I’m very real,

If I had to give my life for a year with you I’d take the deal,

Slip away, sweet Patti, should I tell you of how I really feel?

The end. September 1965 by Pat King for Patti Napier



My 68th Birthday Review

As I review my sixty eighth year of living my very charmed life,

The joy of life would have been absent but for my beautiful wife,

I have wings of flight that have taken me to heights unknown,

With lift given of her I have risen and with God I have flown,


With love she whispered life into my ear as my heart waned,

As I expired God gave me a gift to feel how her heart pained,

So deep the pain that I prayed with a sincerity unknown to me,

As I fought to remain the twilight of Heaven was pulling me free,


Time, oh sweet time, if a gift can be given me let it be time,

To hold her tenderly while we waltz as we did in my prime,

Hours expire like minutes as I search each for a little more,

The prayers I pray are bound with my heart as never before,


Increments of my romantic life shows an evolution of heart,

A tenderness unknown by me was seen by her from the start,

An inspirational photograph was enough to survive the war,

Three weeks with her gave me strength I hadn’t known before,


I have survived so much, too much to list in but a rhyme,

It was for her I fought and prayed each and every time,

Every time she walks into the room I see her as I did before,

Each time I feel the vitality of youth as I want her even more,


Tonight I will hold and be held as I thank God for giving me time,

A tear will fall from my angel’s eyes as she reads this little rhyme,

Her meek little smile fools the unknowing of her love for me,

I pray to be holding my angel Patti upon my birthday century.

By Pat for Patti August 19, 2015



1969 Fueled By Her Touch

Look to the sky and absorb the blue but you will never see paradise’ entry,

It’s a door framed with blue of sky with an air curtain that’s impossible to see,

Touch a dream or let a dream touch you to set sail upon a magic vessel of love,

Hold her photograph near and pull her to your heart before traveling above,


In a vessel made of air you set sail into the sky to discover the secret of love,

The “secret” if known may settle the world or it may test what you’re made of,

I love and I have loved so deeply I thought my heart would rupture from pain,

I’m a rare bird I am, I fly the sky fueled by but her touch, I am worn and plain,


If truth be known she was thirteen when love erupted within my heart forever,

When told I was too young to love at seventeen and to move on, I replied never,

I’m am not a fisherman by trade nor do I want to know other fish in the sea,

Beautiful Patti is my dream girl and upon waking she is the angel I wish to see,


I have kissed her lips to have my heart set sail and lift me above Mother Earth,

The riches of the earth have been granted me to find her in the city of my birth,

A big blue sky is forever overhead in my little town of Borger Texas by name,

Two souls perfectly placed through time that they may again unite the same,


My beautiful little town bore the brunt of providing men of steel for the war,

Though fear filled every pore and tears of goodbye flowed freely, tears I wore,

I’ve but one dear friend remaining that was drafted away from all he knew,

He carries the remnants of that war deep inside as we all will have to do,


I met the enemy head on in a cell of Russian command with brutality abound,

In a moment of dark desperation I cried to be free of the pain of being bound,

I carry shame that I cried “mama” as I faded into the darkness of war’s travesty,

And worse I cried Patti’s name also in hope she would once more appear to me,


Amarillo means yellow for the gold she holds beneath her gold enriched soil,

The city was born of necessity on the flat panhandle of Texas to sell what they toil,

Men of steel were developed upon the plains of wind and sometimes crystal skies,

And we were chosen unfairly it was discovered as another widowed mother cries,


Those of us with the wealth of good fortune returned to the girls with our heart,

So desperately I prayed that she would welcome me home so we could start,

To blue summer skies I returned to the goddess of my dreams since seventeen,

Decimated from a long hospital stay I came home although I came home lean,


Her eyes excite me so much with but a blink and a sparkle of reflecting moon,

I came “home” from war but my home no longer contained my personal room,

All I needed was a little time to get my feet on the ground and start over again,

Most of all, upon the land I so love her touch gave my heart lift, we could begin.

The end, by Pat November 1969