Love. Volumes 1-4.


Volume One


Love on the Dance Floor

Are Angels Seen as Falling Stars

Heaven Sent (Do Willows Weep)

As I Lay

Dance of Magic Shoe

Beautiful Since Birth

To Carry Her Love Within Brings Courage

A Place in Paradise Garden


Volume Two


Chains Bind My Heart (Valentine’s Day 2015)

Each Moment of Magic

44th Anniversary Poem

When Angels Pray and Love

Heart of the Angel

A Burden Upon My Angel

Honored Husband

Words Fly

Crown of a King and Queen


Volume Three


The Essence

The Most Beautiful Words

The Red Rosebud of Your Pigment

Angel’s Tears

Beneath a Starlit Window

A Journey Unknown

The Legend of Cruelty’s Hand

Be There You Must

I Know How to Build a House

I Seem to Have More Pain


Volume Four


Imagine the Joy

Moonbeam’s Rays

Summer Days of Loving You

Christmas Comes

Destiny’s Sand

As The Sun Shines Down

Listening To Volcano

In City or In Forest



Volume One


Love on the Dance Floor

One night in a dream state brought from heaven as a gift,

The most beautiful angel was seen giving my worn spirit a lift,

Doors to a golden ballroom opened wide for me to see,

Music of angels harps and musicians passed on soothed me,


The silhouette I knew, as I had seen this angel long before,

Hair falling over shoulders of grace I tried hard to see more,

Her eyes contained visions of heaven reflecting from inside,

Surely my life has ended I thought I must have surely died,


With caution I approached this angel as I know my worth,

So beautiful she is like only one I’ve seen before on earth,

Again I felt fear I knew as a teenager with love in my heart,

Is it possible she would consider a dance or would she part,


Her gown of silk highlighted the beauty sculpted by His hand,

The weak knees of my youth I had known only once so grand,

Remembering my bride of years ago I looked into her eyes again,

Sweet sensations of love flooded my heart as I felt love begin,


As she drew near that I might have a special dance with her,

I remember standing with this angel once before at Gods alter,

The light of heavens moonbeams placed a halo above her head,

With a smile she accepted dancing though a slow waltz instead,


Trembling fingers reached for her tenderness to pull her tight,

When close the silhouette was known from years ago one night,

Long ago I had asked this heavenly angel to marry me one day,

We held each other tight in a love embrace when I heard her say,


I will marry you again someday but this time in a heavenly way,

And we danced a dance memories hold dear in the heart to stay,

So tender and gentle to this man so worn and aged this day,

Energy of youth invigorated by dancing with an angel today,


Don’t leave love on the dance floor she said to me so sweet,

Love her on earth making every moment in time complete,

Her wisdom seemed to be a message to help me realize,

A second of waste should be used loving you before time dies,


Round we danced hand in hand as music of love played on,

Suddenly I woke from the waltz and the beautiful angel was gone,

Tears of anguish known from loneliness long ago began to flow,

Why did the dream stop, why did I let the angel from heaven go,


Then you touched my hand asking what’s wrong with me,

Upon opening my tearful eyes the angel of heaven I did see,

Will you dance with me my dear may I have a dance or two?

I will never leave love on the dance floor when I dance with you.



Are Angels Seen as Falling Stars

I reached, I stretched, I tried to touch a falling star one night,

I thought, I wondered, I pondered, was it an angel that lost flight.

Would I know deep inside with this ability of psychic mental touch?

Truly I think, no, I know I would if it was the angel I dream of so much.


I’ve seen her standing near with long hair gracefully touching her breast,

Flowing across her shoulders as if placed from silk that is the very best.

Her gown so silky in form as it lay against flesh with perfect angel allure,

My heart so young right now as it pumps hormones that make me so sure.


Is it wrong? I pray it’s not so, to fascinate for an angel fallen to ground,

With feelings brought from youthful desire, her touch releases feeling abound.

Is this a dream world I’m in? Are angels seen as falling stars upon entering earth?

Am I alive as a flesh-born life or have I taken to a dimension of pre-birth?


My mind is filled with clutter of a past life with her I once knew,

Then across my psychic self I see her with me in a life that’s new.

Her eyes are blessed with tender love emphasized by eyelashes that embellish,

From a gaze into angel’s eyes I float into a world I will always cherish.


It’s all so new and foreign to me to know comfort of home within her mind,

I try to wake myself for clarity for it seems as if I’ve become love blind.

The smile of her lips say much more than the spoken words I don’t need to hear,

I place my hands around her waist to pull this familiar angel near.


First touch of her body sends pulses of sparkling sensation I don’t know,

What words describe perfection of touching her that makes sensations flow.

The curve I feel across her hips to mounds of beautifully formed behind,

Will be forever engraved as perfection of design in the treasures of my mind.


She turns it seems to walk away or was it that I may see her walk?

Her movements flow in harmony of perfect design causing me to balk.

All men will witness her so I of meager means must have no chance,

She comforts my mind with an embrace of love as she invites me to dance.


From nowhere came music of angels singing in harmony, so sweet and slow,

Comfort came dancing in her arms as I realized this angel of love I know.

I’m the angel of your dreams to be here for eternity no matter what you do,

She whispered, “I will never leave love on the dance floor when I dance with you.”


Those words of love brought clarity as it was from a poem given my wife,

There sleeping at my side was the angel that’s been there all my life.

Dreams do come true and will last eternally when love is given true,

To my angel sleeping softly at my side, I will always be in love with you.


Heaven Sent (Do Willows Weep)

Do willows truly weep in sorrow with branches hanging sorrowfully?

Or does she drape her branches that lovers be hidden dutifully?

Songbird singing into the day and night air for the bird mate there,

Sings so willingly for its lover, desperately hoping it’s there somewhere.


So as the songbird sings I write rhyme that your heart take flight,

From in the distance please willingly come to my arms in the night.

The songbird’s melody so beautifully lonely enters hearts completely,

When heard with you in my arms it is delivered ever so sweetly.


Together our melody of love whispers take on a hybrid unison of song,

Somehow administered together the blend of love doesn’t sound wrong.

Accept my love I plead beneath diamonds of flickering starlight,

A lover’s moon is the moon in glory when true love takes flight.


Our lover’s moon from a July night embraced our hearts at near full,

Tugging at both of our hearts bringing love with his gravitational pull.

For you my angel there will be no denying from my heart your call,

To you I give my heart and every rhyme to part my lips before I fall.


Touching your tender face in the night light provided by stars aglow,

I remember thinking my surprise that every inch of your face I know.

Having felt in my heart so far away the tragedy of loneliness and absence,

Like never before had a man known such love nor has any man since.


I love you my beautiful angel, that I have known since eighteen came,

After falling ‘love at first sight’ in love my world has not been the same.

No doubt angels are real and appear as needed to bring hope to the ill,

When near death you appeared to me in heavenly stance no doubt real.


All credit falls on you for always coming when needed and the moment right,

Today still you do such especially comforting me into the dark of night.

Kiss teardrops of loneliness for you away as I relive my dangerous plight,

Nightmares of extreme fear of losing you by death during some firefight.


Waking from a dream in which the loneliness and heartache are real,

To you being beside me startles my heart with relief and is so surreal.

I fear I will never recall when last I lived with no type of pain,

No doubt the unbearable pain of missing you left, nothing to remain.


Nineteen-seventy in the first week of June you took the pain away,

Escape from loneliness and heartache was no longer on that day.

Bitterness was met with hopefulness and a loving better way,

Dreams became reality after so long and so much I was reborn that day.


Rebirth of heart takes place when loneliness and heartache are gone,

Within minutes the darkness of brutality from war and man passed on.

Sunshine again entered who I was and I became a better man in a moment,

Loving you became my life goal, no doubt my angel you were heaven sent.


Patti I give my heart to you, I love you completely.


As I Lay

As I lay in your arms a symphony of music in flow comes through,

The world’s woes and burdens of pain melt away while holding you.

Your eyes in trance with mine lift my spirits into a place love knows,

The purity of true love brings a flame to life that will forever glow.


As we drift away into a world of symphonies brought by loves passion,

The movement of love’s passion is so addictive it is beyond description.

Your half-closed eyes with neck arching back begs my lips affection,

My dismay of who I’m loving creates the same doubt-filled question.


With so many men of her choosing, why one of such meager value?

These words of doubt are the price men like me pay for loving you.

Confusion replaces methods of love as I regroup my heart’s mind,

I reach blindly for each thread of heart strings I can touch or find.


I struggle through the darkness of doubt to suddenly fall into light,

The words of “I love you” have found my ears in the dark of night.

Like a drug coursing through my veins your words open my eyes,

I am like a sprouting plant standing erect under blue sunlit skies.


Time’s passage has brought belief to the words you’ve said to me,

Without the assurance of years gone by I’d have fallen upon tragedy.

My self-worth has risen so just to be the man walking at your side,

Your beautiful eyes place value upon my being that can’t be denied.


The way you look at me makes harps play within as if heaven is now,

Impulse of nerve endings aflow with love create a tingle somehow.

As if a thousand tiny embers have been set free within my heart,

Because of loving you I feel I’ve cheated fate from the very start.


Bring close your beauty once more that I may gaze into your eyes,

I swear God pulled colors for your eyes from heaven’s sunset skies.

Your heart was placed by angels to beat harmonious with mine,

The truth of my existence is that I will love you until the end of time.


Dance of Magic Shoe

The stars take me on a magical journey of the glories of your soul,

In magic shoes I walk trying to take in every site as my primary goal.

There is no time to waste if I want to see everything in this fantasy,

To the ends of our world I have traveled that everything I may see.


In my quest to experience your glory I find someone is following me,

Of all the possibilities in my life there is only one soul I want it to be.

It seems you’ve followed me to the ends of the earth to love just me,

A never-ending loop of each loving the other is how it will always be.


What is this place I’ve come upon with music written for me and you?

Faces of unknowns go around in circles in a dance of magic shoe.

Upon air we dance lifted by the emotions that love places within,

A song of sweet love is heard backed by music of a slow, soft violin.


The words are recognized as my “love on a dance floor” from long ago,

Another magic moment is captured in time as I say the words you know.

“I love you” said a thousand times cannot capture how I truly feel,

So many magic moments from a fantasy life that has been made real.


In this never-ending loop of love I’ve followed you as you have me,

Always reaching for the other’s touch in this world of real-life fantasy.

Magic shoes must be upon my feet to have placed me in this place,

How many fortunate men awaken to be greeted by an angel’s face?


Our hearts carry on with love’s eternal flow of gifts of heaven’s touch,

Such magical a gift is this ever-growing desire to need you so much.

God’s world is a creation of magic in everything we see near and far,

The magic I enjoy is to love the angel that is by far His brightest star.


Beautiful Since Birth

Beautiful since birth your future beauty was no doubt a given,

I on the other hand was surely a curiosity of His lowest rendition.

Mysteriously developing to a point of toleration for poor taste,

Unbeknownst to me is your inability to run or absence of haste.


My good fortune is impaired vision of yours until I grew into my face,

Though I wasn’t yet ripe I was close enough to begin the chase.

With all the exuberance of a testosterone driven bull I fell,

Often I wonder did I fall or perhaps I had fallen under your spell.


That fourth line sounds as if I fell none the less either by hex or hormone,

Fortunately for me by the time I’m allowed a kiss my face had grown.

A perfect match had taken place crowded by siblings and friends,

That kiss ended the beginning coinciding with when our real story first begins.


The beginning so invigorating for kids to experience sensations of need,

Yet so necessary for the test of attraction and infant love be worthy to heed.

Love ignited upon the touching of lips so perfectly matched by size,

Both had been perfectly grown for that one moment of love to realize.


To awaken centuries of hibernating love from loves future and past,

A kiss that is the end to the beginning and the beginning of love to last.

My heart so stricken with love that it enabled an unknown in me,

The ability against all odds to survive oddities of life to love only thee.

End. I so love you my angel


To Carry Her Love Within Brings Courage

I don’t want to struggle anymore; I’ve grown so tired and weak. What am I fighting for?

A sad demise is not what I have in mind, for her I must dig deep to do as I have before,

So many incredible journeys I have borne upon shoulders never meant for so much,

One night more, one night more I have begged for so long to just feel her tender touch,


Trembling and weak is not a man I know but if I must become one I will take that stand,

I have wondered more often than I want to, how long will she cling to a trembling hand,

If I lay so weak for week on end will it speak of the weak man I am or what I have become?

I fear a return to the weak after escaping to become so strong with no help from anyone,


Self-motivation and self-preservation became my mentors long ago or I’d have died,

That doesn’t mean I’m a really strong man and that doesn’t mean I have never cried,

Self-preservation became a needed companion because it was all I had as a teen,

It took great courage to stand toe-to-toe with those a foot taller and extremely mean,


For a year I had trained to become more man than I was meant to be and without fear,

And yet there I was trembling like a child wishing we could fly so far away from here,

I couldn’t tell you that wherever I went I would love you and carry your image inside,

To burden your beautiful heart with new love while absent at war my heart denied,


My mind and heart had ceased to function as one although my mind finally took hold,

Aflame with love my heart was in mutiny wanting to overtake my mind and the truth told,

What fairness is found by placing such burden of young love to end by possible death?

Overtaken by love I struggled to overcome tears and allow words to form from breath,


As an unknown dagger pressed into my heart extremes of emotion tore me inside,

So desperate was I to express those words of love that unknown to you I cried,

So many years have passed since that beautiful Texas night of the long kiss goodbye,

Now but a memory the emotions of the moment still bring palpitations I can’t deny,


Reflection of the moment reveals to me my true inner strength I found that night,

It was an unknown blessing to find such strength and love before entering the fight,

And I carried this growing love into the fray, though unspoken, I knew you felt it, too,

As the forty-seventh year of that night approaches I must say, I’m still in love with you,


The love you have given me is so inspiring yet I am even more inspired by your loving me,

Your choice to wait for me without request or knowing of my love is a wonderful mystery,

To look into your eyes is still a journey to the gates of heaven and I succumb even more,

Again love is discovered as I hear your slight sigh of approval; it is you I will always adore.

The end, by Pat. For Patti

I love you my adorable angel.


A Place in Paradise Garden

There must be a place in paradise’s garden that is in place to honor you,

As I close my eyes to sleep I pray celebration of you will come into view,

I cross the threshold of sleep to find I am in a vessel that has come ashore,

Dense fog is lifting like a curtain to expose a beautiful place I must explore,


The green turf of this land is perfectly manicured to the greatest degree,

A golden pathway winds through statues of you as far as the eye can see,

Marble statues created by the greatest sculptors that were allowed through,

So beautiful they are, these statues of you, sculpted perfection of just you,


This must be heaven I thought because to me heaven is all about you,

Elation of heart takes place when an angel image of you invites me through,

So beautiful she is yet she isn’t you, she is missing the sparkle in your eyes,

You must be somewhere in this place of beauty, beneath clear blue skies,


I’m so excited to see that heaven’s Angels all appear to be images of you,

Yet, when compared these duplicates of you aren’t such when you’re in view,

As I make my way through so many images of you I whisper your name,

If I am in paradise they must know, that without you, it won’t be the same,


I feel a sensation of love or perhaps it’s magnetism but I know you’re near,

You’re here I know because I feel your pull in my heart, it is you, it’s very clear,

Red roses along the pathway render essence of rose perfume into the air,

The warmth of your arms around me confirms I’m in heaven, you’re everywhere,


Each time I see you so beautifully clear I wonder what you could see in me,

Then I give thanks for your bad taste as I continue to enjoy the beauty I see,

My paradise is you and nothing more; I need nothing else but your touch,

The sparkle in your beautiful eyes is one of the reasons I love you so much.

The end. By Pat for Patti



Volume Two


Chains Bind My Heart (Valentine’s Day 2015)

The years have crept slowly by, yet somehow the years have rapidly flown,

The years have proven how much my heart belongs to the only love I’ve known,

Chains bind my heart to an everlasting belief that no other love could possibly do,

It’s not heaven I seek, yet I find an angel each morning when I wake next to you,


Each breath you take away from me is yours to keep and I will give you more,

At night I want to be with you more than before because you’re the one I adore,

With one kiss all of my dreams came true when I received that love kiss from you,

No man felt as good as me as I drove my fifty-nine Ford down our hometown avenue,


With you at my side I was the King of Borger and I have remained that way so long,

Patti, I love you so much that when I am weak only you can make me feel strong,

I am so in love with my little hometown girl, I ask you my angel, be mine tonight,

Come lay at my side my beautiful little girl so we can make love into the night,


You and me together is how it has been for nearly fifty years and I want even more,

I’ve dreamed of you every night, I swear it’s true, I love you more today than before,

Teardrops fall as I think of your love given me; I’m grateful more than you will know,

Each night a kiss ignites my soul, with but a kiss my Valentine love will start to flow.

By Pat, for Patti.

For you my beautiful little girl, will you be my Valentine? I love you so.



Each Moment of Magic

Each moment of magic in my life has seen a shooting star go by,

Or are they messages from heaven that fall through our night sky?

Subliminal thoughts that enter our mind brought from Angels above,

Is there one heavenly angel with special title as the Angel of Love?


From high upon a mountain top I thought of you in a land far away,

I saw stars that seemed to dance as Angels would if they were at play,

Did words settle into my mind that were placed as the stars flew by,

Or are angels seen as falling stars as they fly through our earthly sky?


I’ve asked this question in rhyme once before without thoughts of this,

Perhaps it was the time I wondered why an angel would give me a kiss,

Sometimes it has looked as if the sky was sparkling like a magic wheel,

Each time I saw those stars the magic of loving you became more real,


Sweet words of loving you embraced my lonely heart as well as my mind,

Memories of a question asked seemed to prove that love is truly blind,

“Promise” is what you’ve asked of me when asked if I would return,

Words that must have been placed by an angel for love I didn’t earn,


Asking that of me three times must mean such magic came from on high,

Once was when I had to go off to war and you brought tears to my eye,

Next was under a November sky when upon my return I again went away,

And last was upon my return when after vacation I promised I would stay,


Yes, Angels are seen as falling stars as they leave heaven to enter our sky,

Not everyone is seen as such for a disguise must be clever to escape our eye,

You are my angel and though denied by you I know you came from the blue,

Miracles and an Angel’s kiss must come from heaven for me to be loved by you.

The end, by Pat. For Patti. I love you my sweet little angel.



44th Anniversary Poem

If my heart was a shell sitting on a shelf and you placed it to your ear,

Perhaps you’d hear an ocean that kept me from you for over a year,

More likely than the ocean you’d hear me whisper words soft but clear,

They’d be the words of a lifetime of love to say happy anniversary dear,


Words of beautiful rhyme I’ve placed upon this pad for only you,

I remember words I wrote long ago so afraid you didn’t feel it too,

Touch me not if love has no place within thy precious fingertips,

Yet, your eyes reveal my hopes of love as I near your ambrosian lips,


Oh my! To my eyes you were the fairest of maidens I had known,

How many times did I write sweet words that were never shown?

It must be a thousand or more until I again landed upon our shore,

The kiss that launched a thousand ships pales to the kiss I adore,


It must have been Cupid’s bow that lit within my vacant heart,

From that first magical kiss was born a love that will never depart,

Lava that erupts from mountain tops would need to flow evermore,

To match the heat of my love, a flame so intense it melts earth’s core,


Unicorn horns are so rare indeed they must be created by magic wand,

If rare itself were to become rare it would pale compared to our bond,

Look to the stars at heaven’s brim to view our place in the far beyond,

View heaven from my eyes to see my angel and feel my heart respond,


I can’t explain what I don’t know yet I try to say so with little words I say,

I speak of sunshine brought by a smile and bright eyes each wonderful day,

To gaze into your eyes touches my soul and brings emotions in flow,

Your hands hold the sensations I seek but from your touch I’m set aglow,


Eyes closed with heart open wide I find your love each day as for so very long,

Each day I seek more love than I felt yesterday in my never ending love song,

True it is, I feel the songs of heaven’s choirs backed with harps and violin in tune,

Each time I kiss your lips and admire your breasts beneath another full moon,


Let trumpets blare with beautiful notes departing heaven’s floor of love dance,

With harps and angel’s words in sync I remember the first time I took a chance,

Returned to me beyond my dreams came light from fate’s tower guiding my life,

From angel’s lips came such need to survive, all this in life, from my angel wife.

The end, November 7, 2014. 44 years of wonder and joy, happiness beyond

my wildest dreams. I love you Patti, by Pat. For Patti.



When Angels Pray and Love

How can it be that I’ve been submerged in this cloud for so very long?

The emptiness of pain’s ability to subtract from life’s reality is strong,

How many seasons have passed since I succumbed to my inability to fight?

The strongest man alive I know is me; I know this thought process is right,


Angels gathered at my bed and challenged the evils of drugs and pain,

One night with relentless aggressiveness the lead angel said in God’s name,

No longer will you control the man I love, we will find a way to press on,

Holding my hand she prayed as she did long ago when she feared I was gone,


Don’t challenge the reality of love’s ability to cure and bring courage home,

The tears of enormous regret of sins against this angel became known,

How could I? What is wrong with a man when so much love is there for him?

Still she prays over and holds me ever so tight noticing arms frightfully thin,


Visions of nights alone won’t allow her to lie down without him there,

Through the night angels pray and she listens to every breath of his air,

Making sure he continues to struggle and battle as he has been known to do,

He lies with an angel as he has done for over forty years his miracle is due,


“Don’t hold yourself in such low regard,” she whispers lovingly to him,

Though you are too weak to move, your mind will find a way to begin,

Together you will walk the halls of torture and rebirth tethered to me,

It is so sad to me that this angel is so hidden for the world to see,


What she is, is the angel of my rebirth and my destined climb to success,

She thinks she needs me knowing otherwise I’ve never told her I confess,

Take me home wrapped within golden wings of this beautiful creature of paradise,

Let me lay down once more within her hold that I may whisper love likewise,


To lay with an angel I have vowed to fight and survive this hellish fight,

Wings of gold will take me home to lay down with my angel another night,

The holy water sprinkled from her hand empowers my soul and heart again,

Strength of her love and faith tell me with this angel near I am sure to win.

The end. Dedicated to Patti King. The angel of my life. I am proudly her husband.




Heart of the Angel

“Roses are red and violets are blue,” no other poems begin like this,

When I think of red roses it’s the same red as the lips that I kiss,

Guitars strung softly with violins filling the air with heaven’s resound,

I waltz with my love upon marble laid floors as we spin round ‘n’ round,


Let me forever remain in the arms of this beauty I hold,

Did you know the heart of this angel is made of pure gold?

When the songbirds awaken the world with a song so old,

She awakens to the world with so much beauty to behold,


Her precious love if known would be sought by all seeking amour,

It is this precious treasure that I continue to fight and live for,

If tomorrow should let word of such treasure be known,

Suitors from all lands would soon arrive with desire shown,


The enlightenment of emotions brought by her passions flow,

Brings sensations of heart and mind not many men know,

Wars have been fought, I have no doubt, for such as she is,

Fortunes would be spent by billionaires just to say she is his,


“Roses are red and violets are blue,” no other poems are written like this,

When I think of red roses it’s the same red as the lips I used to miss,

I am a captive of her love of which I fear escape may someday come,

Behind a guarded door I once prayed to be forever with my loved one,


Tomorrows bring today’s existence which means everything,

It’s a new beginning each day when the songbirds start to sing,

Most important is today’s actions in everything that I do,

Days of importance to me are spent showing my love to you,


May I forever waltz in your arms or just lay holding you?

She could have riches from famed suitors yet holds my love true,

As she gazes across the memories of her mind she finds me,

I am still marveled at what the eyes of loved angels see,


Let violins play soft and sweet while I whisper love to you,

As time moves the horizon I love to watch the sky turn blue,

Mostly I love mornings because I love watching joy in you,

Someday I pray I do things that bring morning joy to you, too,


Though I may lie in your arms at night, my heart waltzes with you,

Deep inside plays hidden music with cellos, violins and harps, too,

My heart dances anytime I am near the angel of my dreams,

Only seasoned lovers can understand our shared love streams,


“Roses are red and violets are blue,” yet no other poem ends like this,

The red of your lips and your hazel eyes I so desperately did miss,

So many lonely moments passed so long ago to become the past,

Let us dance with arms laced tight into a memory that will forever last,


I hold precious treasures in my arms when I hold you tight,

I am the suitor chosen to waltz with you long into time’s night,

Forever into time as the sand continually pours through,

This man will be eternally wealthy with love from and for you.




A Burden Upon My Angel

I wonder when two loves each other like we do,

Are we chosen or are we just the very lucky few,

Within my veins the love I carry flows each day,

It’s a pity that so much of my blood bleeds away,


A burden has been placed upon an angel loving me,

In God’s design I wonder how such a burden can be,

Perhaps it’s her test to get into heaven this way,

How can it be fair when she brings brightness today,


Her burden is my blessing in this cycle of life and time,

Does there have to be darkness so we can see the shine,

It’s true so true that without the night the sun can’t be,

Darkness is the reality and the light comes artificially,


In this reckoning of my mind balance is easily found,

There must be square somewhere for there to be round,

Prayer is the anomaly given from man’s faltering heart,

Most often it requires torment for the needy to start,


Someday I pray to find the same beauty as in her mind,

If such could be seen I know it would be an incredible find,

No doubt heaven’s rainbows with gardenias perfume,

Would permeate the air bringing loving thoughts to bloom,


Peace for the worried with torment riding hard inside,

Inside her heart love for the unwanted does truly reside,

A beautiful dream is hers and it is mine by being near,

If I am harried beyond my ability to think crystal clear,


An angel of easy loving touches my mind in a beautiful way,

Such a work of God’s genius she finds sunshine every day,

Blessings from heaven are to be seen in the joy in her eyes,

When I’m sad laughter of children’s unhindered hearts will arise,


Heaven is my joy if only I will forget the burdens inside,

I just need to look into the eyes of my sweet Texas bride,

My pains and torment may be many compared to other men,

But in trying times I just look to my side for the joy to begin,


I’ve been rewarded to have the wings of an angel carrying me,

When I find darkness she brightens my day so I can see,

Deep in my heart I have an angel’s mark saying I belong to her,

When asked if angels are truly God’s creatures I must concur,


Seeing is believing and I have seen the darkness become bright,

In the darkest of times this heavenly angel pulled me to the light,

Seeing is believing if evidence is needed when angels are near,

In time that is remaining I pray my Texas angel is always here.




Honored Husband

My heart, so worn, has been to the world’s extremes,

No matter the fall, your love builds upon my esteem,

I can’t state the maximum affect from loving you,

To place my blood in escape would be an honor to do,


Defending your life and fall would be my greatest task,

Know love, this is not something an angel would ask,

Never have I turned my back on you to not see,

No matter the action if in danger there I would be,


In the darkness of a club one night I put my life there,

Five men fell as you know, for my life I didn’t care,

Safely from the fray you escaped while I disarmed he,

I don’t raise the past for glory just that you see me,


Lay the blame on love; I don’t feel I do enough for you,

I remind you that if necessary I would follow through,

Bless the hearts of warring men with valor in heart,

Courage is hard to find so that bravery may start,


Yet with no courage or bravery in heart love would do,

Loving a woman with everything such as I love you,

Will create the action in defense of her life if needed,

He would do so no matter how his loved one pleaded,


My heart, so worn has the love to follow through for you,

In your defense of life there is nothing I wouldn’t do,

A promise made is only words until actions prove it to be,

There’s too much to say in verse, I just need you to see,


The seeds of life once dwelled within our beings to create,

That need gone forces hearts to adjust and to relate,

Prosperity in marriage is consistent with love and faith,

Reciprocal feelings of love are easier in our actions to state,


To lie dying with your hand upon my face would be honorable,

The truest act of love a man can give although it would be horrible,

Exhaustion of pain has gotten in the way of showing love to you,

Lost in the space where a man escapes pain is easy to do,


I am broken, I know, yet you give reason to overcome the hardships,

Sometimes it’s so simple such as a soft kiss from your lips,

My life is so filled with honor but not for anything I have done,

I am honored to be the husband of my longtime dreamed one.




Words Fly

The words fly through my mind, yet I can’t grasp the correct one,

If I can’t find the perfect words the poem for you won’t get done,

Love has grown within my heart for so long, how can it be told,

The story of loving you must be of treasures like silver and gold,


Angels from heaven with hair over shoulders of tender grace,

Draped in silken fabrics treasured by kings and trimmed in lace,

The pathway for such heavenly angels should they choose to walk,

Has aromatic roses along with blooming flowers trimming a boardwalk,


My mind holds this place for you as you are the truest angel known,

Known, of course, as known within my heart where my love is shown,

Am I surprised? Oh yes, I am so surprised my life has been so great,

Without you at my side I believe I would be known by name as “the late,”


As I whisper softly in the morning I will try to stay close within your ear,

Holding you tightly in the morning helps my heart overcome hidden fear,

Hear me, sweet angel, the words I whisper say my love will forever grow,

How much more can this old heart of mine love? Only the heavens know,


The power hidden there will propel me through the rigors I must endure,

With you at my side just the tenderness of your hand makes me sure,

Forever let the bridge of love be journeyed by two elders, me and you,

She leads the stooped man with too many burdens for a man to accrue,


He should be in misery of frame and mind, yet his eyes shine so bright,

No matter the pain or burden of day he knows he will hold her that night,

The most beautiful sound he knows is the beating of her angel heart,

The truth of her heart is known with words she spoke, “I shall never part,”


Each day they take a journey that only hearts of love can know,

Every night a kiss invigorates their bodies for their youth to show,

In a valley of dreams and kisses they make love as they’ve done before,

Journeys of heart can take place in just a trip to the corner store,


Though surrounded by the world, they go where only they have gone before,

They hold each other tight then with a whisper and a kiss it happens once more,

The birds sing songs of love and live in the pine trees that grow nearby,

Flowers of species unknown bring sweet aroma and nearly touch the sky,


Green grasses please the eyes as do the sounds of the creek please the ear,

But what pleases me most is to be sitting next to my white-haired dear,

Assist me, my angel, that I may lay in your arms so tender once more,

Though time may be short at ninety, just a little more is what I pray for.




Crown of a King and Queen

A walking fool once lived so void of the depths of love,

A crown of indignation upon his head he was absent of,

Someone to awaken his one-track mind to his real desire,

He had to realize he also filled her tender heart with fire,


So hard to remove because he’d worn it far too long,

Younger and more insightful she knew where they belong,

Her name had been carved in his heart for her before,

In his bedroom his thoughts of her came more and more,


Please, he’d pray to those above he hoped would hear,

Faith was still questioned until he knew trembling fear,

An eventful day of kisses can bring a man’s heart down,

The strength of a warrior so reduced he lost the crown,


One eventful day of which she had dreamed for so long,

Enlightenment of what true love means is more than a song,

She snuffed it out with one kiss the disdain he carried inside,

Now filled with her love and his own pounding heart he cried,


So alone and far away the love from her carried him through,

The pain of death so close yet the undying love inside for you,

You still wanted me after so much time and all I’d been through,

The crown of a king and queen are now worn by me and you.





Volume Three


The Essence

You are the essence of life that awakens my being,

The beauty that engulfs the brilliance I am seeing,

To wake in the morning on an island of our existence,

A personal retreat where you are my deliverance,


As we embrace I feel the excitement known in teens,

The embodiment of vitality as pulled from my dreams,

Joy of heart need not be expressed when in such embrace,

Loving words whispered softly flow easy in our little place,


My joy and retreat from tangled memories I endure,

A place near heaven of which my heart’s love is sure,

Bring the soft touch of feathers that you I may feel,

Breathe so softly pure it brings sensations that heal,


If only I could view the sky through your eyes for a moment,

Would I be released from the pain of memories torment?

Play softly as you pull the strings of my heart you hold,

The touch of your lips on my cheek is as precious as gold,


In your arms the music birds bring you is also heard by me,

The world is so different when with you I listen and see,

I am saved from the darkness of man’s warring ways,

By the comfort of an angel’s arms as the memory plays,


Gold of heart is so pure when compared to gold in hand,

The most precious gold I have is in my gold wedding band,

I can see the gates of heaven as I gaze deeply into your eyes,

The clouds reflection is seen as well as heavenly blue skies,


And so it is I am placed in heaven because of love given me,

What have I done to deserve such gift? I struggle to see,

For I am the winner of a never held contest in my life,

Somehow I won the event that made an angel my wife.




The Most Beautiful Words

Oh, how I wish I could write with words so perfect for you,

They would be words of beauty and the love I aspire to,

For you I would if I could do whatever your wish may be,

From riches or diamonds or as small a carving on a tree,


The words of great intellect would know what you desire,

For you I would write of heaven, planets or even higher,

Colors galore to describe flowers in gardens on display,

Beautiful flowers of various species to bloom every day,


Rivers and creeks flowing water so pure you may drink,

In a valley so heavenly you’ll love having no reason to think,

As you look upon this worded inspiration so well described,

Words of thanks need not be spoken nor letter transcribed,


In the depths of this paradise created for loving you and me,

Will be the one most beautiful and only of its species tree,

Grown that you and I may eat of the fruit so freshly grown,

When left to hang longer becoming within the best wine known,


The flowers of our exotic beautiful tree are a mix to see,

Hibiscus mixed with red rose describe flowers on our tree,

Aroma of gardenia mixed with sweet olive to freshen the air,

It’s hard to believe such a nutritional fruit comes from there,


Within thirty feet a little cabin with a bed just for we two,

It’s the place you have always desired we would move to,

Music from birds and creatures calling upon their mate,

Just you and I together in love with no need for knowing date,


As you lay sleeping in our place of glory I see no age anymore,

Although I must say those small wrinkles of beauty I had waited for,

Words given you can only create because love is in the word,

Yet, “I love you, Pat” are the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard.




The Red Rosebud of Your Pigment

I’ve skimmed across water and flown through the sky so high,

Seen things so beautiful in creation that it has made me cry,

Studied a rosebud so pure in form and of color so crystal pure,

Some in my description are of feelings I feel that make me sure,


You’ve taken my breath with a smile and passed a smile onto me,

Of all things in this universe you are the one I always want to see,

To feel such elation that wings unseen lift me to heights unknown,

There is no doubt, my angel, you are the most beautiful I’ve known,


I pray God will bless you that your heart is happy beyond belief,

If things are troubling you I ask our Lord that you find blessed relief,

Should your heart cease let mine be taken that you live a day more,

I would give any organ to you, for you, are what I’ve always lived for,


Below is a statement so strong that most can’t grasp yet understand,

It’s my belief that I was born to protect you, for that I will take a stand,

My purpose was known to me when I first saw your beautiful face,

The years before were preparation for the day you wore silk and lace,


I’ve soared through the night sky with but a touch of your hand,

Cried like a baby when goodbye was more than I could stand,

Fear of death wasn’t known to me until I feared I would lose you,

I returned to a nation filled with hate but I knew what I had to do,


I had to see you and the lips of rose petals that lifted me across the land,

There’s a red rose placed within your pigment by God’s genius Hand,

My heart takes flight to places unknown when I hold you close at night,

It flutters so from your kiss that I fear it will depart and take its final flight,


Your eyes carry diamonds that are laced with hazel, crimson, and blue,

No eyes in creation can change colors as your heavenly eyes often do,

There’s a place within your eyes to which I’ve journeyed in life and thought,

As I gaze while in flight my world becomes calm and I find what I sought,


I transition, I do, I become a better man than I am, this is to all and you,

My heart fills with so much joy as a silk-attired angel comes into view,

I’ve been here so many times before and I’ve wondered why I leave,

To love you as I do dreams must come true and in that a man must believe,


Men should never give up no matter the age because so much can change,

My love is so intense yet it grows even more and I find that a little strange,

A bottle full can contain no more yet I love you more each day than I did before,

So my little angel, no matter what happens, each day, I’ll love you even more.

The end, by Pat for Patti


Each day it’s true an event occurs,

It might be a minute as time so blurs,

It’s the moment or minute inside me,

My love takes a leap when you I see,

Or was it a glance, a smile, or a kiss,

Perhaps, my cute angel, it is all of this.

I love you, Pat



Angel’s Tears

Today I saw an angel cry, it brought dismay and sadness to my heart,

So seldom had I seen tears in the eyes of angel it gave me a start,

Mother’s Day gifts from her daughter had fallen to earth and broke apart,

So stricken by her tears I fell in love again with this angel of broken heart,


This lady I so adore seldom cries in front of me thinking I don’t want to see,

Little does she know I would give my life to shield her from any tragedy,

I sound horrible in saying I was happy to see her cry in front of me,

Her tenderness showed a weakness of heart she didn’t want me to see,


Perhaps she wrongly fears I will depart one day so her heart has been hidden away,

Oh, she shows love, as no other woman could, but this was special in its way,

So tender and frail she appeared to me this day, I held her, I am so proud to say,

I’m special now, at least I’ll tell myself I am, I held a fragile angel on Mother’s Day,


Man does not leave angels but Angels may tire easily of rust and man,

That she revealed her heart openly to me makes me proud of who I am,

Peace is overtaking my painful surround as I realize that she showed I’m he,

A crowing moment when rust is hidden by the crown of “she loves only me,”


Don’t cry, my tender angel, let me wrap you with armor of flesh and me,

So fragile you appear, sweet lady, let me wipe your tears away so you can see,

I vow once more to protect your flesh and being until I can fight no more,

I love you, forever you will be the beautiful little angel that I so adore.

By Pat, for Patti



Beneath a Starlit Window

Beneath a starlit window I’ve stood awaiting motion from a window I’ve known,

As waves of wind brought the silence to life still no hint of your image was shown,

In the darkness of night I realized fate’s hand had taken control to bring an end,

I prayed to leave the machine of destruction behind and let my tired soul mend,


The liqueur I drank brought lonely feelings of disunity from man and what we are,

Your home remained as dark, as the neighbors wondered about a soldier in a car,

In a four month span I soon returned home with a stranger because I was alone,

The man behind the wheel had hoped your touch would return me happily home,


To return home again to emptiness without you there is the worst feeling I’ve known,

The lady of the man was gone and the man of the lady felt his time may have flown,

A fading thought of union while home became so dim and left me feeling forgone,

The ties that bind strained of separation by your mothers need for me to be gone,


A song written long ago “There by your side” says everything within me in verse,

My birth I know was brought by God that I be with you until I sleep in the hearse,

No destiny has been scripted so perfectly as mine, that I was to bond with you,

First sight told me we had spiritually united prior to our flight through heaven’s blue,


I lay here now and my heart is aflame from but a glance into the eyes of my destiny,

It pumps to fulfill the needed surge of my lifetime urge of loving you deep within me,

In my early years the best decision I’ve made came to be at age seventeen, it’s true,

That decision made at such a young age was that I, would give all my love to you.

The end, for Patti.

Baby, I love you. By Pat.



A Journey Unknown

A journey unknown has challenged my body once more,

I will accept this battle as long as I’m with the girl I adore,

It’s a mental trek to challenge a change in what I once knew,

But with you at my side I know it’s something I’ll get through,


It seems each year evolution of truth brought out the untrue,

What saddens me most is that it is also happening to you,

To hear you cry like a fragile, little doll is something new to me,

Although it saddens me so, you are such a cute thing to see,


Broken beads brought tears to the beautiful eyes of an angel,

Inside I laughed when you said, “maybe when I let them dangle,”

So many times you have told me you like it when something dangles,

Based on that I often posed myself in too many different angles,


Perhaps my journey will hasten since I now know what it is I fight,

As an example I woke this morning after sleeping most of the night,

To pray next to you while you also pray brings assurance to my heart,

Departing with grace means we will reunite after I finally depart,


Through mountains and valleys I’ll chase after you as I have before,

No matter what happens to me, I will always come back for more,

I’ve entered the fray so weary of heart and mind I could hardly speak,

Though silenced by the enemy I’d whisper your name ever so weak,


My love for you assisted my weakened heart that it beat so I’d live,

My blood is so saturated with loving you that even though pained I forgive,

The reality of why I live, what I live for, and my existence is all about you,

When enamored by you the colors of God’s Hand have a special hue,


There’s no words to describe the transition brought by your touch,

A sensation unequaled by orgasm, elation, endorphins and such,

It encompasses my space and permeates my soul to ecstatic release,

A touch, a kiss, so simple a man I am, that such can make me cease,


Yet, I am durable as iron, when beaten I rebound to take even more,

It isn’t enjoyment of pain but need to return to the lady I so adore,

Again I must enter the fray but for you, my sweet lady, I aggressively go,

To return to your hazel eyes that I may kiss the red lips of she, I love so.

The end, by Pat.


For the sweetest, strongest, fragile lady I know,

Contradictions in words, but true, I love you so.



The Legend of Cruelty’s Hand

I sailed, so far away I sailed in my minds vessel to another place,

To escape the weight upon my shoulders I left with not a trace,

In this place of imaginary peace I carry a gift to be given the queen,

So proud I am of this gift that I sculpted that’s yet to be seen,


A dream brought me here to this land and a dream put it in mind,

I’ve dreamed of the Queen so many times that she, I had to find,

I saw her once while I served bread across her land for all to eat free,

How can it be I wondered that she so young put me on bended knee,


Four years it had been since that day of working for baker’s fee,

Inside my pulsing heart I carried a man that I was going to give she,

I saw a rose along the way that brought memories of the girl I love,

The red of that Rose was of her lips created special by God above,


That beautiful rose on bloom today was damaged by Cruelty’s Hand,

I swear that rose knew who I was and went limp within my short stand,

My heart wept for this rose that was still so beautiful I felt it a shame,

Cradling the red rose of God’s special creation, I found the one of blame,


Deep in my heart I wondered why would he do such to this little flower,

I watched in shock as he pulled petals away because he had the power,

Should I discard this beautiful rose that was once the rose I had sought,

Raise your sad head, my beautiful rose, you’re still better than a rose bought,


My little rose you will be with me forever as we go to see the queen,

Together we journeyed in search of the queen to offer a pauper King,

I am a King in name only, my beautiful lady, yet I give what I am to you,

To accept my gift was difficult because of what she had been through,


It seems Cruelty’s Hand was a man known to do such to queens and roses,

My journey to manhood had taught that men like he were cowards in all poses,

Taking advantage of ladies in need and taking beauty from flowers along the way,

Bragging to others of his quests and taking advantage of them every day,


Behind was a trail of innocents, children in need, and flowers thrown away,

My beautiful red rose of bloom healed and blossomed as I loved her each day,

The beautiful queen grew fond of this man of meager holdings to love me,

What kind of man did she think I was I wondered so many years of she,


A mistake made of the heart is an injury that forsakes truth and man,

The pain endured can cause injury to others for as long as it can,

Forever dwelling within the hearts of others and the ones that care,

Just as I did that day, when I took away the queen of long flowing hair,


Once I was iron and have faded to rust, she is still of gold to me although gray,

The burdens I carry of warring nations, and injuries given me along the way,

I have offered as dues to be so blessed, break my heart and I return for more,

Each time I’m near death I pray to our Lord that I live at least another four,


Yet, she has to give of herself to me, and allow me to share within her soul,

Someday I she will know, if only she can find happiness, that’s my lifetime goal,

The red rose has faded with time and now feeds other roses to bloom one day,

For her, for her, I expose my heart to protect her heart each and every day,


For her my heart cries and for her my heart dies, each day it pumps a little less,

To adore her majesty with such fervor that the daggers must first make me a mess,

Someday I know she will see, when she fears loss she may realize her love and see,

Today I have realized it is another due I pay, I will continue until they bury me.

The end, by Pat



Be There You Must

“Be there you must,” an angel whispered softly in my ear, oh so very sweet,

From upon a hill an angel came down and delivered herself near my feet,


A rain of emotion came flowing down upon me that awakened me to my life,

I’m no more I am, how can the broken man I am escape this mental strife,

No more I am but I think I could be found if she were to arrive here now,

So desperate I am but I am specially trained to get through it somehow,


So many faults I own, sadly it is by these faults I may one day be known,

Act that way and soon you’ll be that way and now that is what’s shown,

You’d think I was talking bad of me but in reality I spoke of my change,

Found is what happened, as I stood on Coble my life began to rearrange,


From upon a hill an angel came down and delivered herself near my feet,

As quickly as that I became an “is” instead of the man that suffered defeat,

The angst of America’s hate had broken me upon return and I was no more,

From upon a hill an angel came to me giving me reason to live once more,


It was her sweet, soft voice I had heard; no doubt she wanted me there,

It’s true, so very true at last; she loves me this mysterious girl of flowing hair,

Your intelligence machine did no better than be wrong after all you said,

If she isn’t here for all to see then with her I will stay, right here in my head,


Voices were heard to speak with her unless my mind had departed me again,

To gaze into her hazel eyes and taste the aroma of her departed air to inhale in,

And so it was that moment in time when an angel rode in and rescued me,

Our words of wonder kissed in the air as we identically spoke to the other tenderly,


From high on a hill an angel came to answer destinies dream and save my life,

Within one year the angel of rescue would remain, that she could become my wife.

The end, I love you my beautiful little girl. By Pat for Patti



I Know How to Build a House

I know how to build a house and wire it too, but I don’t know how to live in second place,

So many things I know and I have done but it would kill me if I wasn’t your number one,

The jungles wild and far away have carried dreams of you to me of your beautiful face,

My soul has endured loneliness so extreme that the blues followed my steps, everyone,


As long as I could see the stars I could see them shine in your eyes at midnight,

I’d imagine you staring at the sky in search of a star that was shining so bright,

So bright it would shine this magic light I’d found and I would hope you saw it too,

A morning star for me was an evening star that would also be shining for you,


I’ve given my all to you plus I may owe Father Time a borrowed year or more,

Another man may be able to love you but none could survive my life and war,

I’ve survived the needed dues to pay that I may express it through the years,

No man could love you more, I’m sure, although I can’t prove it with my tears,


I’ve brought out the sweetness of an Angel and made you question loving me,

I allowed a dream to cross realities path and raised the bar too high for you to see,

How I love you can never be expected of you as our experiences aren’t the same,

Blood-stained hands given me by Uncle Sam must be at least some of the blame,


The golden wedding band placed upon the finger I saw as red were so in contrast,

Peace has come, I guess, but at what cost did it, if you endured my conflict last,

Though I’ve turned to rust the gold in you has more worth and is still rising fast,

I replaced the guilt and anguish gifted me by draft with guilt of pain I gave you last,


So many things I can endure and will endure along with a long list you know,

Whisper softly in my ear, I plead, and warrant years past as proof that show,

Let me float upon a cloud for but a moment or two that my weary heart may rest,

Place no burden upon my mind and avoid your sibling’s words so I feel I’m the best,


I can create for you a house all alone but I can’t construct my home without you,

You are my home, my destination to be, you define my happiness and reason of blue,

So simple it is what you now hold, it’s so simple it may be hard to understand,

Speak your heart and open your soul that I may find peace before I leave this land,


Tell me words of a time past when you prayed to be the one held in my arms,

Of times you laid in bed and sought moonlight and stars to be my protecting charms,

Tell me please of dreams you’ve held dear for oh so long that I may still fulfill for you,

Whisper once more “you’re number one” and for that, there’s nothing I won’t do.



I Seem to Have More Pain

I seem to have more pain than my strength can contain,

A constant raging storm of anguish with no ability to refrain,

Ideas to bring relief such as heat from a hot tub quick dip,

Then add to my reality of pain with the inability to get a grip,


Constant bombardments of kidney stones tearing through,

Top it off with my liver having regenerated liver stones, too,

For the non-believers of stones manufactured by the liver,

They are real as witnessed by a doctor removing a sliver,


The need for discovery by scientists is real because I have died,

Returning from death is in itself sad after seeing my love as she cried,

So brokenhearted and filled with loving sorrow for only me,

It’s a horrible enlightenment for a living or dead man to see,


The love for me was creating incredible loneliness and sorrow,

Kleenex tissue in hand as tears flowed more she had to borrow,

Oh, how my heart ached as I wanted to comfort her in my arms,

As a temporary spirit I feared nearness would set off her alarms,


It’s so sad that the pain is savagely unrelenting for the whole day,

Existing at times for several days convincing me it will stay,

Diabetes Insipidus has drained every ounce of water from me,

The infection within my urinary tract is constantly urging me to pee,


My legs and back are so broken; is it right to attempt repair?

The dangers of operating on an older man you have to compare,

My plight is real and far beyond the ability of most’s empathy range,

So again I look at the situation fully alert but feeling quite strange,


Having decided to endure for her because of her incredible pain,

Her anguish far exceeded mine leaving me no reason to complain,

She is my eternal angel of love and undying support from heaven,

God created her eyes as my entryway to heaven that I find the procession,


Every day of my life is a gift to be cherished with her as if today is the end,

She was created by Him and each precious moment with her I need to spend,

Should the gates of heaven be open for view upon passing one day,

Looking through you’d find the angels look like her precious face in every way,


Shame on me for the complaints I air when so much love is there,

I am blessed by God to be inflicted so that I had more time with her,

All the pain I have is well worth the gift and for her my suffering I offer,

I give thanks every day that this beautiful angel walked with me to the alter.


I love you baby.




Volume Four


Imagine the Joy

Imagine the joy each morning she must have in her heart,

Embracing the day with a loving view as the new day starts,

She’s my hero, though I’ve never placed that burden on her,

Only she can remove the agony when illness makes me suffer,


Her ego is actually nonexistent when vanity would enter most,

Her work ethic is such that though she could, she won’t coast,

No egoistic thoughts have ever been entertained within her frame,

Sharing her presence in a crowd of children soon knowing each name,


Home is a place of love and relaxation where comfort is foremost,

Family and friends are all accepted with open arms by their host,

The public here has no idea of the sacrifices she makes for loved ones,

Gossip from guests speaking of others is unaccepted and it she shuns,


Be known that to be a member of her family is a special place to be,

One person accepted by her with no related blood happens to be me,

I am the one most accepted because her heart had decided so,

So I, being loved by her, am about the luckiest guy you’ll ever know.




Moonbeam’s Rays

Moonbeam’s rays reflect diamonds in the eyes of heaven angels,

Patti sees beauty unknown to us such as stars are heaven’s candles,

She awakens to each morning with an open love ready to give,

Never will I find one more morning beautiful for as long as I live,


She never sees a zero, there is value in everything and everyone,

Finds heaven in every child no matter the parents or whose son,

Her smile is equal to that of any Greek Goddess of tale or lore,

She gives reason for those ill relatives to keep living for more,


Tonight the night will close the curtains of day that we may play,

Just to touch her excites me erotically and every other way,

Perhaps tonight a moonbeam will penetrate the night air,

To rest upon her beauty creating a halo above her long hair.




Summer Days of Loving You

Summer days of loving you have invigorated my mind,

Thinking of laugh opportunities and the beauty we may find,

The chance to kiss your beautiful lips that all may see,

This beautiful woman of a sixty year old goddess is with me,


The heat of summer also escalates passion to a new rise,

Love with you in my arms is really not a lover’s surprise,

Let the glory of loving an angel be mine to know once more,

See all why he has survived and what he truly is fighting for,


Another moment in time just to have the opportunity to gaze,

Into heaven’s portal through her beautiful eyes for all my days,

Opportunities to know love as none before me have known,

Kissing softly upon her lips that both our loves will be shown,


Again, as the evening gently pushes the sun below the horizon,

The nightshade of stars placed strategically moves right along,

Wondering if heaven is hidden behind the skies of black or blue,

Then I realize heaven is right here in the form of an angelic you.




Christmas Comes

Christmas comes but once a year along with tough decisions to make,

Such as what necklace do I give her or for the party what to take,

The decision of who has been made for me because of my “in love heart,”

My biggest wish from loving you is that you and I shall never part,


So many of our joyous Christmas mornings started by making love,

This after being so tired from Midnight Mass worshiping our Lord above,

Jingle Bells and Silent Night bounce through my head over and again,

When all arrive to our family nest I wonder where do we begin,


I watch the joy in your beautiful smile fulfilling my Christmas wish,

You’re such a blessing to observe even if preparing a something dish,

So many don’t get “it” and I’m proud to say I am one of those that does,

I get who you are inside plus I’m honored to say, “I’m the man she loves,”


Such an example for those having no idea of what true love is about,

If only I were young of frame I’d climb to the mountain top to shout it out,

If young or if possible at any age I would sky dive with a banner in tow,

Proclaiming my love for a little earthbound angel so the world will know,


I have such delight and happiness watching your angelic face glow,

As the grandkids laugh and play unknowingly giving us such a happy show,

The low giggle in your sweet little voice that only I am privileged to know,

Thrills my heart to no end and my desire to kiss you starts to flow,


My desired gift this year is the same as years before, “to be loved by you,”

A gift of just one kiss from you has great value of a million or two,

If only others could feel the warmth and love from holding you at night,

The world would find “Peace on Earth” no longer needing to fight,

End: I love you angel, Merry Christmas




Destiny’s Sand

Destiny’s sand flows endlessly consistent with no pause in flow,

I have rooted my love in the sands of time that it will forever go,

Rooted within life’s moments through time and into heaven’s door,

The prayers and hopes of a heart given to the angel I so adore,


I pray heaven’s door will be open for me also that I may be there too,

The return of an angel to her fold will be a homecoming for you,

You seem to live life so spiritually in God’s hand in all you do,

The one thing in my life that is a certainty is my love so true,


Let my heart spill with words of love for a birthday given queens,

I will not be satisfied with the words I spill until your face beams,

With rhyme in heart and mind let me write words fresh today,

I want to write a lover’s poem that is so special on your birthday,


So steadily my love has grown from a seedling to a forest green,

If you stand upon the mountain high, it’s the largest woodlands seen,

Though so much love I contain, the passion remains yours to control,

Take my hand, little angel, let our hearts share a lover’s evening stroll,


Hear the sound of angel’s trumpets blow softly in the moving wind,

It comes from the same part of the mind that helps spirits mend,

The blessings of His love is so apparent when compared to me,

His generosity so obvious for me to have your love, He must be,


If any woman on this beautiful planet deserves a wonderful day, it’s you,

So on this birthday for an angel from heaven I’ll do as you want me to,

Just don’t ask me to love you more than I already do, it’s not a doable task,

Other than that on this birthday I will do anything else my angel may ask.


Happy birthday!



As The Sun Shines Down

As the sun shines down let warmth and comfort come here,

Bring with the brilliance a new day with songbirds to hear,

Praise the beauty of a kaleidoscope sky we see so clear,

To complement the morning celebration an angel comes near,


So beautiful she is; yet, as angels go she has so much more,

In recognizing her splendor I realize she’s what I live for,

An aroma of pheromones of angel intoxicate me as ne’er before,

I’m mesmerized as I consume her essence to penetrate my core,


Entitlement describes my position in time to have seen her,

Realizing I must know this angel that has so made me stir,

I inhale deeply hoping to generate all the suave I can muster,

Dismay surrounds my mind as I notice she vanished in a blur,


No doubt men would sculpt to catch such beauty for prosperity,

I realized my world had changed not mildly but so drastically,

Panic ensued as I became aware that I needed her desperately,

Such sensations of excitement I had nearly missed completely,


A wonderful life experience could await the angel and I,

How does a man chase an angel especially when he can’t fly,

Before me I see what is another beautiful creature passing by,

From behind I can see beauty of soul but I couldn’t say why,


A sweet aroma penetrated my mind reminding me of early today,

Men of all ages through the ages know angels in different ways,

Some know angels to be of God surrounding a manger Christmas day,

Yet, some think of an angel to be the special lady for love and play,


Approaching from behind great fear again was felt in me,

Feeling my presence she abruptly turned that she may see,

In the audience of an angel I suddenly found myself to be,

Entering paradise I pray I may be in her presence for eternity,


Beautiful dreams are so because of the beauty within,

They must be of substance, need and reason to begin,

As the angel turned and woke me it was a life dream I was in,

My wife and true dream angel was at my side once again.




Listening To Volcano

Listening to “Volcano” haunts a pain deep within my heart,

“She’s still too young” is a line that makes painful memories start,

Summer kisses stolen from you though stolen isn’t the word,

Once my lips touched yours it was a while before I again heard,


The kiss that would be missed and remembered for a lifetime,

Two souls remembering the same must unite as one in time,

How many do you think have had that wonderful pleasure to know,

Small percentages are lucky to have had their heart ignite so,


Dreaming of an angel then the opportunity to affect her heart,

Willingly unknown to her long before I allowed mine to start,

Once beyond the stage of return your age became a non-issue,

Know that age eighteen I had given my immature heart to you,


Recognizing in the song he knows he needs to wait,

I, on the other hand, was forced to wait to almost too late,

Your heart and desire to be with me turned it around ,

Thank God you went out with nerve and I was found,


The song is about giving love when too young yet we both know,

Endurance of heart got us to the point we could let it show,

Anything you asked for if only you had I would have done,

Know my beautiful too young angel I have only loved one.



In City or In Forest

In city or in forest people fall in love each and every day,

Somehow many find true love as they go on their way,

I wonder often what plan has been set forth for love to be found,

Can it be that each person’s true love is nearby and close around?


Many loves before us have been true and strong through history,

How can it be that most love’s true love is close, it’s a mystery,

In days of old when transportation kept all close to home,

It was difficult to travel far and most didn’t have desire to roam,


Three hundred years ago things had been the same since Christ,

People didn’t travel far for love though some had a hidden tryst,

Did many live in loneliness having settled for a companion?

Sadly, so many were arranged by parents and forced into union,


Those that were joined in parental arrangement and found love,

They were the rare few that had their life watched from above,

Or is love a state that can be accomplished by willing hearts?

Seldom could this take place I believe no matter the cohorts ,


Fate must be a reality of life for certain aspects that transpire,

Such as falling in love with a fourteen year old and keeping the fire,

Fate, destiny, or inevitable consequence it happens far too often,

It cannot happen by chance if fate waits for a hard heart to soften,


Our community of citizens has known those with true love too,

There are far too many married over forty years to call it a few,

Let the record show this poem of deduction and rhyme does state,

That the numbers are far too high to give credit for love to fate,


True love isn’t an option of picking the best love of the last three,

Marriage can’t be tested then stated I tried now set me free,

Many have done so I know but those of multiple chances still try,

They are the type that will keep trying until they finally die,


So the answer presents itself to us but most aren’t willing to hear,

God is the power and wisdom that guides us with a whisper in our ear,

Sometimes a few little words or a feeling of breath with chills,

Or sensations of desire to love her and tell everyone how love feels,


Never should a man or woman use the words love to gain access to sex,

Such things done or given to others puts that soul under a worrisome hex,

Love is a word expressing a commitment of life to fulfill desire of heart,

Said heart releases love to fuel desire letting the sexual fire start,


In rhythm, love and sex should be given as a sacred gift to satisfy desire,

In rhythm meaning as properly sequenced to help quench the torrid fire,

Never did I tell anyone of my love except for one that knew my love only,

Had she and I not found each other our lives would have been so lonely,


At eighteen and fourteen she and I could have moved forward in life,

Two immature kids in love married as man and pregnant young wife,

Such as it may have been I carried my love for her through some hard times,

Gratefully our love has been for near half a century and written into rhymes.