Prayers and Thank Yous to Our Lord


Prayers and Thank Yous to Our Lord

My Joys and Blessings

Remember Our Lord

A Teen’s Promise Came True — To Love You Forever

I Fear The Opaque Blindness Invading My Eyes

Remind Me, Jesus (Unbearable Pain)

The Miracles of My Life

Take My Body Please

Let Me Stand


My Joys and Blessings

My joys have been so intense the songs of my heart filled the air,

I’ve cried so deep it seemed the skies filled with raindrops of despair,

From the heavens blessings have filled each of the sun rays that shine,

As the stars twinkled above I’ve felt each carried a treasure I’d find,


Pain has crept through my frame to such extreme my heartbeat ceased,

Not for a moment but for hours on end the pain already unbearable increased,

Many years I’ve endured including the quantized drugs to which I’ve grown immune,

I am of diamond enriched alloys allowing my tolerance to constantly retune,


Through my heart runs faith mixed with love so valuable it has become gold,

Gold laced with love and faith blends smoothly when an angel’s in my hold,

When I take my rest at the end of a long day of paying my just due,

I pull close that her touch will reenergize my being to endure what I’ve told you,


What’s impossible by medical definition has been reversed by God’s hand,

Ascertain claims of unusable limbs have been wrong as I still can stand,

There’s no other reason for man to live after all I’ve been through in time,

God’s hand is the ray of light and she the courier of blessings that are mine,


A gift given man is that of the intense pleasure while love is being shown,

Though medical procedure made impossible to function the member I own,

A device implanted works well yet my normal function replaced its need,

Truly I believe in miracles yet whispers of doubt blur my ability to heed,


Though so strong of resilience with ability to endure I am but man,

I pray for more blessings but more so I wish temptation to withstand,

They are many each day placed such wanting me to ignore blessings I know,

It’s not to cheat but to ignore prayer or not allow gratitude to show,


I have been accepted into the fold and numerous times welcomed home,

Even during times of being too busy though not, blessings are still shown,

A core weakness dwells inside made of rust that breaks men down,

With prayer and faith particles of rust within are no longer around,


A guiding light is within life each day, for which I am grateful in every way,

The barrier I wear of diamond enriched alloys is penetrated every day,

Heaven’s light with rays of blessings rain down allowing me the will to live,

For so long I carried ill towards those that struck me but I now forgive,


Long ago I prayed that I may have her love saying I would give anything,

I haven’t been stricken as so many say; there is no blame that I am harboring,

I have been given life when enemies could destroy my being at will,

Though virus infected my brain destroying memories, I remember still,


When liver disease struck in such unusual fashion it was almost unknown,

God’s hand and her love brought will and healing into this cavity of flesh I own,

My hands so swollen that bending a joint was impossible for me to do,

Prayer along with my offer to quietly suffer brought a miracle true,


Soon after my kidneys were invaded by the same affliction I’d endured so long,

New pain along with liver pain made breathing difficult yet I tried to be strong,

My due isn’t easy yet the love I know is the easiest thing I have ever done,

If given her love for but a short day then this stricken man has truly won,


Experimental procedure yet done was given me to relieve the worst pain,

Saying worst pain means with heavy drugs given, that pain would still remain,

The pain soon after sent me near the gates of hell to battle with a beast,

Terror so intense permeated my frame as I fought to prevent his soul feast,


The names I cried were for Jesus Christ, His Father, and for Mother Mary, too,

From nowhere Jesus came to free my soul from the horror I was going through,

My eyes so unworthy couldn’t find the will beyond His Blessed Feet and gown,

It was He no doubt, again willing to fight for one meager soul that was down,


Know I recognize to be in His presence no matter the reason is good,

Others have taken similar journeys such as the saints have withstood,

I am no saint nor do I dare compare myself to holiness or being of such,

I am he with so many blessings they number as the stars I watch so much,


The greatest blessing of earth known man is that of a spouse’s given love,

To have such love received makes given love as precious as given from above,

The armor I wear of diamond strength is actually a blessing given to me,

Soon after my journey a stroke made it difficult for me to see,


Yet, His hand again blessed me that my vision became as it was before,

Each time disaster has stricken me I have been blessed one time more,

I am durable yet I am filled with rust that if left unchecked will destroy,

In truth if studied I would most likely be a miracle of flesh and titanium alloy,


Prayers long ago were answered as I looked to heaven seeking an answer,

The girl in dreams I’ve dreamt so often was suddenly there, it was her,

The greatest blessing given any man was given me as she is now my wife,

So wonderful everything has been in her presence I recognize my blessed life,


I am but the grain of sand uncovered by rain and allowed the sun’s rays,

To exist in His presence with blessings so great I could endure hard days,

When tears fell as my endurance weakened and I feared departing she,

She, so beautiful in sculpture yet the true beauty inside no one can see,


My joys have been so intense the songs of my heart filled the air,

I’ve cried so deep it seemed the skies filled with raindrops of despair,

From the heavens blessings have filled each of the sun rays that shined,

While stars twinkled above love from a beautiful angel I was blessed to find.

The end, by Pat

To Patti, I love you


Remember Our Lord

Remember our Lord on this special day,

For a moment put the toys and gifts away,

Tell the children why we remember Him this way,

Then let the children return, He loves them at play,


Those ill and forgotten are remembered this day for Him,

Sadness fills me because so much of it is a do-good whim,

In a house so dark and dirty an elderly woman lays alone,

Forgotten by family and loved ones unwilling to atone,


Pray I beg for those of forsaken kin that they find peace,

Those soldiers fighting need prayers that the fighting cease,

Reach out your hand to raise the Vietnam veteran from the street,

Please buy a new pair of shoes for this fallen hero’s worn feet,


Remember our Lord on this special day,

For a moment put the toys and gifts away,

Tell veterans we remember and thank them someway,

Then return the elderly home to watch the children at play,


Alone in a foxhole hidden from enemy fire they dwell,

Remember our enemies; soldiers have loved ones as well,

Jesus loves all of the children no matter their race or land,

Can it really be so hard to give to another your loving hand?


Be thankful for the journey the Infant Jesus will take,

Think of the planned life and the sacrifices He will make,

As I reflect on my burdens and pains I realize they are so small,

Because of Him I found a reason to forget and forgive all,


Can it really be so hard for one day to give to others for The Lord?

Those of wealth and power have a reason this day not to hoard,

Remember, I plead, the veterans forgotten so very long ago,

Let them hear a thank you and a handshake before they go,


Remember our Lord on this special day,

For a moment put the toys and gifts away,

Tell the children why we remember Jesus this way,

Then let the children return, He loves watching them at play.



 A Teen’s Promise Came True — To Love You Forever

From you comes a sign as has come a sign from you each time I’m alone,

It’s a sign of tranquility that overwhelms my world and my need to atone,

For my wrongs you have forgiven me and have asked for nothing in return,

Your wants and needs have been so simple of love I have had nothing to learn,


I must tell the world that they may realize the rhymes I’ve written do ring true,

My words heard by others as they listen to recitals of poetry written for you,

Years flow quickly through the hourglass of life creating memories in their wake,

The most precious of memories aged to become gold, yet impossible to take,


The day of future past has come upon you to find you alone in our empty home,

As you look across the room remember you’re beautiful and you are never alone,

A teen swore to love you eternally over fifty years ago this day and true he still does,

As you think of me my precious angel hold close to your heart everything I was,


I am the man that loved only you and only you knew me in the waves of true love,

Remember mornings sweet angel as you are the sunshine that came from above,

Each morning as I struggled to bend my knees your kindness removed my socks,

I was cute you know, and precious too, in kindness to me you once reset the clocks,


Words such as cute and precious couldn’t be scribed by me because I don’t think so,

But since you loved me as no other those little words of error I will have to let go,

Oh sweet Patti, never forget the touching of our lips as mine came to greet yours,

For nearly seventy five years I said whatever ails me that little angel holds the cures,


But most of all little girl, remember each night as I held you tight to never let you go,

Such a precious and wonderful thing, to be loved the same as the one you love so,

I will still hold you near but you will never know, yet take my word for what I now say,

Today is the parting day, a day of no return, so very soon they’ll come to take me away,


Remember just last night I said I’d never let you go and that I will always love you so,

I’m right here with you, I still hold your little hand and I’m with you where ever you go,

It was just a night or so, when I wouldn’t let you go, I wanted to dance with you real slow,

And you whispered in my ear so soft, “Don’t leave love on the dance floor” “you know”


Yes I do know my hazel eyed angel, oh how I now know, but to hold you tight once more,

Here I am away from you yet I see you oh so very clear yet it’s not like it was before,

I’ve written so many pretty words for you, along with more love words than most know,

Words of love and beauty written just for you, you are for the most beautiful angel I know,


Please remember my eyes of dark brown and that I mostly wore a smile instead of a frown,

Before the draft letter came my hair was black, though it’s now white it was never brown,

I never grew tired of holding you, did I my little angel, please continue to tell about our love,

I will love you forever and now, how appropriate it is, to love an angel from heaven above.

The end, I love you Patti


Baby, time is precious and each moment is a treasure.  Not a second should go by with despair or concern in our hearts.  I have no doubt you’ve loved me forever and I’ve loved you a bit longer.  No matter how you look at it it is a long time, okay?  Kiss my heart and my soul with your eyes long before our lips meet, then it will be a greeting from the Angels, a gift from God.


You are no doubt my gift from God, His Hand touched your eyes and your heart.  He placed within you the perfect match for my heart and soul, I give thanks to God, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit each day for you being in my life, you are the blessing of a lifetime and in my lifetime my wife.  I am truly blessed.  I love you my angel. I will love you eternally.  And no I don’t feel like I’m dying or anything is wrong.  Just realizing how much I love you and how precious time is.  I love you.


I Fear The Opaque Blindness Invading My Eyes

I kneel before You this day and ask for Your guiding hand,

At the moment I’m so physically weak I can hardly stand,

I’ve taken this journey too many times to count I’m sure,

I’ve accepted the past pain and once again there is no cure,


Oh please hear me Lord, I’m more afraid than I’ve been before,

I fear the opaque blindness invading my eyes and what’s in store,

If in darkness, my heart will break to no longer see the one I adore,

Physical pain of diseases pale compared to not seeing who I live for,


Can You help me dear Lord I find myself trembling alone in fear,

When I feel so cowardly I hide as I don’t want my loved ones near,

To see what I’ve become when in thoughts of losing sight of her,

You know me as no other Jesus, I have nothing left to offer,


Once I was lost but in You I was found to be more than I thought,

It was from you I gained courage when for America I fought,

I have laid a path of good intention I hate to admit to You,

I’m so sorry most of my intentions had no follow through,


I have fallen as low as a man can go dear Lord I’m near my end,

For You and Patti I have fought on with no hope I would mend,

My heart seems so burdened and with tears I am crying to You,

I feel no man has been lower than where I lay tonight in view,


I’m at the corner of Desperation and Needed Miracles from You,

Give me strength to stand tall no matter what I must go through,

From Thy will Lord I will see but if Thy will is darkness give me courage,

When I trip and fall protect me please and with a whisper encourage,


I admit to You sweet Jesus that I am not the man I was a year ago,

My stamina is gone and I cannot find the courage I use to know,

Naked I am before You but Yours I am, I know that is little to offer,

Please dear Jesus give me strength to fight once more, just for her.


By Pat


Remind Me, Jesus (Unbearable Pain)

Pain is a disease unto itself no matter what doctors say,

It knows no color nor does it care how you feel this day,

From the depths of excruciation it has risen here to stay,

Dear Lord, hear my plea to allow this pain to pass today,


Give strength to me I pray as I no longer fight pain so well,

Remind me Jesus of your sacrifice that our sins you expel,

It happened so long ago as from grace man and woman fell,

Man has been filled with sin since that day as if under a spell,


It has no boundaries or extremes of endurance it cannot cross,

When it enters into your body there’s no doubt who is the boss,

I offer up every measurement of pain I endure in thanks of You,

I pray to see heaven’s gate once more but this time pass through,


Thank you for the peace I receive from offerings of my pain,

Most of all I thank you for the strength it takes to remain,

And for “her” the angel sent to me of our very same name,

It is from answered prayers to You that more time I gain,


Today the pain is unbearable and my soul seeks departure’s light,

The tunnel of light that seems to appear and shines so very bright,

I ask you for relief of pain today and avoidance of passage’s light,

You see, dear Lord, I must remain to protect her and hold her tight.

The end, by Pat


The Miracles of My Life

I’ve had so many miracles in my life yet I don’t spread the word,

I have to tell everyone that a prayer not answered is still heard,

Miracles have come my way yet I have failed to tell the world,

At last I will move forward like a banner for His glory unfurled,


To be drafted away from home and everyone that you love,

Breaks your heart and separates you from those you think of,

Miracles are found when letters are taken and hers never come,

Then after two years you find she waited because you’re the one,


Happily married for ten years when a mosquito changed me,

After nearly dying I woke a different man and could finally see,

Never is exaggeration yet a possibility that I didn’t open my eyes,

To see my treatment of others and empathy my manner denies,


Was that a miracle of intervention or just the odds by chance,

Little miracles of the heart burst forth such as when we dance,

I’d gather my wits to control my passion brought by the lips I kissed,

Were they little miracles of love or is an arthritis cure to be dismissed,


My sore hands were swollen beyond the flexibility of my skin,

Movement brought lesions on the surface allowing bacteria in,

To bend a finger brought excruciating pain I hadn’t known before,

Some blamed my liver for the condition that my hands now wore,


It doesn’t matter how my hands became that way in less than a year,

What does matter is that each bend of my fingers came with a tear,(torn)

A friend asked if he could pray for my hands that had become still,

I accept prayer from those that pray to our Lord and serve His will,


As he prayed I made a pledge of sorts asking God for a cure if I suffer well,

To suffer well meant to accept pain from the new diseases I couldn’t spell,

Congestive heart failure, arterial venous malformations, and many more,

In a short period of two years I found I’d never be as I once was before,


For this reason I’ve accepted the pain our Lord has allowed to enter me,

My hands were perfect in the morning, no trace of disease could you see,

It’s a true miracle when doctors can provide records of how my hands were,

I accept the pain as dues for living a life so wonderful with the likes of her,


She is a miracle in my life that will never be declared yet I know it’s so,

I have had five near death experiences with chapters only she and I know,

Was it a miracle to take flight of soul to heaven and feel her anguish from above,

For an angel to place my soul within her that I could feel her unconditional love,


The anguish she felt as she felt I was slipping away to be with her no more,

I felt my love had developed more because of sufferings brought by war,

As I entered within her small frame I felt extreme heartache and fear inside,

Her poor heart was breaking in two with so much fear that I had just died,


Was that a miracle gifted me by God or chemically induced hallucination,

Once out of body has been experienced there is only one explanation,

The doctor quickly filled a syringe with different meds from behind a screen,

I watched from above and later told him the exact amounts of what I’d seen,


As his nurse and he stood in silence they knew I was actually fully aware,

With the curtain of separation and no words spoken I had to be there,

While I was floating above and experiencing her unconditional love,

The hands of physical life grabbed my feet and pulled me in from above,


I felt as if in a millisecond I experienced thirty years of her loving me,

The crush she carried at fourteen was new born love that shouldn’t be,

Too many say you can’t know love as a teen but I know I did at seventeen,

For three years I dreamed of her every night, in each I made her my queen,


Is that a miracle I ask to know the moment I looked into her beautiful eyes,

Love’s emotion is physical, mental, and spiritual that a heart seldom denies,

The miracle of true love is unique in ways man doesn’t understand or ever will,

Love is a tingling sensation brought by touch or what a flirt from her does still,


A miracle of the medical type came twofold as selfishness left my heart,

I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and given three years to depart,

Mother Mary appeared in France to tell Sister Justine of scapulars and prayer,

The prayer for a Happy Death along with the scapular would bring Mary’s care,


Told I was dying because no man having heart failure could bear such pain long,

Knowing of Mary’s promise I had a green scapular encased, I prayed to be strong,

For over a year I wore my precious link to Mother Mary in preparation for death,

Saying the prayer each night in fear each breath could be my very last breath,


I would reflect on a time when as a child I saw the Virgin Mary appear to me,

So beautifully dressed in blue with red roses in a background only I could see,

Across from my Uncle’s house in front of a church with red roses grown,

Trained upon a trellis covering six feet or more the red roses were shown,


I said I could see her and most everyone thought it was but a childish dream,

For some reason my Aunt believed me and told me to believe in what I’d seen,

I’d never taken her to be religious or to have faith such as my mother had,

My Aunt Gladys looked at the others and shook her head as if she was sad,


My bond with her became stronger and as well with Mary throughout my life,

I thank Mary for watching over me as I survived war to return and marry my wife,

Mary was on my mind on my First Communion Day when at age six I prayed,

I remember the four leaf clover I found, I placed it in my bible where it stayed,


It was precious to me and meant the world to me and I still have it this day,

Tucked away in a trunk of memories I managed to hide from siblings far away,

I don’t blame my younger siblings for playing with the treasures of my heart,

To a child my things were but toys, they looked up to me and just wanted a part,


I returned from war’s hospital for healing the lucky draftees maimed by war,

Lucky to be alive is my meaning, I returned knowing nothing will be as before,

I prayed such earnest prayers from my soul to find love with the girl I adore,

Something had to be wrong as I had not heard from her for a year or even more,


Her mother and mainly her sister’s displeasure of me was cause of a sinful act,

My letters were taken by her mother, opened, read and then secretly packed,

Both of our hearts were broken, for I desperately needed word from home,

My family wrote twice, I turned to prayer as I realized I was suddenly all alone,


Was it a miracle that her love held true and she dated no one waiting for me,

If only I had known perhaps the awful events of my detainment wouldn’t be,

Yet I prayed, I prayed so desperately for a way home saying I didn’t care how,

Be careful what you pray for, detainment brought brutality I suffer from now,


I happily accept the remnants of that brutality that bring me so much pain,

The AVMs are attributed to beatings or viral and are here to forever remain,

Yet now I pray each day a prayer of gratitude that I returned to marry her,

In my heart if was a blessing from Jesus and in thanks my pain I offer,


Back to the day of dual miracles brought by an unselfish act given a man by me,

My scapular was precious to me, never removed, in preparation for tragedy,

I prayed the prayer each day asking for blessings at the time of my death,

The man I barely knew was dying and would soon take his final breath,


My friend was his doctor whom I was meeting at the hospital to go to lunch,

For my friend to miss lunch it was serious as he didn’t miss unless in a crunch,

I stood outside the emergency room and prayed when I had a sudden thought,

I offered my scapular to him saying I would say the prayer but one thing I forgot,


As I pulled the scapular over my head I felt panic then decided I should pray,

I made a promise to the man, I made a vow, to pray to God he be allowed to stay,

Asked to pick up his wife and tell her that her husband had but an hour to live,

Suddenly to my surprise she told me of things she hoped he would forgive,


My words to her although most likely not wise was to keep it in and pray,

Don’t ruin the last hours of your fifty year marriage for sin far, far away,

I know he would rather love you and depart without worry of a long past day,

If I was wrong dear Lord forgive me as I hoped he would love her anyway,


They were a couple that held hands and clung to each other as if the last,

She should tell him of this if he survived but not today as he is going fast,

When I returned with her it was a surprise that brought joy to my heart,

He had survived the hour and the doctor said he can’t explain this part,


His heart had become slightly stronger defying all odds for him to survive,

I felt in grave danger without my scapular and prayed I would stay alive,

I woke the next morning feeling well for the first time in over three years,

As I rushed to the hospital to check how the man had done I was in tears,


So much had transpired and I hadn’t seen Patti because of her position,

She worked at a home for girls that required near constant supervision,

I needed to share what had happened and she is a pleasure to see,

I so enjoyed just looking at her and only she could truly love me.


I saw my doctor friend and was told the man would be able to go home,

A week later I’m in the hospital for tests but my heart failure isn’t shown,

Ministers and priests were consulted because physical evidence is real,

Otherwise they would not take my word that I could feel as good as I feel,


They came to conclude that my unselfish act had brought healing for two,

I’m ashamed to say it was the first time in my life I was unselfish too,

All other times I did things to bring good feelings or appearance of good,

I saw the light, to give is Divine, I’d give my scapular to everyone if I could,


The man wore the scapular every day for the remainder of his life,

Once while in town I was secretly thanked for my advice by his wife,

But most of all she thanked me for the sacrifice I made in giving to him,

She had learned of my health and that I gave from caring, not on a whim,


Those were miracles no doubt and through time’s passage I’ve reviewed it all,

One unselfish act in caring for another man’s soul extended my final call,

A gift from God through Mother Mary because I risked myself for another,

This never would have happened but for a gift given by Jesus’ mother,


Last week brother Bob told me of signs happening in his and Brian’s lives,

They both told of it and how they were talking about it to their wives,

Bobby saw two jets vapor trails for a perfect cross in the blue skies,

The signs are many I’ve often said we must be willing to open our eyes,


I’ve had so many miracles such as I’ve died four or five times to return,

Once I’m ashamed to say, I was at the gates of hell without a burn,

Satan threw me about until I cried for Jesus to save my sinful soul,

At a moment’s notice Jesus was there casting out Satan in whole,


I had died before and went to heaven each time I was proud to say,

I was the same man but what had I done to deserve it, I’d often ask and pray,

My omission was obvious when I spoke with others about my trip to hell,

It was a wake up call because I never told people of going to heaven as well,


From that day I have spread the word, that God is real and so is heaven ‘n’ hell,

I have suffered heavily for most of my life but I wouldn’t change my fairy-tale,

I am loved by my children and grandchildren but most of all by my wife,

My life is filled with miracles of love, family, my wife, and Mary all my life,


Today I saw Her again standing in our trees as if praying for me,

Would it be wrong to photograph for everyone I know to see,

I snapped a picture but she wasn’t there, Joseph, His earthly Father was,

Some will say I imagined it all once again but I will know the truth because,

It is another miracle.

The end , by Pat



To our readers: I apologize that I forgot some miracles when writing this poem of miracles. Once when on a business trip with an associate, I was telling him that my uncle had asked me to pray for a man at a certain time on that day. As I was driving the brakes were suddenly applied on my new 1976 Chrysler. These were huge cars and were not prone to brake problems. The car stopped quicker and more perfectly than ever before, without my foot on the pedal. As we screeched to a halt a truck ran a stop sign and would have hit us if we hadn’t stopped short of the cars ahead. This was a miracle from a guardian angel or by our Lord. There are many more I haven’t placed here that I realized after I submitted this. You must look for the signs and miracles of God. Prayer does do good.



Take My Body Please

Take my body please and heal me, oh Lord, I need you now,

The pain grows more intense each day, I don’t know how,

I am truly sorry I can’t face it and carry on as you did,

For so long I endured the agony and kept my feelings hid,


Understanding people is a gift I was given by you long ago,

There is one man who I haven’t understood but I should know,

For so long I have dug into my psyche to understand me,

Somehow I don’t know why it just hasn’t come to be,


In life I realize there is balance for things and how they occur,

I should pay a price I know for the privilege to be loved by her,

Just a little less pain I plead and I will try very hard to get by,

Maybe just now and then so I don’t break down easily and cry,


I prayed your name repeatedly the other night I know you heard,

It was so intense, dear Lord, I just couldn’t say another word,

My liver pain when blockages occur have made me die before,

Please don’t let that happen before I have a few years more,


It’s mainly for her I plead this need to have more time before I go,

She is wonderful as you know, Lord, this she proved long ago,

Never has she asked for much in this material world of ours,

She is as happy with a picked wildflower as store bought flowers,


Her only request in this life is that I stay longer with her,

I am not much as a man anymore; love is all I can offer,

Yet, the love I offer could endure my pain concentrated into one hour,

For her I would endure my lifetime of pain coming in a fire shower,


If there were only one beautiful sunset left then give her that gift,

She deserves anything that will give her sainted spirit a lift,

The blessing of love given from her is the greatest gift a man could get,

If given the gift of time for her I, of course, would benefit from it,


Imagine the blessing I receive upon you giving her such a thing,

Time to be with an angel because she requested it as her only asking,

The ultimate gift given by our Lord to the ultimate angel of earth,

I will endure for her, closing my eyes to pray for your help when I hurt,


Time, Lord, that I may get all settled for her that she has no worry then,

She is so unselfish in her needs and requests as she has always been,

Grant me, please, for this earthbound angel of my heavenly destiny,

Time that she and I together will use in your service together lovingly.



Let Me Stand

Dear Jesus, please bless this beautiful angel and lift her heart with joy,

Grant her happiness of morning light and songbirds that she may enjoy,

There is no more a beautiful sight for my ailing eyes than to see her fly,

Bless her beautiful heart to realize she is my guiding star in the sky,


Give me strength I pray to carry my painful burden in worth of You,

When worry comes to mind and heart please remove it from my view,

But most of all my Lord I ask that You bless my beautiful wife’s heart too,

Cleanse her pretty soul from stress or worry of things she’s been through,


For her and You my Lord I would give my life that her beauty may soar,

Place within her mind memories of times I rescued her from deaths door,

I pray too that her heart will recall her love for me when frustration grows,

Let her realize that for no other I have done such and in this my love shows,


Allow her to walk the path of the righteous upon stones of love and glory,

May grass grow beneath her tender little feet to cushion her life story,

Let me always be mindful of the Texas Red Rose that typifies her beauty,

Remind us Jesus that only she could mend my heart and body after my duty,


For her love I live and I will blanket her with love in return for who she is,

I will honor her in words of her to others and make her proud to say “I’m his”,

Let her heart fly above majestic mountains and see the beauty of His hand,

As twilight comes to close the day let her shine of diamonds worth a grand,


Let her continue in life as the wonderful mother and grandmother she’s become,

I pray that I may stand with her as a compliment to who she is and blend as one,

Yet I am rust please give me strength to shine next to her beautiful glow of gold,

But most of all Dear Lord, allow us to sleep at night with my angel in my hold.

The end, for Patti, I love you baby. By Pat